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Emperor's totem: ancient jade

The earliest jade craftsmanship started from the grinding system, not later carved. Ancient ancestors' on the basis of grinding microlith created jade this special process, gradually in the long process of material have more understanding, to distinguish and identify not United States and the United States, has improved grinding technology and improve at the same time, the "beauty stone" is more serious and careful. The "punch" technique divides the new and the old. At that time, the hole was ground out, the appearance of "perforation" technology was the earliest embodiment of "qiao". Under these conditions, the jade was produced and entered into a jade age. According to the physical evidence, the earliest jade ware we can see is eight thousand years old.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade collectibles
The earliest grinded jade ware is basically plain without grain, and its shape is mostly simple agricultural production tools, such as axe, knife, shovel, etc., which are easy to be processed. In the book, the book says: "when emperor huangdi, jade is a soldier, with the trees as the palace, chisel ground." It is said that during the reign of emperor wudi of the three emperors, the people had used the tools and instruments such as "meishi" to make jin and axe. "Bing" refers to the instrument, the word elephant is two hold jin shape. These shapes can be seen from the red mountain culture, the longshan culture and the qi family culture.

Natural jade carving ancient Chinese jade collectibles
The "dance of the dance" has been polite. Some people say: jade is from the "beautiful voice" of jade to get the feeling, so that the stone chime, jade chime as a musical instrument, this is also used for the music god. "Ritual music" was originally set up as a worship god, and jade was also made to worship god and sacrifice god.
Jade's mystique is shrouded in theological color, and is also reflected in jade as "totem". "Totem" is regarded by the clan society as the symbol of "national soul". Liangzhu jade jade god emblem is the earliest in the "book of prophecy in the world", from the jade art position of the door is opened, the jade is endowed with the mystery of the ideological content, reflected in the shape of each period.
In the early days, according to the animal graphic, the jade has a certain status. In the era of "animism", people believed that animals also had gods, and the "hook dragon" of hongshan culture was a jade device that worshipped the gods. At that time, there were some special jade articles which were more mysterious.

In the view of ancient, medieval and han dynasty jade, it can be considered that there must be some kind of decoration and decorative pattern. "Shape must be intentionally" is the characteristic of early jade, and also the main feature of jade in feudal times. Social development to the han dynasty, jade shape gradually had the very big change and development, close to the real life is the basic characteristic, the increase in decorative jade ingredients deep original shape become lively and the new aesthetic idea started a new era of jade shape.

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