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Rich cultural connotation of ancient jade

Chinese ancient jade ware not only has a long history of more than 8000 years, it has a variety of colorful varieties, but also has rich cultural connotations. It is also the reason why the jade article has become an important cultural relic and the reason why the jade culture system has become the important cultural relic.
The cultural connotation of Chinese ancient jade includes not only the art of design, the process of polishing and the writing, but also the rich value and ceremonial function of the ancient jade ware. Religious function, economic value and decoration function.

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The political value of ancient jade articles is the materialization of social hierarchy, which is the carrier of ancient people's moral and cultural concepts. Jade unearthed from basically has the identity and status of large and medium-sized tombs, the spring and autumn period and the warring states period is the use of the "six" regulation, 6 in different position of officials to use different kinds of jade, known as the "king of the town and Guyana, male of huan, hou cover letter kei, holding the bow guerra, son of valley wall, the male of the pu wall"; From the beginning of the qin dynasty, the emperor adopted the system of jade as the seal, which continued into the qing dynasty. The tang dynasty clearly stipulated that officials use jade system, such as the jade belt system.
In ancient times, jade symbolized the noble character of ethics and morality. The eastern han dynasty about "jade, the beauty of stone, there are five virtues", is to compare the five physical properties of jade to the five virtues: "benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage and jie". Ancient jade ritual functions has been to occupy the mainstream of Chinese ancient jades, "six" is an integral part of a feudal etiquette with the jade, with six different shape of jade as a sacrifice, worship, send, military ritual jade article, this is "bulk" rites "records" to jade for six, heaven and earth square with courtesy, to day, pale wall with Huang Li ground, with green, the east, with red Zhang south, with Bai Huli west, to the xuan sulfonated ceremony "in the north.
The religious function of ancient jade is embodied in the use of jade in totem worship and jade in Buddhism and Taoism. The economic value of jade has never been reduced. In large and medium-sized tombs, more ancient jade articles have been unearthed, besides representing the identity and status of the tomb owners, it is also a symbol of wealth. From the shang dynasty to the spring and autumn and the warring states period, there was the practice of using jade as the currency and jade as the exchange and tribute. In qing dynasty, there was a saying that "old copper jade is not worth the price".
Jade decoration function is always the main function of jade. Including jade beads, bracelets, jade and other human body decoration jade; Jade sword, jade belt, jade belt buckle, etc. Yushan zi, jade vase, jade furnace fume and other display decoration jade, etc.
Among the five functions of Chinese jade, economic value and decoration function are natural attributes of jade, and modern jade still has these two functions. The other three values and functions are endowed by man, which is different from the unique function of modern jade.

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