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Dushan jade cultural corridor

1. The Kowloon sundial
On December 20, 1999, the Chinese government exercised sovereignty over Macao, and after four hundred and fifty years of colonial rule, Macao will return to its motherland. This year is also a major event in the political life of the Chinese people. To express the henan ninety million people celebrate the return of the deep feeling, in order to celebrate the establishment of the Macao special administrative region government, the government of henan province nanyang dushan jade carving "Kowloon regarding" selected as Macao's gift. Li keqiang, Chen Quanguo also gave full affirmation to its, after 9 months of hard work, after years of four seasons change, finally put the Kowloon regarding successfully and sister both treasure jade carving, the work design style novel and unique, ingenious use of nanyang jade unique colors, take a variety of art forms and carving techniques to make this product line is fluent, reposing, magnificence, colourful, fine nine panlong form that intertwine, vivid, lifelike, the dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation, is an unyielding, exert a symbol of national spirit. "Regarding" namely "sundial" is our country ancient time according to the determination of shadow, expressed the Macao's return to the motherland celebrate, nine dragon entwining around the sundial, show that kyushu huaxia children close unity, harmony, and at the same time there are in the final analysis, the whole works implication national unity, national prosperity, national unity, shows the henan ninety million people celebrate the return of deep feeling. Its exquisite artistic level and rich and profound cultural connotation have been highly praised by the state council and the Macao special administrative region.
Two, wolong out of the mountain.

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Nanyang jade carving of the wolong mountain, use alone the jade color rich, fresh, one of the features, robust layout, with qiao qiao color, fine carving, magnificence, it weighs 3.8 tons, 2.5 meters long, 1.6 meters high, is the biggest giant jade carving in China, is a rare art treasures. Made of selection of dushan jade ring furnace, flowers kaori, absorbing the ancient bronze ware, and other characteristics of the arts and crafts, created the multilayer switch cone kaori huang, modelling of primitive simplicity is elegant, the sophistication, international arts and crafts exhibition held in France, won widespread praise. Chinese jade association Mr Bo-da Yang (former vice President of the Beijing Palace Museum) in March to nanyang dushan jade made this assessment: "cui, thick alone, alone, alone individual", said the nanyang dushan jade for all the jewels, unique, a country can be global.
Three, and the bi.
In the hundreds of years it has passed, it has been hailed as the "treasure of the world". In 1988 officially launched the altar of SMW science choi, and may be dushan jade's point of view, then China gemstone association secretary-general DJ dee, famous valuable jade expert professor Jiang Fu built all agree with this view. The main mineral composition of dushan jade is plagioclase, which is easy to be weathered. Dushan jade jade expected to foil output, i.e., positive look at a piece of jade is a layer of white jade, the side that can appear in zonal distribution of white jade, green jade, violet jade, etc., and "side and depending on the color of jade, and depending on the color of white".
[noway] according to the research. There are four reasons for the offering of bibi and the zhenping of nanyang.
First, nanyang is the key town of chu, and zhenping was the city of chu, bian and chu.
The second, bian and is to know the jade person, at that time zhenping jade many, knew the jade many.
Thirdly, the history of zhenping has also been recorded in the history of "mountain riding on the mountain," the jade material used in the spring and autumn period, which is mostly dushan jade, lantian jade, turquoise and so on. Among them, lantian jade and turquoise are far away from chu mountain and jingshan, but only shan yu is close to chu mountain and jingshan. Bian and the jade that is obtained may be a kind of jade that is produced by dushan jade or zhenping.
Its four, bian and surname bian, jade is and shi bi, zhenping county still has bian zhuang, and camp two natural villages, its villagers claim to be with bian and have affinity. [/ noway]
In April 2008, broadcast by CCTV series "the jade in the spring and autumn", points out that "the wall is made, and became a decree to replace the missing Xia Ding become the treasure of the qin dynasty, the nanyang dushan jade is probably the most brilliant period of history."
4. The sea of jade.
It was made by emperor Kublai Khan of the yuan dynasty in 1265, which was intended to reflect the vast territory and power of the yuan. It weighs 3,500 kilograms and the jade is taken from xinjiang. Judging from the history of jade, it is a landmark work. On May 25, 2004, organized by joint Asian jewelry more than 20 domestic famous jades, archaeology, collecting experts, with valuable jade nanyang association secretary-general comrade zhaoshul brought more than 200 pieces of dushan jade chip, to made in the yuan dynasty "blaspheme Alexander hai" jade jade comparison appraisal, the experts carefully observed, repeated comparison, finally concluded that the "sea of cursing Alexander jade jade" for the nanyang dushan jade. The former chairman MAO zedong, scholar, author, calligrapher wang wenxiang, wrote the inscription of "the sea of the mountains and the sea". Weizai the quantity of wine 300 stone, zhuang zai weight nearly ten thousand jin. The sky is 100 million years old, zhong lingyu cast my soul. Kublai Khan of the yuan dynasty, hui shi sent me most of the door. Hundreds of craftsmen have vomited blood, elaborately carved five autumn spring. Jade sea fine wine fragrant capital, the palace banquet in the hall. At the beginning of the qing dynasty, the fire burned. True wudaoan people do not know treasure, muddy make a dish of a dozen spring. Emperor qianlong had an eye, four times to repair my body. Several generations of Kings have been competing for the right to win. Nanyang came to the golden wing and phoenix, zhuge hometown of the heavy treasure. I am the king of nanyang dushan, seven hundred years of mystery solved.

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