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Several characteristics of Chinese traditional jade carving art

Carving is the general term for the three creation methods of carving, engraving and plastic. Refers to the use of a variety of plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay, etc.) or carved, engraved hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, etc.) to create a visually visible space The artistic image of the touch reflects the art of social life, expressing the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, and aesthetic ideals.

The fascinating part of Wenrun's jade jewelry lies in its carving, showing the auspicious meaning of Chinese imagery. Chinese traditional jade carving art generally has three characteristics.

First, the subject matter of the image, the abstract application. The main subjects in the auspicious patterns are directly or indirectly taken from animals and plants, utensils, utensils, jade, etc., which are common in nature and civilian life. These figurative things, auspicious patterns are not limited by the specific image in the shape, often obey the visual pleasure, and break through the ordinary fan cage, reflecting the artistic beauty of the abstract form.
Second, complicated and change, orderly in chaos. The complexity of traditional patterns is different from that of modern art, but the complexity of traditional auspicious patterns is different from the characteristics of modern applied art patterns, but the complexity of traditional auspicious patterns is not simply listed, pure repetition, it More emphasis on the rhythm and rhythm in the versatile, which adds to the level and connotation of the auspicious patterns, but from the perspective of decorative applications, its requirements for the processing technology is obviously more demanding.
Third, symmetry and equilibrium are the idioms of composition. Auspicious patterns often have a centerline, a form of composition called symmetry and equilibrium.
Jade carving is a long-established handicraft industry. In the long historical process, the artistic impulse of human beings to reflect their ideals and sentiments on jade plays an important role in enhancing the cultural taste and connotation of jade.

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