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It is a state of mind to play jade with good love

"To say the words" cloud: "jade: stone beauty." It is considered "jade" to have a strong texture, a shiny luster, a brilliant color, a dense and transparent organization, and a beautiful stone in the voice of shu Yang zhiyuan. It can be seen that the range of jade is not as harsh as we think, not white, green, yellow and green. You pick up a stone that meets the above criteria by the river is jade. It was only later that we reduced the scope of the jade to a lesser extent, and it was a bit of a trap. Since ancient times, the relationship between men and jade seems to be more complicated than that of women and jade. From the top to the jade jade, jade raised, to the collection of the wearing, happy to maintain, down to investment speculation, to reveal wealth, men formed a unique set of jade morality and jade culture. Nowadays, jade is not the only standard to measure wealth, but for thousands of years, jade is the only one that USES a symbol of wealth as a moral standard.

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"In the first thirty years, the people raised jade, and after 30 years the jade foster people".
The old saying goes the most in the world, but "keep" and how to "keep" can be seen by the people.
Jade is a good prop for keeping virtue.
This is too abstract to describe. But jade can. Jade has the solid stone, the stone has no jade; Jade has the strength of stone, the stone has no jade; Jade has the texture of stone, stone without jade exquisite. The material properties of jade happened to have many similarities with the virtues that the ancients believed in, so it was possible to use jade. Wear, play, always see, touch, easy to be at any time, anywhere.
"To say the words" is jade: "there are five virtues, moist and warm, and benevolence; From the outside, you can know the square of righteousness; The sound of the sound, the only way to hear, the wise side; If you do not scratch, you will be brave. Sharp is not the only way to be clean. The pipe said, "jade has nine virtues." -- benevolence, wisdom, righteousness, integrity, courage, honesty, tolerance and organization. In "the gift of rites", it is said that jade has "eleven virtues" -- benevolence, knowledge, righteousness, propriety, music, loyalty, faith, heaven, earth, virtue and tao. The master said, "jade has ten virtues." "The book of north qi" is the most widely read: "it is better to die than to die." It is the standard of action and the guide to the action of jade. Its material properties have been integrated into the profound Chinese traditional culture and become a unique Chinese jade culture. "The superior gentleman bede yu yu", with jade bede, the dunce is strict.
A person like jade character, no matter in the life of any stage will show the undisturbed, calm and easy style. Can stand the prosperity of life when the wind is smooth, also can stand the lonely and sad when the tide falls. At the height of the tide, the behavior and words will not be arrogant, fly the arrogant, know how to be good, peaceful people the way of life; Are at low tide can be like a piece of jade, despite the dust cover luster, glittering and translucent get rid of inside, and glow when born again after the detachment of moist luster, such as lotus spit, crafted intangible, endless miles. Such a kind of jade personality trait is the Chinese people for thousands of years of praise and for the continuous cultivation of their own to approach or achieve the realm.
Since the beginning of the jade, the love of jade has not been less than a day. For one thousand years, jade moral the representation of the scale, it is like to see it it doesn't mean the real share it, with jade and raising, jade to unity, the state only to be enlightened Chinese people, I am afraid, realize through. Therefore, a person who plays jade is so called "the first thirty years of the people to raise jade", as the jade is also in foster man's morality.
Today, can the nature of the jade bow provinces were few and far between, but do business people often used the jade Confucius "than the gay coat that makes the gentleman in the jade" how "to hang in the oral as sales gimmicks, without shame. In the year when Confucius was poor, he changed his life to a memorial archway, but now he has become a common four-letter word. Are we all insensitive and insensitive?
Virtue is the backbone of jade.
The so-called "the first thirty years of the cultivation of jade, after 30 years of jade cultivation" are only relatively speaking. When a man raises jade, he also raises jade. The so-called person collect jade, jade collect person, all be to have a point.
The people who play jade have a lot of jargon. There are a lot of dishes and a lot of attention. However, if there is no DE in the main palm, the destruction of jade also destroyed the human, this is similar to the martial arts middle school broke the school, went astray.
Dish jade is very exquisite, once dish method is improper, a piece of beautiful jade will be destroyed in own hand.
Plate, refers to a jade put it in a small bag inside, close and hide, in the human body is relatively constant temperature moist, a year later in hand petting set play, until the jade return to true colors. It takes a lot of effort, often three or five years, and if it takes too long, it can take ten years or even decades. In the history of qing dynasty, there were two generations of a piece of jade, a piece of jade.
Wu pan refers to the use of artificial force, continuous site play, to achieve the purpose of playing fast. This dish method is like a man possessed, in order to let the jade jade become ripe, as soon as possible with the old white cloth wrapped after constant friction, day and night, after a period of time to change into new white cloth, continues to grind, jade friction heat up, the wipe the hot, high temperature can be dirt quickly forced out of jade, color ooze condensing, the color of jade is becoming more and more bright, can restore the original state jade for about a year. This kind of dish method is a bit careless, jade can be destroyed once. This kind of dish method, jade merchant USES more.
Italian dish is high level players, jade players will jade hold in hand, side dish to play, while thinking of jade virtue, unceasingly absorbs the essence from the virtues of jade, the temperament of its own, over time, achieve jade man one noble realm, jade has been maintained, pan yu people the spirit of sublimation. Plate is a kind of extremely high realm, need the spirit of the side wall, rather than one plate of jade, than tracts, the jade unity, spirit of channeling, rare in the history of one can reach such a mental state, let alone modern blundering.
Dish jade avoid to fall, avoid cold and hot and volatile, avoid fire to bake, avoid sour, avoid oily, avoid dirt, avoid chemical substance, the dish still avoid greed, avoid guile. So many taboos, you can see that playing jade is not an ordinary thing, there is not a heart in the heart, jade and people can not achieve harmony.
Du ping is a state of mind with jade.
Du ping, the first person I interviewed for this article, was very impressed. Although "70 empress", but have more than ten year jade collection history. Compared with the people of the same age he some alternative, he can in real estate, network business so calm, focus on collection of ancient jade research, is a veteran as a collector, also have quite a reputation in the circle. In him you can not see the collection circle of people often the lake and the stubborn strength, but the intellectuals of the gentle and elegant, simple and clear. The people are friendly and friendly, speaking of jade to warm but not eager, both the sense of mission and not the Angle of the horn, a whole. Is this the best "appendage" of jade?
Originally, duping was only interested in ancient pottery. Gradually, he discovered the charm of ancient jade in the process of collecting ancient pottery, and then became intoxicated with it, and began to collect and study ancient jade. In the ancient shu culture, ancient yunnan culture, the ancient jade ware, pottery, bronze ware and other collections of research fields have been well established. It is devoted to promote the promotion of ancient shu civilization and Chinese jade culture, especially in sanxingdui culture and jinsha site culture research, and has an influential influence in art collection. In his studio, there are about three or five hundred pieces of collection, mainly ancient jade and ancient pottery, which can only be hidden. To appreciate is his greatest pleasure, to build a jade museum is his mission. What's interesting is that you can't find anything with jade in him, "jade in the heart, no jade in the body, nourishing the heart with jade," is a kind of state he likes.
Du pingyu's opinion
Play with jade, and have good feelings.
Two ancient jade article is equal to the character, the same, and jade bring out the best in each other, mutual reflect, so once you have or wear jewels, must have more sedate self-restraint, elegant and graceful bearing style, who goes to play out their own jade article, got the sentiment like jewels.
Playing jade is actually a happy and nurturing thing. It needs a good attitude, and it is not a good idea to go to the devil. A person who is determined to pick up the precious treasure will be found out.
Still need to abstain from greed play jade, don't see what you feel good will buy it, in the collection of this set of people tend to sit in order to break the collection, finally made a warehouse keeper, also reduces their quality of life, it is not necessary;
It is also a pleasure to play with jade and to appreciate other people's things. Big collector zhang boju collection attitude: "to the collection, don't have to end for the body, for to have, but to perpetuate our earth, strand orderly", the famous collector Wang Shixiang is "by I have to sent by me, sent by, have a clear conscience". Visible, joy is not in possession, collecting antiques is not closed but hide of children and grandchildren never treasure, but in the research, appreciation, promote and develop, is to focus on its culture, pay attention to the cultural connotations behind the artifacts.
Gao gu yu, appreciate more than play.
Jade people can deeply appreciate the fun of dish jade. The so-called "jade plate", is a kind of folk wisdom enjoying jade, jade held hands, while enjoying, side thought jade virtue, unceasingly absorbs the essence from the virtues of jade, raise their own temperament. Over time, we can achieve the unity of human jade, not only the jade ware has been preserved, but the original color of jade is old and new, and the spirit of the jade people has also been sublimated.
Dish jade is like tea ceremony, is to a kind of thing appreciation and research reached a kind of lofty realm. Person dish jade, jade plate person, the person jade is one body, spirit is psychic, the nature is one. Impetuous modern man, it is the need of such a kind of calm concentration of calm.
In the world of collecting, ancient jade is divided into a pit and a pit, which means that it has not been played, and still has the original ecology. The pit is played. Du ping thinks, from the Angle of protection, new jade is suitable to play, gao gu yu still be good with not dish, this can maintain its original appearance, so-called why not wash wind dust, the charm is especially natural. While appreciating the beauty of ancient jade through thousands of years of time and space, I feel it coming to me with a profound sense of historical vicissitudes.
Nowadays, it is a good time to hide jade.
It is easy to find gold. Ancient jade is a non-renewable resource, and it is rare to be precious, especially in the xia shang zhou, which is the most important. As time goes on, even the dwindling today jade expected, such as collection to extract, Jane, dilute all three characteristics in some ancient jade, investment collection is undoubtedly the most wise choice for an investment value.
To look into the market at home and abroad to inspect, you will find ancient jade auction is outside of the domestic market price several times or even dozens of times, the foreign market price is very high, not only because of its material, also for the west the ancient jade carving as a sculpture art, for art the highest form of expression.
Collecting art should have advanced consciousness, domestic GuYuHai did not form the authoritative appraisal standards and value system, gao also without impact on the market, jade market "ancient than the old, old as new, new as imitation" inversion of the strange phenomenon, causing serious dislocation, the ancient jade market value to wise collectors has created the best intervention of ancient jade collection opportunity comes once in a blue moon.
Gao guyu, like an old wine, is more and more fragrant. The cultural charm of ancient jade always attracts people who are interested in ancient Chinese traditional culture. The highest state of life is nature, gorgeous to insipid, austere contains the ancient culture, ancient culture of ancient jade, refracting the light of the history of civilization in ancient China, ancient jade is always collectors, the best choice, and always will be a collection of hot spots in the world. The ancient jade players collect the rich cultural accumulation of the Chinese nation, and gao guyu will show the noble value of the past life in the future.

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