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Jade pei commonly used pattern interpretation

In recent years, peyu has gradually become a jewelry fashion, and many guests love it. In wek-jin, often use of people, animals, birds and flowers, implements image and some text and other traditional Chinese auspicious patterns such as modelling, with folk proverbs, target language and stories about god, through metaphors appear, analogy, pun, symbol and harmonics, etc. The technique of expression, constitute "a target language a pattern" of art forms, reflect people's pursuit for a better life and yearning, fully embodies the essence of jade culture. Wek-jin and Chinese traditional pattern of rich contents, various forms, generally has a good luck, longevity and much peace, and prosperity, peace, career tengda classes and to ward off bad luck to eliminate the evil, etc., with good fortune as one wishes for class design.

Natural jade carving collectibles Chinese ancient jade
[buy] a baby can be bought with a small jade lock;
The old man's birthday can be a jade card with a pattern of "deer and spring" or "song of cranes", or a pair of jade bracelets (female), or a pair of jade body ball (male).
The promotion of happiness, send a "happy birthday" decoration jade card or a big belly Buddha;
Qiao qian xi, send a piece of decoration jade, or a jade statue;
Between lovers, with the jade clasp, always concentric;
The college entrance examination on the list, send a small "even three yuan" yupei pieces, I wish it success in the future;
Friends and relatives are difficult, disheartened, buy a carvings of persimmon and the pattern of "everything is good" jade card, wish it out of the predicament and everything is good;
Appreciation of, for the precious of economic conditions and present moderate, can choose small jewelry jade article already, also can choose display arts and crafts, can choose practical jade, also can choose fitness jade, it depends appreciation object is male or female, is always less, heart, and be fond of, reasonable choose and buy. [/ buy]
But many guests don't know about it, and can't understand it, so we can make some simple introduction to some common patterns. It's easy to distinguish when you buy.
1. Good luck
It reflects people's pursuit and wishes for a happy life. In the yupei pattern mainly used dragon, phoenix, xiangyun, ganzhi, yi and so on. This kind of pattern is suitable for all kinds of guests.
Dragon and phoenix presented a dragon and a phoenix and xiangyun. The dragon represents the totem tribe of the scale animal and the phoenix represents the totem of the birds. The conflict between the two tribes, the dragon win, the amalgamation of the phoenix, since then, the world peace, wugu fengdeng, also is the noble and auspicious performance. Xiangyun represents good omen and good wishes for the future. In modern times, weddings are compared to "dragon and phoenix".
The boy catches the bat. Income and acceptance. There is a good fortune in hong fu.
Clouds and bats make up the cloud. If the cloud pattern is good, continuous, it means long; "Bat" is a "blessing". A symbol of happiness, happiness, or happiness.
Two magpies fell on the plum tree. In Chinese tradition, magpie is considered to be a lucky bird. "Mei" is the same as "mei". The magpies in the plum tree to say the magpie happy, a pair of double happiness. It is a good thing to have a good head.
Happy birthday bat, small animal and ganoderma. The bat is blessed; Small animals for animals, sound and "longevity" the same, for the meaning of life; Ganoderma is in the same shape as in ancient times. To express happiness, to live long, to do everything well.
It must be a good pen, a silver ingot, and a good one. The "pen" harmonic "must" sound, "ingot" sound fixed, the consonance is "must be good" the homophony, combine must be like the desire of the heart water.
Sanyang kaitai sanbao sheep. Yangyang homophone with auspicious, "three sheep" metonymy "three Yang". Kaitai means to open the door, indicating good luck. The moral is to remove the evil and good luck.
Long life and many blessings.
In the yupei pattern, the main use of the longevity star, longevity peach, represents longevity of the tortoise, pine, crane and so on. Express people's expectations and wishes for a long and healthy life. It is mainly for the elderly and the elderly.
Samsung is the legendary lucky star, longevity star and lu xing. They are dedicated to the fate of men and women and life. In the design, it is often made up of the longevity star, deer and bat holding a peach. It symbolizes happiness, wealth and longevity.
The deer and the spring tung tree, the deer, the crane. Tongshu is the plane tree, "tong" and "tongzhi". Spring is as full of life as spring. Cranes and deer are beasts, metaphors and longevity. That is to wish a long life, eternal youth.
The tortoise, the crane, the auspicious cloud. Legend has it that tortoises and cranes have a thousand years of life and symbolize longevity. Similar patterns such as pine crane extension years.
The gourd and a squirrel or other animal above. "Gourd" means "fu" and "lu"; Animals are animals, meaning "shou". It means the meaning of fu, lu, and longevity. In addition, fu lu shou can also be represented by animals such as bats, deer and squirrels.
One bat, two longevity peaches, two ancient COINS. The bat holds two ancient COINS and flies with him. The pattern of harmony and symbolism means that happiness and longevity will come, that is, blessing from heaven.
There was one or two bats in front of an ancient coin. The bat means "befoe"; There are eyes in the middle of ancient money, "qian" and "qian" agree, "the money with eyes" means "before the eyes", plus the bat, means that fortune is coming soon.
Wufu holds five bats around the middle of a birthday or a longevity peach. Five blessings; One day, two days of happiness, three days of corning, four days of good, five days. That is, a long life, a good fortune, a good fortune, a good fortune, and a good ending. Wufu is the most comprehensive understanding of the word "fu", once it has "five blessings", it is natural that "life is better than happiness"!
3. Family and prosperity.
He expressed the hope that the husband and wife would be in harmony and the family would prosper. Yupei pattern mainly USES mandarin duck, and tilian, white head bird, fish, lotus leaf and so on. This kind of pattern is often used as a wedding gift, or a husband and wife love, home and everything.
Harmony box, lotus, ganoderma. The box, the meaning "close and the two holy", the ganoderma is a good luck. Peace of mind, prosperity and prosperity. The box, the lotus and the harmony, and the same sound, more than the husband and wife harmony, the fish water. Peace and harmony are the means of harmony.
The four kinds of mascots, including lotus, box, lily and youth, are combined into patterns. Congratulations to the newly-weds and to the beautiful and the old.
A white head, a white head, a peony. Chinese folk have compared the white-headed bird to husband and wife. Peony flowers, for the rich and noble, is a precious symbol. The design expresses both the husband and wife's love for a hundred years, and the symbol of the precious and beautiful life.
Every year the lotus leaves, lotus root and carp. Lotus means the year, lotus root is the lotus root, for every year; Fish is over. Food and clothing. He is rich enough to live.
4. Peace and peace.
In modern society, people are yearning for stability and peaceful life. On behalf of the jade, the design of the main use of Aquarius, ruyi, etc. For some people who have been working or working for a long time in their lives, they may wear them to their families to wish them well.
A vase and two quails. The bottle is flat, and the "is" is an "Ann". Wish all the best.
Prosperity and peace have a peony in the vase. Peony is the king of flowers, signified noble and rich. The vase is meant for peace.
Bamboo newspaper safety firecracker or bamboo, quail. The crackle of firecrackers, called "firecrackers", used to drive out the mountain ghosts with firecrackers. To exorcise evil, to pray for peace.
5. Career tenganda.
It symbolizes people's yearning and wishes for this person's achievements and career prospects. On behalf of the yupei pattern mainly used lychee, longan, walnut, carp, bamboo festival and so on. The wearer pays more attention to the realization of personal achievement and self-worth.
Lianzhong three yuan litchi, longan, walnut, fruit are round. "Yuan" and "circle" are the same as "yuan". It is the first place in the history of the imperial examination.
Carp jump dragon gate legend carp jump dragon gate can Jackie chan. To make a name for himself.
The zhuangyuan and the first wearing the crown boy are holding on to the dragon. The crown is consonant with the officer. The boy wears the champion, the imperial examination is successful. Riding a dragon, like a carp leaping into the dragon gate, becomes a dragon. The moral test is high and top of the list.
The hou hang seal monkey climb on the maple tree to hang the seal. The maple "maple" word and "seal" are linked together, which is a prize: "monkey" and "hou" homophone, the official position; Seal is official seal. It refers to the success of the enterprise, which means the success of the enterprise.
The rise is represented by bamboo. To keep forging ahead.
6. Dispel evil spirits and eliminate evil.
It means that people want to have a good life, a good career, a good health and a good life under the protection of a certain spirit. The representative jade pattern is represented by guanyin, Buddha, zhong kui, guan gong, zhang fei, etc.
In the folk, there are "men wearing guanyin", which is mainly to pray for guanyin and Buddha's blessing on people's body, life and work. When people are sick, they will wear such jade as zhong kui, guan gong and zhang fei, hoping to dispel the disease as soon as possible, so as to make the body recover and provide a spiritual comfort.
The traditional Chinese patterns in yupei are diverse, profound and numerous. It is rich in the rich connotation of Chinese jade culture, and is a brilliant flower in the garden of Chinese traditional culture. Unlike other jewelry, jade pendant has become an intuitive material expression of people's spiritual sustenance when it is decorated with people, and it is more concerned with people's spiritual feelings. In the modern era, which emphasizes the individuality and the spiritual feeling, wearing the jade which contains rich Oriental culture connotation will more reflect the personality, taste and national temperament.
Fortune (rich):
1. Bat, because with the "f", "rich" homophonic, although it is not so beautiful, but after fully beautify or use it as the symbol of good fortune, wealth and pattern. The bat and lotus "and fu figure".
2. The Buddha's hand is the traditional carrier of blessing, which is probably the blessing of Buddha. The Buddha, peach and garnet make up more than three times.
Fish, homophony.
4. Jade ruyi, the meaning of all the prayers and hopes can be as you wish to taste, lily, persimmon, the success of the "Pepsi ".
Chinese cabbage is a homonym.
Peony, meaning rich and rich, also known as rich and rich.
Ancient money means wealth.
8. The treasure, which is a lucky pattern made of eight treasures, refers to jewelry, ancient money, fangsheng, yuxin, rhinoceros horn, silver ingot, coral, and good luck.
There are also eight treasures of Buddhism: conch,XX, umbrella, treasure, lotus, vase, double fish, dish length;
Fairy home eight treasures: gourd, sword, fan, flute, Yin and Yang board, flower blue, fishing drum, lotus.
Dahlias, li and li, are synonymous with wealth and prosperity.
Calabash: reed and "lu" homonym, there is the addition of the official, enjoy the meaning of living.
11. Orange, chestnut, orange and "ji ", Chinese chestnut and" li "sound similar, symbolizing good luck, everything auspicious.
"Fu" and "fu".
1. Pine and cypress: all ancient evergreen means long life.
Crane: it is said that it has a life span of thousands of years.
3. Ganoderma lucidum; People live long and live long.
Xiantao: the immortal of human food, the symbol of longevity and longevity.
5. Tortoise: longevity of turtle.
Immortal: the immortal immortal in myth and folklore, such as the eight immortals, the maghu.
The old man; In the time of corning life, people use the old man as a symbol and a blessing. He is not only a blessing among friends and relatives, but also a blessing and praise for the good life.
Long life: a symbol of longevity.
The word "shou" means a variety of glyphs, such as long bars, long life, and round life.
1. Magpie: it is a sign of a happy event. If you are happy, the magpie will live on the plum tree. The magpies and deer are shown as "happy pictures".
2. Deer: homophonic "music ", such as the plum blossom with the two deer called" eyebrow opening double music"
Pomegranate: the open pomegranate is the "happy smile ", the other meaning is many children.
4. Spider: also called "happy".
Badger: homophone "happy"
Calabash: it means many children.
Grapes: allegorical.
Sail: the meaning is plain sailing.
Boy: it means a lot of children and happiness.
10. The birds: dragon, phoenix, kylin. They appear to be the symbol of the world's peace. Such as dragon and phoenix, dragon dance, dragon dance, etc.
Mandarin duck, and tirian, flowers in pairs, birds in pairs: a happy marriage.
12. Zodiac signs.
13." xi ": like double happiness.

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