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Connotation of jade culture (2)

The economic value of jade is less than it can be. It can be said that there is no price for gold.
Jade culture is the culture of China for over seven thousand years, it is only a kind of special culture, Chinese esoteric it filled the whole historical period, China about her interesting, more rich and colorful, bizarre, it serves to show the Chinese people love jade to deep sincere, to the fans, to delusion. Therefore, it has formed the traditional Chinese concept of jade, which is jade, jade, peyu, jade and jade.

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The aesthetic value of jade.
Chinese ancestors love jade, not only because of its rarity, or colour and lustre beautiful appearance, but has a deeper aesthetic value: because the jade of people deep feelings - to hometown nostalgia, worship of the ancestors. The love of the motherland, the cultivation of the Chinese nation's personality, pregnant with Chinese traditional aesthetics; The tradition of beauty, which has continued for thousands of years, has always been radiant with immortality.
Jade as an ornament, as a token, as a gift, as a gift, are both practical and closely related to mankind. The aesthetic feeling of jade originates from this, finally this.
Jade's aesthetic pursuit of praise is a symbol of nature, it is heaven, earth, rainbow, day and moon, it is the Chinese cosmological concept. It is the spirit, is the idea, is the ideal, is the Chinese nation to the beautiful pursuit and sublimation.
"And the wall of the wall", tells the story of a piece of jade! It is not only the wisdom of bian and jade that sing praises, he is not afraid of the punishment for a piece of "chu shan pu", lose both feet! What a touching spirit! This is to eulogize our Chinese nation's tenacity and indomitable will! It is also from a few thousand years ago a philosopher of the mouth of the exhortation: "knowledge, people!"
"Perfect return to zhao", the record of he is only Lin xiangru to make the story of the state of qin, it glorifies a kind of jade spirit, is the human beings to abide by the letter of the virtues of the covenant and the love of sacrifice.
The finest diamond must be cut. This sentence has gone beyond the scope of the chant, and has become a precept for early talent.
It is better to die than to die. This is the "humanizing" of jade, which symbolizes the noble personality, the noble spirit, the good character and the ideal of life, and the beauty of jade deepens the human soul.
Jade, because of its beauty, beauty, touch beauty, and sound, and in stone, for people to love. Jade craft is the art of living. Its beauty is the beauty of decoration, the beauty of creation, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the east.
Jade's health care function.
Our country is known as the "jade country", the ancients regarded jade as treasure. Legend has it that the imperial concubines kept the jade from the imperial concubines. The sinophile is like the song huizong; Jade town heat like Yang guifei; With jade on the face like the empress dowager... Ancient books of the motherland: jade is the beauty of the stone, the taste is not toxic. Qi gong of various schools agree that the person has "jing, qi, god" three treasures, the use of "qi" is particularly prominent, and jade is the most abundant substance of "qi".
Some people think after research jade mechanism of preserve one's health, jade contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc, wearing jade can be contained trace elements is absorbed by human body skin, have special "photoelectric effect" is focused on the energy storage, in the form of electronic computer resonator electromagnetic field, in resonance with the human body, so that the various physiological functions more harmonious.
Some of the jade still have daytime light absorption, the evening light of the wonderful physical characteristics. Some people believe that when the light point is aimed at a certain point of the human body, it can stimulate the meridian, dredging the viscera, and have obvious therapeutic effect. Located on the back of the person's wrist, there is a "retirement nest", often wearing jade bracelet, can get long-term benign massage, not only can dispel the old people's vision blurred disease, but can grow the vitality, raise the spirit.
His mouth jade, with the aid of saliva contains nutrients and the synergy of lysozyme, thirst quenching, in addition to the heat in the stomach, flat vexed Men qi, zi cardiopulmonary, embellish throat, raise hair, can yet be regarded as another way of jade preserve one's health. Jade in the mountains and grass, jade in the river clear water, thus the jade health benefits.
Jade is a kind of natural mineral, mineral is a kind of extremely characteristic component of traditional Chinese medicine, our country has a long history to its research, and baoyu stone is a large part of it. Our country's ancient medical classics huangdi neijing, compendium of material medica and tang compendium of material medica and shennong said in compendium of materia medica of jade can be: "Ann spirits, thin veins, embellish lung, bright and fresh, supple muscle strong bone... ", according to the determination of modern science, YuCai itself contains a variety of trace elements, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium, chromium, cobalt, titanium, such as lithium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and its curative effect in surgery. It used to be our ancestor's weapon against disease, and has long been the main medicine for health and aging and alchemy. Now the use of tumor therapy has shown an unusual effect. In pharmacology, long-term wearing natural mineral elements and trace elements can complement the human body, the absorption and excretion of excess elements and micro elements, make human body maintain a unique value between is. Such as:
Amethyst, quartz: the work of tranquilizing and tranquilizing.
Diamond: avoid evil and make people energetic.
Rubies: effective for men with impotence.
Emeralds: the ability to raise people's fertility.
Sapphire, aquamarine: can alleviate the pain of respiratory system.
Amber: helps people overcome depression.
Soft jade: run heart and lung, clear stomach fire.
Agate: heat and light.
Turquoise: detoxification, qing liver fire.
Qingjin stone: detoxification, clear yellow water, rodent ulcer, nourishing Yin wu shu.
Malachite: the cure of phlegm, chancre.
Nowadays, we use jade as the raw material, processed into fine ornaments to beautify life, edify the temperament, and even the disease to delay. Its products are directly used for fitness.
Health care: jade pillow, jade pad, fitness ball, massager, walking stick, jade comb, etc., to the human body has the beauty, tranquilizing and tranquilizing effect. Long-term use will rejuvenate you and prolong your life.
The decorative function of jade.
Jewelry is a kind of wealth, is also a kind of decorative handicraft, since ancient times, people have liked to wear jewelry jade.
Ancient people peja jade, the main is not a simple decoration, outer beauty is not just a performance, but the degree of people's spiritual world and self-improvement, namely performance, at the same time also has reflected people's identity, emotion, manner, and the role of language communication. In ancient times, the superior gentleman must have the jade, which is to ask the gentleman to use jade's character to demand himself, to regulate the morality of man, and to use the sound of jade to restrain the action of man.
Today, jewelry, jade is still considered lucky and a symbol of social status, and has gradually become a personal character, decoration, taste, the manner is an important part of, and from the outside to make the whole dress dress up as more appealing.
Modern jade varieties varied styles, are: each jade beads, the jade bracelet, jade hairpin, jade pendant, set of ornaments, the jade ring, inset jades, full of beautiful things in eyes of the jade belt, etc, in addition to the jade, agate, jade, jade, such as the also used jade, green gold, chicken liver, malachite, donglin stone, coral, crystal, furong stone, wood alexandrite jade raw material and so on. Specifications and styles are constantly being renovated, single beads string have flat string, pagoda string, flower color string, irregular string, with shape string and so on. These jewelry jade is decorated with elaborate belt, will give you the life, the dress act the effect that the bead couplet is combined.
Have since ancient times the Chinese jade special hobby, love than gold and other jade, jade in ancient times "gentleman without reason, jade, gentleman with jade bede how", and the jade stone color represents kindness, tough texture symbol of wisdom, not hurt the edges and corners of fairness and justice, a when knock is ringing happy music is squeaky clean the reaction of virtue. Because of this, people have always had a genuine preference.
Now, enjoy the jade design, modelling, decorative design, creative and work have very big improvement, more emphasis on the auspicious jade, enjoy sex and artistic quality, the main varieties have jade figures, flowers, birds, beasts, vessels, yushan seed carving all sorts of small and medium-sized furnishing articles, such as various miniascape of jade, agate stone, crystal stone, jade samples, jade seed makings, ranging from the rough stone to carvings, beautiful shape, colour and lustre is rich, do manual work is delicate, do not have interest. Make people in view and admire, playing with the enjoyment of spirit and culture, especially the touch when jade tend to produce a kind of comfortable, elegant temperament, make the person feels incomparable joy, excitement and satisfaction. Also in the interior decoration, play the jade piece with calligraphy and painting, antique and other handicraft combination configuration, can reflect the brightness, build the elegant culture atmosphere of the bedroom.
In addition, jade a pet as a gift, tokens, mascots, etc are widely used in People's Daily life and all kinds of contacts, relatives, friends, friendship between said love, love, good wishes and pray for the peace of choice for gifts.
The collection value of jade.
Collect ancient jade, if economic condition is better, the strength is particularly strong, can press the principle that has essence to collect. Can a little time, time for the project, such as "tang gu yu", "song gu yu", "gao Ming and qing dynasties", etc., can also use "ancient peja jade", "ancient ritual jade", "ancient" dashanzi, with specific points implements "Chinese jade cong", "Chinese jade wall", "Chinese jade bird", "Chinese jade dragon", "Chinese jade", "Chinese jade cup", "Chinese jade belt hook", etc.
The ancient jade collection, should use the work essence, the quality, the color, the shape oddness to be the standard, see many, the research many, can achieve "the love does not choose the hand is good jade" the purpose.
The collection of ancient jade generally has to be identified from new jade and old jade.
The identification of new jade focuses on the true and false jade, the quality of the texture, and the precision of the carver. Generally speaking, good jade is only the basis for making jade, its value still needs to be carved by artificial design to finally be reflected. Tang taizong said well: "although jade has good quality, it is in the stone, it is not worth the good work to think, with the rubble." YuGong level there is, therefore, decided to jade grade important farmar, good jade article should be in the premise of good jade expected, composition exquisite harmony, craft work, fat slippery person for top grade of jade.
And old jade identification in addition to a few basic requirements of the new jade, but also identify jade production era, the role of history, the identity of the occupant, but must learn to each kind of modeling the characteristics of the items (including the part shape) of the comprehensive analysis, etc., and modelling of the original, often can control the value of jade.
If you allow, you go to buy jade, a piece of one piece can be all.
Of all the materials that make jewelry, jade is closest to people. Money is money, diamonds are price, and jade is life.
Believe it or not? Hold the jade in the hand, gently caress and touch, just like the smooth skin soft heart. You will find that jade is alive, with body temperature and heart rate, warm water, and resonating with your thoughts.
Can let jade often adhere to the skin best, jade will not betray your silk wisps of nourishment, just like a spiritual dove, even if flying also remember to go home. The jade that passes by your hand will retain the information of your life.

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