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Six reasons to like Hetian jade

Hetian jade is very beautiful, and the degree of beauty can be summarized by the extraordinary, which is the main reason for the popularity of Hetian jade. If it is not beautiful, the emperors of the ages, the royal family, the literati, can you like it? People who know these groups are not ordinary people. If it is not beautiful, it will not be sought after by many fans of Hetian jade.

Hetian Yuzhong's sheep fat jade is white and delicate, warm and heavy, and the beauty of introverted beauty should be experienced. Unlike jade, jade has a dazzling luster, beauty in color, and sheep fat jade in quality. The sheep fat jade is not ostentatious, not dazzling, not rich, not kitsch, is a subtle beauty, an extraordinary beauty. This kind of beauty not only fully conforms to the traditional aesthetics of the Chinese nation, but also fully conforms to the aesthetics of modern people. The softness of the sheep fat jade can give people a sense of tranquility, peace, long-lasting, long-lasting and intriguing. The beauty of the sheep fat jade, you have to calm down and carefully taste. The ancients compared the sheep fat jade to the gentleman, saying that the sheep fat jade has "five virtues", "the eleven virtues", etc., and associates the beautiful texture of the sheep fat jade with the moral character of the gentleman. This beauty is other jade species. Unable to compare.

(1) The beauty of Hetian jade
What is the temperament of the sheep fat jade, or what kind of temperament should the sheep fat jade have? The jade that Confucius talks about jade has the eleventh virtue and is the most authoritative and most comprehensive interpretation. Confucius is not a cultural master, the first high man in jade, the "even virtues" he summed up, "warm and zeal, benevolence"; is to compare the visual and tactile beauty of sheep fat jade to a heart of love, Enze The gentleman of the world is likened to a benevolent friend who is kind and friendly. I can imagine how noble personality or tolerance this is. "The gas is like Baihong, the sky is also; the spirit is seen in the mountains and rivers, and the earth is also"; this is the temperament of jade, which is what we often say, the atmosphere of the sheep fat jade, the thickness of the sheep fat jade, like the depiction of Confucius, Who can compare? "Kui 璋 达 达 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , What kind of demeanor is it? Now, wearing a better pair of Hetian jade bracelets (such as sheep fat jade, good jasper, ink jade), no matter in any occasion, as long as it is knowledgeable, you will look at you. Gyantsta also means that a gentleman with a virtue can recommend himself, and he will be popular in the world, no matter where he goes, and the people without virtue will be unable to do so. Until today, we must not ignore the gentleman's personality. Think about the people and things around us. Is it still important to see the gentleman's personality? "The world is not expensive, the road is also"; "Junzi Guiyu", "the world of precious jade", indicating the preciousness of jade and the popularity and popularity, this "dao" of Confucius is a historical milestone. From then on, the history of jade Go out of the jade, Wang Yu stage, enter the stage of the folk jade. In the end, "speaking of a gentleman, Wen Qiruyu" is both a jade and a gentleman. Only these few items, only the sheep fat jade can reach the standard." This is my explanation in the "Confucianism on the temperament of the sheep fat jade", a part of the "Confucius on jade" about the temperament of the sheep fat jade. "Confucius "Jade" should be the most authoritative commentary of the ancients on the jade.

In fact, Hetian jade is also very beautiful from the color. In modern color science, white is also the main color that is always popular. The white of sheep fat jade is not the kind of pale, dry white, but a kind of oily It is white, white, and has a connotation. It is very eye-catching. Westerners also like white very much. They also regard white as noble. Holy, quiet and pure. It is this unique beauty that makes the sheep fat jade world famous.

(2) Durability of Hetian jade
Durability is very important when evaluating the quality of gemstones. The ability to resist hitting and rubbing is a basic condition that must be considered. A lot of ladies who loved jade reflected that the bracelet she wore was broken when she touched it, and she never dared to buy it. In fact, it was mainly due to the poor toughness of jade or the poor quality of jade. Hetian jade is the world's most flexible jade, its relative hardness is slightly lower than jade (Moss 6-6.5 vs. 6.5-7), and absolute hardness, ie compressive strength and resistance to hitting, is second only to black diamond. The second natural gemstone is 10 times that of diamonds, 4 times that of jade, and 2 times that of jade. Hetian jade, which was inlaid in the 2008 Olympic medal, has an impact resistance that is not damaged by landing at a height of 2 meters. In addition to the clever design, Hetian jade's unique flexibility and impact resistance are also an important factor. The flexibility of Hetian jade determines that the jewelry is not easily damaged during the wearing process. It also provides good conditions for the jade carving masters to show their skills and talents. Let us look at the “Tiangong Award” and “Hundred Flowers” ​​of the highest awards of domestic jade carvings in recent years. Awards, and the proportion of Hetian jade works in the winning works is very large. This makes Hetian jade add an artistic beauty in addition to natural beauty, forming a complete beauty of harmony between man and nature, and further enhancing the collection value of Hetian jade. It is worth emphasizing that this kind of beauty of heaven and man, in all the collectibles, Hetian jade is unique.

(3) The rarity of the best sheep fat jade in Hetian jade
Hetian jade is mainly expensive in sheep fat jade. The reason is that the materials are rare, the materials are rare, the market demand is increasing, and the resources are not regenerated, only less and less, so the price is natural. It will rise. You look at the jade market, there are many merchants selling Hetian jade, but there are not many merchants with sheep fat jade. Of course, the rareness of the sheep fat jade is not unique, but rather rare, rarer than diamonds, but the current price is not expensive, so some people predict that the price of sheep fat jade will exceed the diamond in the future.

(4) Hetian jade has good preservation
Hetian jade is small in size and high in price. It is easy to carry and collect. It can be worn with you and kept secret. More importantly, it can be greatly appreciated. It is in line with the basic characteristics of people collecting gold and silver treasures since ancient times, and it does not take up space. Don't worry. Oxidized mildew, insect bites and squirrels, and Hetian jade is the easiest preserved treasure in all collections. For example, buy a piece of suet jade hand piece, worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, you can put it in the box, you can put it on the shelf, it is best to hold it often Play in the hands, you can not only cultivate the body, relax the mood, cultivate the sentiment, but also preserve the value-added, the more you play the more valuable, so some people call it "investment consumption", which is also incomparable to other collectibles. Therefore, more and more people are collecting Hetian jade, which also prompted the price of Hetian jade to climb all the way.

(5) The historical and cultural value of Hetian jade
Hetian jade is the emperor used in China for three thousand years. It is the representative of Chinese jade culture. In the royal society, jade is a symbol of imperial power. For example, we know that the national jade, only the scriptures of the ancient country and the emperor, are justified. When the dynasty. Since these heavyweights are made by Hetian jade, it is said that Hetian jade is the representative of Chinese jade culture; in modern society, Hetian jade is "national jade". Good multi-devices such as the Olympic emblem, the medal, the Olympic medal, the emblem of the Shanghai World Expo, the chapter, etc. are all made by Hetian jade, so the historical and cultural value of Hetian jade is also very huge, which is also incomparable to other jade species. of.

The historical and cultural value of Hetian jade lies in its perfect combination with Confucian culture. It can be said that He Tianyu has always passed on the personality spirit of the Chinese nation, embodying the high unity of material beauty and spiritual beauty. It is like a beautiful Confucian classic, and He Tianyu engraved the moral appeal of human beings. Both the "Nine Germans" theory of Guan Zi, the "11th German Theory" of Confucius, and the "Five Morals" theory summarized by Xu Shen are the perfect embodiment of Confucian scholars borrowing Yu Zaide.

Confucian scholars gave Hetian Yu the perfect spiritual essence. In fact, Confucian scholars are also borrowing jade to express themselves, pinning their own pursuits, and asking people to be jade-like people. Jade is a gentleman, a perfect embodiment of a gentleman, and a standard for living in society. In the ancient Chinese literati "Bide Ruyu" formed a social style, this influence has continued to this day. The ancients used the crystal clear ice heart jade pot to self-report, and compared their own purity and integrity.

(6) Hetian jade will continue to appreciate
The price gap between Hetian jade and jadeite is caused by historical reasons. The reason for the so-called history is that everyone knows that from the late Qing Dynasty, due to the invasion of Western capitalist powers, China gradually became a semi-feudal and semi-colonial state. Strong external aggression, internal turmoil, constant war, who in the troubled times still care about playing jade? After the founding of the New China Government, the Mao Zedong era regarded jade as a bourgeoisie. The proletariat’s poor stomachs were not filled. Do you still play jade? At the same time, in the era of planned economy, Hetian jade is also controlled by the state to purchase and purchase materials for sale. Therefore, the price of Hetian jade has been at a very low level and does not reflect its actual value. The situation of jade is much better than that of Hetian jade. After the end of World War II, Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, has risen rapidly. In Southeast Asia, where the richest people are rich, the jadeite is out of the Chinese group, and its price is bound to rise. The price of sheep fat jade in Hetian jade should be at the same level as that of high-grade jade, but this has not been recognized until now. Since the reform and opening up, the national strength has flourished, and the national treasures should be replayed, and more and more people are paying attention to it. The price of Yangzhiyu has begun to “recover”. This is a portrayal of the peaceful and prosperous world and a microcosm of national rejuvenation. A person who truly loves Hetian jade can recognize the preciousness of Hetian jade. A person who understands Chinese history will feel that the price of Hetian jade is very natural and should be taken care of. If you must find the reason for the price increase of Hetian jade, the most fundamental thing is that today's society is rich, and people have more money in their pockets. After having the money, investing in the collection of Hetian jade and wearing Hetian jade is the best choice.

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