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Judging the value of jade from the angle of carving

Nowadays, many people still prefer to know the jade jadeware by price first, and the friends who know a little bit about the value of the texture, ignoring the jade carving process. A carver fee of 100 yuan and charge 1000 yuan is not to discuss. Take calligraphy and painting as an example: the material is paper, and the picture produced on the paper is the result of this painting. The value is also in this picture. To different people, the results are very different. A collector is a treasure, and a person who doesn't understand is a piece of paper.

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Any industry needs to have an aesthetic vision, and many people do not pay attention to the important part of the art composition in jade jade. Taking a piece of the same jade jade to different so-called inner families will produce different value judgments. This has a lot to do with the artistic accomplishment of the individual. This creates a huge gap in value judgments between different people.
Therefore, to measure the value of a jade jadeware, we need to analyze comprehensively: texture, process, creativity, beauty application, charm, market cost, etc., to make an objective analysis of value!
Jade jadeware craft:
Many different kinds of jadeite jade carving, basically have figures, flowers, household utensils, birds and animals, etc., to identify the quality of different kinds of jade pieces and value evaluation are different, the main considerations are: jade jade to be creative, the overall design with the nature of the jade, form, color, material is based, to gouge out dirty locks for carvers. To some people can not give people the beauty of jade natural form to pay attention to the broken shape.
The jade piece modelling wants to be beautiful, natural, vivid. The layout of the whole composition is reasonable, and the rules should be dense, distinct and prominent. The carver is meticulous, smooth and smooth, small and neat, fold and dig, hook and bump to meet certain depth requirement. The jade piece surface should be bright and moistened, uniform and uniform in size and size, with uniform shape, smooth over wax and no green powder on the surface.
Summarize the following aspects:
1. Works of the master:
In the museum, treasure house, some of the jade carving works by the master hand. The same material, due to the careful design of the master, the careful processing, make the product outstanding, this also reflects the master's comprehensive ability and level. The value of this jade carving is far higher than the value of the jade carving.
2. Special process:
The art of thin tire, beam chain technique, hollow art, etc., these jade carving works with special craft, the value will also be improved. In the evaluation of the jade jade with special skills, it is necessary to see the painstaking efforts of the jade carving artists, to appreciate and appreciate.
3. The art of beauty:
Qiao color is an artistic creation of jade carving craft. This kind of art can only according to the natural color of jade and natural form "according to the material based on", "according to the carvers to compose, creation is influenced by material type, color change and other human factors limit, we can't kill a good qiao color works creation difficulty is very big, its value is very high. In the evaluation of the use of qiao color, the three levels can be analyzed according to one qiao, two qiao and three.
4. The charm of the work.
When evaluating an emerald jade sculpture, it is often said that the work has a charm. The design is clever, the work is fine, the whole work has the charm, these fine works can not compare with the general jade carving works.
5. Surpass the predecessors:
Modern jadeite jade carving, a breakthrough in the technology, made bold try, on the use of tools in the evaluation of jadeite jade carving treasures and excellent work, the more analysis constitute treasures, many factors, and the factors to constitute a treasure, good comprehensive analysis, comparing with similar works, using the method of market, the cost to evaluate its value, finally make a correct value judgment.
There is a knack for "panning".
Collection, some say, before is with eye "trawling for their own, more popular, there is now a commercial hype makes quite a lot of things let a person can not afford to buy expensive, jade market is also good and evil people mixed up, ordinary people can't afford to buy jade won't buy jade. To this, the director thinks, collect although always hope to have appreciation space, but also should hold a good state of mind, "a few take a few not to take", can find out real gold in this fish and dragon mix.
A true jade is a good choice. The "high price of goods" is the first guarantee to buy real jade. Now have a lot of use "comparison we pretend to be" hetian jade, or use dyeing (jargon "skin") as hetian jade, stone, glass aggregate ChengYu shape (called a "feeder"), in this case, buy a book "roadmap" way already can't give you help (technology makes doing very lifelike imitation jade), which requires professional appraisal.
Take "professional appraisal". There are a lot of collectors who don't want to spend the appraisal, but the tuition is actually paid for, and there are a lot of appraisal companies in Beijing for the antiques market. Investors can also take things to the mining department to issue certificates.
Three take "peace" do not take "follow the wind". There are a lot of people investing in antique market just like investing in the stock market. In fact, there is a lot of music.
From the Angle of engraving to judge the value of jade is "people abandon me to take". When the same thing over the market or the hype, the price will be a bit more peaceful, when the cut is not good! Invest in peace of mind and buy what you can afford.
Jade, it seems, the rally is running, the jade on the earth like some rare animals are fewer and fewer resources, once you have them, it will bring fun to collectors and appreciation of space.

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