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Jade culture and ancient national political theory

The important role of jade in ancient Chinese national politics is embodied in the ancient concepts and theories of jade, which is actually the content of the national political theory at that time. The following four aspects are summarized:

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Jade culture and ancient national political theory.
(1) the architect said: the theory believe that jade can represent and human emperor of heaven and earth, and it can communicate with god, the relationship between expression of information and the will of the heaven, heaven and earth is the master of the universe and human exercise. In the ancient text, the word "jade" is not a bit, and the king's "king" shares a word. When explaining the word "king" of the emperor, he believed that the king was "under heaven."
In essence, jade can represent heaven and earth, and through it, it can communicate the wishes and consciousness of heaven, earth and earth.
(2) the essence of heaven and earth, said: the theory is to use the elaboration of heaven and earth all things thought to explain the origin of the jade, jade with opposing points of view of Yin and Yang to the nature and function, thus the jade esteem for honour person of things, give its magic charm. The argument of this doctrine is widely seen in various ancient texts, such as "zhou li justice", which quoted zheng zheng as saying, "the goods, the heaven and earth, are made up of the jade. Gold jade and the nature of the world, natural things, so called goods.
(3) moral models: the content of the theory is to jade itself inherent physical properties and in the society at that time for good and evil, right and wrong, blame, beauty and ugliness and the blend of the concepts, the personification of the interpretation, evaluation, as judgment standard in people's behavior, that is widely seen in various kinds of ancient literature.
(4) to ward off bad luck in addition to the special and prolong life: believe jade with supernatural powers, the claim that the jade products for accessories or use, can increase the mental and psychological resistance, defense against pathogens, eliminate stealthy's ruin, and safeguard people and objects of safety and good luck. This statement is also recorded in the ancient literature. In the case of "gacin", "there is a ghost in the land of danqiu, which can be used as a bottle of pan and a musical instrument. It is very delicate and delicate, and the Chinese have a user. At the same time, I believe that jade has the function of making people immortal, and believe that it is possible to achieve the goal of eternal youth through eating jade and taking jade. This idea is preached and used most often about the academic and magic of the taoists.

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