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Don't confuse Chinese jade culture with extreme

With the rise of the collection, the price of Chinese jade has been climbing, and there is a lot of fighting between jade species. Such as the dispute of hetian jade and jade is an example: hetian jade is only hetian jade is the jade, is "the jade", jade from the qing dynasty began to pop up, and import, the so-called "righteousness and Mr. Jie" has nothing to do with jade, even think that jade is not jade; The love of jade is also known as "the king of the jade", thinking that he has replaced hetian jade as the boss.
Don't confuse Chinese jade culture with extreme.
The following analysis:
Jade means hetian jade. People who hold this view have ulterior motives if they have not studied history. It is well known that the jade culture for several thousand years, never had the era of hetian jade dedicated, dushan jade, jade of xiuyan jade, kai even coral, agate, crystal, lapis lazuli, turquoise always stand in the ranks of the jade, bright shine on the Chinese, even if at the time of hetian jade is popular in the qing dynasty, other kinds of jade still play its own advantages, become an indispensable member of the Chinese jade. From another point of view, if it is only recognized that hetian jade is jade, then how should we treat the jade age represented by "hongshan culture" and "liangzhu culture"? You should know that the use of these two cultures is mostly local jade rather than hetian jade! Similarly, qinghai jade is only discovered soon, it is not jade?

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Jade is not jade. From the perspective of mineralogy and historical culture, jade is indisputably a kind of jade. From entering China, jadeite blends with traditional Chinese jade culture, especially in the stage of hetian jade, bravely taking on the responsibility of zhongxing jade culture. Jade, as it were, so only in modern times has the potential of overwhelming hetian jade, is also the result of the Chinese jade culture keep pace with The Times, is farming culture and Marine culture, commercial culture, the result of the collision, is the result of the jade aesthetic culture diversity, modernization, denying that jade is the jade, is denied the inclusive of Chinese jade culture, no matter how to say, answer don't promise to ask the jade the friends. "The benevolent love mountain, must love white jade; The wise man loves water, and he loves jade. The essence of Chinese traditional culture is benevolence and wisdom. Who can replace them?
Third, since there are the theoretical basis on the mineralogy, hetian jade and jadeite jade, exclusive become nephrite and jadeite, but the dushan jade, jade of xiuyan jade, kai even coral, agate, crystal, lapis lazuli, turquoise expelled from the realm of jade, sealing the bai's title: "jade". But even so, the two are still not satisfied, still want to divide a first and second come out, it is really embarrassing. Of course, jade is innocent, moderate, only people are greedy, extreme.

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