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Reading Jade: Reading Life and Appreciating Philosophy

What is jade? Some say jade is money, some say jade is plaything, some say jade is sustenance, others say jade is philosophy, jade is life, jade is all things in the world. Indeed, each side of the jade is the nature of heaven and earth breeding spirit, which contains endless meaning.

The greatest pleasure of those who play jade is to read life and taste philosophy from the jade. And if the jade as a symbol of money everywhere to compare, show off, it is too frivolous jade. This is also why some people play a lifetime jade has never met a piece of their own satisfaction with the collection, and some people occasionally as treasures, enjoy the reason. From the utilitarian Angle to play jade, jade without end jade; From the spiritual level to play jade, jade endless......

Appreciate jade, what need is a kind of peaceful state of mind, abandon interest lead mix, ren feeling is immersed completely in that square circulating jade. Playing labor knowledge is a kind of fun, the interpretation of the natural beauty of the original stone is also a kind of fun, from the naturally formed jade to understand the creator's magic, the understanding of which contains 10,000 kinds of mystery.

Read quality, a side of jade in the palm, the first feeling is a weight, heavy, different from the light flowers, that is a responsibility, is an inclusive, is a man's generous mind, "terrain kun, gentleman with social virtue" is not this is the Chinese nation for thousands of years of traditional virtue of honesty and loyalty?

Read meat, carefully play between his fingers, zi yu meat is soft and delicate, clear glossy pores as if the gentle breathing, even if the whiteness is not the best, it does not affect it like a gentleman gentle and benevolent quality.

Read form, although after thousands of years of water baptism, edges and corners have been round, but the retreat of the young frivolous, leaving is a mature and perseverance given by the years.

Reading the skin, zi yu often with beautiful skin color, sprinkling a little gold, gorgeous red, mottled deerskin, each skin color is a poem, a painting, a language, a history. Spread the wings of imagination, you will find that leather itself is a kind of art, and leather is the accumulation of years, from which it seems that you can glimpse the time such as fleeting, thousands of years quietly flowing......

Read the defect, gently stroke its little scar, a shallow crack, a waterline, a stiff skin, that is not a defect, that is the nature in the flow of time on its body engraved marks, like a weather-beaten old man on the head of the silver hair, face furrow like wrinkles. Most jade players pursuit is flawless, is sheep fat, but there is no time in the world, sheep fat is not a fixed standard, spend a lot of time and money to pursue things that do not exist will only make people haggard. People appreciate jade, jade read people, from people's attitude to jade can also see people's tolerance. The defect of jade is natural and natural, and the person's defect is out of their own greed for material, compared with jade, people do have a few points of shame.

Pronunciation, gently click, jade sound crisp and pleasant, stretch qingyang, there is no chaos and noise, read the way to people in addition to yue yourself to yue people, alone le le, and people le le, which le?

The pleasure of appreciating jade is far more than that. Chinese jade culture has a long history, and the accumulation and summary of thousands of years can not be expressed in a single word.

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