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Introduction of jade card pendant

From ancient times to modern times, there are many mysterious and mysterious ideas about people wearing jade articles, such as the jade gods, the heavens and the earth, the longevity, the health, and the evil spirits. Jade is believed to have many mysterious functions, and it has exerted a strong control over people's spirit and psychology for thousands of years. If there is no inner strength, this is simply impossible. The social value and artistic life brought about by jade and the culture it produces have the inheritance and unity of its national culture.

There is a saying that "white jade is easy to ask, a card is rare." It can be seen that the jade card is precious. The flat and thin shape of the brand determines that the jade itself needs no impurities and cracks. The same piece of jade can be used to avoid the “faults” by the design of the engraving image and the technique of using the knife. It is not feasible for the jade card.

The special charm of the jade card is often reflected in the perfect combination of exquisite jade and fine carving. The traditional form has the classic form of “Zigang Brand” on both sides of the sculpture, while pondering the landscape, flowers, birds, figures, and beasts, etc. Out, still not lose the literati's pen and ink; on the other side, engraving poetry, calligraphy, seals and other arts, with the knife on behalf of the straight book, the art of painting and calligraphy is perfect. This jade carving style, which is both humanistic and auspicious, has far-reaching influence on future generations.

The changes in the aesthetics of the times, the improvement of the quality of jade carving artists and the advancement of the production process have made today's jade brand have reached a fairly high level of art. In history, there is only a square shape of the Zigang brand. Today, there are various shapes such as round, cone, stack, drip, and broken; no forehead, upper and lower forehead, no forehead, partial flower arrangement, chain addition, etc. Infinite change; size enlargement, reduction, elongation, widening, thickening, etc.

Emerald is the classic fashion of China and the classic fashion of Chinese people all over the world. After a long road of development, Jade has entered a new era of integration of Chinese jade culture and Western gem culture.

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