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Jade's aesthetic

Jade as an ornament, as a token, as a gift, as a gift, are both practical and closely related to mankind.
[buy] once watched a TV drama "Yang guifei", remember her there is a jade bracelet, is her mother leaves her letter. The jade bracelet is glittering and translucent, and her aunt, who likes this jade bracelet, will secretly take it away for her own sake. She doesn't want to be found by Yang yuhuan, and she takes it back. In addition, the emperor himself designated her as a talented girl, and when she entered the palace, gao gong also found the jade bracelet, which he would love to own. But Yang yuhuan said that it was the letter that her mother had left for her, and the death and the death. [/ buy]
Later, due to various reasons, Yang yuhuan was also demoted by the queen as a maid, which caused her to suffer and be insulted by others. At last she had to find her father again and offer her jade bracelet. Hope that gao gonggong can help himself, as far as possible to create the emperor and her chance to meet.

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Jade culture: the aesthetics of jade.
The story says that everyone here wants to know more about the American jade knowledge, the "Chinese jade" and the jade in our country has more than 7,000 years of history, is the main body of jade culture in China. Hetian jade because the texture is very fine, so its beauty in smooth moist, color uniformity, soft, such as fat, it is a special kind of luster, between vitreous luster, oily luster, waxy luster, it with superior exquisite texture, pure and beautiful color, "such as grease, cleaners intrinsic, qualitative thick warm, MaiLi closely, loud noise", occupies a leading position in the traditional jade. In hetian jade, "white jade". The lipids are delicate and delicate, "white as lipid", especially rich and smooth, giving people a feeling of tenderness in the first place. This is the best variety of white jade, currently in the world mainly in xinjiang, the output is very rare, extremely valuable.
Jade's aesthetic pursuit of praise is a symbol of nature, it is heaven, earth, rainbow, day and moon, it is the Chinese cosmological concept. It is the spirit, is the idea, is the ideal, is the Chinese nation to the beautiful pursuit and sublimation.
Before she had entered the palace, she was attracted by her beautiful appearance and wanted to marry her. She also made some trouble to threaten her, but she vowed not to die. She said, "it is better to die than to die." This is the "humanizing" of jade, which symbolizes the noble personality, the noble spirit, the good character and the ideal of life, and the beauty of jade deepens the human soul.
Jade, because of its beauty, beauty, touch beauty, and sound, and in stone, for people to love. Jade craft is the art of living. Its beauty is the beauty of decoration, the beauty of creation, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the east.

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