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On contemporary jade carving art

Also happy, the best in life and the most fruitful 30 years are accompanied by jade.
Engaged in jade carving for decades, the Chinese jade carving art has been constantly thinking.
Throughout ancient and modern jade, a good work, inseparable from materials, work, art three aspects of the elements. Among them, material and work can be measured by objective standard, and art is more abstract, it is higher level sublimation.
On contemporary jade carving art.
Materials are usually measured in terms of color, fineness, concentration, purity, and runness. Work refers to the process of carving, polishing and polishing jade raw materials and turning them into jade crafts or works of art. How to thin, reliefs, round, engraved look and valuable.such handiwork, Yin line, the carving technique by dot, line, face and other forms on YuCai modelling, material for jade carving art and explore and works has a lot of work, go here.
I want to focus on the "art" in the jade carving process.

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The development of jade carving art has been going on for thousands of years. Each period has its distinct characteristics of The Times and the regional features. They are the epitome of the Chinese civilization in the thousands of years. Through a piece of jade carving works, we often feel the real sense of the history, culture, art and customs of the time reflected by the works.
The ancient man, out of the primitive worship of nature and the influence of the gods and sorcery, created a large number of ceremonial jade and jade articles to strengthen the divine right and the secular rule. Shang dynasty jade has reached a quite high level; The spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the etiquette gradually collapse, appeared on the academic schools of thought contend, the flowers, in the political proposition of Confucian "moral" and "benevolent governance", will also dehua, jade jade gives many virtues, advocated "than the gay coat that makes the gentleman in the jade", "a gentleman without reason, jade not to body", thus peja jade get great development in the warring states period, become the mainstream in the jade; The inheritance and development of the Confucianism of the western han dynasty and the popularity of the "deep burial", the jade articles and the funeral jade have increased significantly. In the song dynasty, the economic prosperity and breakthrough of academic thought, make jade antiques and collectables - autograph, jade well-made at this time, the theme is extensive, realism and secularization tendency in the field of jade decoration has the upper hand. At the same time, liaojin and other ethnic minorities also follow the jade tradition, which is characterized by the "spring water autumn mountain" jade that reflects the nomadic hunting life. During the Ming and qing dynasties, north and south both jade common development, is a very glorious era in the history of Chinese jade, qing qianlong years, jade craft an unprecedented peak, also under the influence of foreign culture at the same time, the mark is Stan jade and jade carving style deeply influenced by western art. Although the qing dynasty's jade emperor has reached an unprecedented height in the "work", many works have neglected the artistry of jade carving because of too much renderings, which is not worth advocating.
In the history of the jade carvings into contemporary jade carving art another heyday, but worrying is: under the background of highly developed human civilization, jade tools more and more advanced, and the art is away; The value of jade carving is skyrocketing, but the cultural atmosphere is becoming less and less. How can our contemporary jade carving artists combine jade carving with the characteristics of our times to create jade carvings that are both cultural and profound?
First of all, it should be clear what the definition of jade art is. The so-called art refers to a kind of behavior that USES specific expression techniques to reflect life, inherit culture and reveal ideas. Jade carving art is to take advantage of the special carrier of jade, through carving, thinking and other craft techniques, with the view of the meaning, through the content of the works to express the artist's thought art. Art is the sublimation of the work, it brings people first is the visual aesthetic feeling, then is the spiritual enlightenment, is a work of the soul, is the jade carving art vitality.
I think the organic integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion life is to explore the development direction of contemporary jade carving art. Jade carving art in China through thousands of years of history, the future it will be the route of the development towards internationalization, only the "Chinese concept" and "fashion" optimization of grafting, to make China's jade for the modern new accepted by the people and the international market.
First of all, Chinese classical decorative pattern can be combined with modern fashion modeling, the original is often the most fashionable, nature is the law of the eternal, it is the original human worship of nature to create the earliest jade civilization in our country. In ancient times, some patterns and patterns of jade were popular and loved by modern people, which is the charm of nature. It is only a simple imitation of ancient times, adding modern fashion elements to create art with the characteristics of The Times. The "sun god brand" and "jade bird" of yayuan are innovative in the shape and ornamentation of liangzhu culture jade, and the creation of the ancient rhyme and fashion perfect combination of jade works.
Secondly, the style of jade carving should be diversified, which can be used in jade carving and carving techniques. Rodin once said, "the world is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of beautiful eyes." All beautiful things can be borrowed from the jade carving theme. "Art comes from life and higher than life", which requires the jade carving creators often use eyes to observe life, in the mind to think about life, to life, and then to extract from life is beautiful, refined art.
Thirdly, the jade carving art can be used as the carrier of Chinese philosophy, and the philosophy is ancient and modern. There are many philosophical stories and humorous themes in Chinese civilization which can be used in the creation of jade carving. Graceland, the running-in of dashanzi works in recent years, the three camel, confessions unknown story is taken from the Chinese ancient philosophy, such as, in addition to giving a piece of art visual sense enjoyment, also can bring them a meaningful memories even warnings.
As for jade carving art, it must be seen by the people, but it is also the definition and orientation of jade carving art.

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