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Ru Yu

Now the society has a kind of culture, is that no matter what all can as the word "culture", such as "(eat) eating culture", "(wine, tea drinking culture", "sleep culture, pillow, bed"... It is no bad thing that "culture" has emerged so much, but in this "culture" sound, how many people have no impetuous heart, can say the ugly?
Wan wan like jade chat jade culture.
Earlier, with several elderly cut jade craftsman talked jade culture, referring to the jade culture of "change", feel the quite some new idea, sort out now and reference for concerned about jade Wen Huazhe.
It is "mystifying". The mystery of jade is ancient. The ancient human beings have the stone worship, think the stone is the thing of the gods, especially as the stone beauty of the "jade", its "hard, beautiful, run" has been praised. Using the many features inherent in the jade itself, it covers all kinds of rings, and regards jade as the master of all things and the essence of heaven and earth. The story about jade from ancient times to the present day is increasingly magical, full of intense magic and secret colors. It is because of its mystery that it is more tantalizing to explore, and it becomes a profound cultural phenomenon. All of these, the jade culture added infinite fun, many people to the jade and the culture of the blending, to place their spiritual feelings, this may be the magic of jade culture. The jade culture has developed in this mystery.
The second is "vulgarization". In the study of jade culture, there are some extremely beneficial results. Unfortunately, in recent years, the noise has been mixed with some less harmonious notes, and the yutang has been mixed into some city well. For example, use jade piece to make a pillow, brand can cure various diseases; Hold the crystal in your hand, and you will be able to breathe freely and easily, and so on. If the ancients because technology is not developed, for a variety of interpretation and use of jade, there are some positive significance of social evolution, so in today's era of information technology, also gives birth to this kind of mistake, says is undoubtedly, vulgar MengShi. The study of jade culture is a serious science.

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The third is nihilization. Jade culture is a native culture of China, and has a fine tradition of starting with the Chinese civilization. It contains important chapters in the world cultural treasure house. In the study of jade culture in the development history of Chinese arts and crafts, some people devalue her value so as to completely deny the existence of "Stone Age". In fact, paying attention to jade culture should not only be based on economic value, but should be studied in an all-round and multi-angle way.
The fourth is "tidal wave". In the study of jade culture, there are arty people, who follow the crowd, and have a lot of interest in drilling. In the jade market, filled with a growing number of "false", this kind of false, not shoddy, to this ancient, but with the resin mixture powder tone color molded out of jadeite jade pendant, bracelets, materials Shi Chong jade ring surface, the agate drilling chamber after water when the water injection and gall bladder. At jade fire dry today, don't appear fake and shoddy products is impossible, but not false, terrible, is never true gold fears not the fire, the more fake products on the market, the more can foil a really precious, what's more, people can increase knowledge in discern between true and false, learn to recognize.
"If you want to burn three days, you will have to wait ten years." It is worth noting that the so-called "baoyu stone appraising master", which is a fake jade and fake jade expert in the waist, USES some special conditions to charge people everywhere. We'd better be careful.

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