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The development of jade culture

Our ancestors have always loved jade, and appreciating jade is a noble hobby. Our ancestors as early as five thousand years BC, awareness of the hard and beautiful jade, jade not only can be used to grinding tools, weapons, and beautiful decorative objects, for people's feelings and spiritual pursuit of art, but also as a sacrificial vessel used to worship our ancestors, so the beginning of the Chinese jade, is a mysterious color, has the safeguard, a symbol of power, wealth, and etc.
Hetian jade in the spring and autumn warring states period, a large number of input to the central plains, the royal governors race to choose hetian jade, connection lines jade lamp, in the collection of the Palace Museum is the standard of hetian jade, the Confucian scholars combine with hetian jade ritual study research, with hetian jade ritual study thought. Ruler in order to meet the love of hetian jade, with Confucian benevolence, wisdom, righteousness, ritual, music, sincerity, truthfulness, heaven, earth, DE, such as traditional ideas, attached to the various characteristics of hetian jade on the physical and chemical properties, then "than the gay coat that makes the gentleman in the jade", there are five DE jade, nine, ten DE theory arises at the historic moment. However, the processing technology was very primitive at that time, wearing jade was only a few of the noble and noble ladies, and the true spread among the people in the song dynasty. When there is a folk custom that when a pair of young men and women married, old grandmother from red satin bag up layer upon layer of jade bracelet out crowned couple, bless the couple harmony happy life, and one day after years of this scene and back again. This tradition embodies the solid and enduring essence of jade, and retains the essence of ancient Chinese culture and art quite intact. When the time has changed, jade's special and unique qualities have long been rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people. Jade represents beauty, nobility, constancy and immortality. "Modest gentleman, gentle and gentle like jade" in the possession of jade, also edify their own sentiment, deepen their own mind. The popularity of the jade A legend of the early 13th century, yunnan salt merchants accidental carry a stone from Burma to return home, the glittering and translucent bright green stone suddenly conquered the Chinese love jade, the stone is jade, because of its colour and lustre is gorgeous, output scarce, vitreous luster, texture, moisture, strong toughness, high hardness, called "jade" in the jade family, also known as "the king of jade".

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The emerald producing area belongs to the undeveloped mountainous area, although not the evil spirit, the jackal, the Wolf tiger leopard, but meng Yin deep mountain, often go on a day out of the sun, the vast forest, only the jade people out of the road; Fog river, rolling turbidity current, every summer thunderstorm weather, water soak up everywhere, plumes of smoke, smoke born to three feet high together do not come loose, people sail, opaque, such as into the thick fog. In addition to the miasma, the mosquito python malaria, the environment is bad, plus the tools primitive, the dry season is short, the material shortage, the jade mining, preparation is extremely difficult. It was not until the 18th century, with the advance of science and technology, that jade really entered China's yunnan province. Although the jade from the incoming to the application and only 300 ~ 300 years, but as people give their magical love jade culture connotation, its brief but brilliant history enough to let the other jade envy, and together with other jade form the Chinese nation has a long history of jade culture. In Ming dynasty, there appeared Burmese jade; In qing dynasty, because of the nobility of love, particularly by the emperor qianlong of qing dynasty and the empress dowager cixi love addiction), referred to as "the jade", the emerald is worth one hundred times, become the best in the jade. Jadeite is closely related to people's life. In the eyes of people, it is not only a beautiful stone, but also a mysterious belief and attachment. The ancients and the people all love jade, happy jade, play jade, "the gentleman without reason, jade is inseparable." Now it has become the most popular jade in the world, such as the descendants of Chinese and South Korea, and pei yu aiyu has become a modern fashion. What is Jadeite, its English name is Jadeite. Derived from Spanish Pridra Yiada, which means a gem in the waist, because in the 16th century jadeite is considered to be a gem that can be used to treat back pain and kidney pain. In ancient China, "patek" and "cui" were used to refer to the red feather sparrow and the green feather finch respectively (according to xu shen's "the Chinese characters") in the eastern han dynasty. Jadeite, which is mainly composed of minerals called jadeite, is a kind of alkali pyroxite in monoclinal pyroxene, which is composed of numerous tiny fibrous microcrystals, which is a dense aggregate, with a felt-like structure. Basic physical properties: high toughness, resistance to high impact force and pressure; Mohs hardness of 6~7, greater than the mohs hardness of soft jade. The orange peel effect after polishing; Subsidence in diiodomethane; Its luster is glass luster to grease luster; Transparency is transparent to opacity; The fracture is a jagged one, darker than the surface.
The world famous quality jade jade is produced in myanmar. The deposit is located in the tributary river of the chindun river in the northern part of myanmar, where the main producing area is the main producing area, which is the main producing area, the myanmar, pan, and nannai, which is very close to the yunnan border of China. Yunnan's tengchong, Dali at one time is the jade jade collection, has changed to ruili. Ruili in the jadeite market is China's jade market the most prosperous, the most representative of the market, high school low-grade goods, which also with some of the goods B, C, this is about to buy goods test person's eyesight. In addition to Burma, Thailand, the United States, Japan, the Soviet union and China, there are emerald minerals, but myanmar is the only country that produces superior quality. Jadeite's investment and collection of emerald reserves are very limited, and the world's premium jade is limited to a small area of northern myanmar, far less than diamonds and other gems. According to some statistics, from the late qing dynasty to 1949, "the king of jade" jade rose more than 200 times, especially the high-grade jade. In the Hong Kong market, hk $10, 000 is a common thing, and millions or even tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars worth of treasure is not uncommon at auction.
The jade market was not volatile, rising more than a thousand times from the 1970s to the late 1980s. For a time, all the jade merchants were busy looking for goods, and the situation of supply shortage made the jade people work day and night. The economic crisis of the 1990s caused the price of jade to be slightly adjusted, but the price of jadeite raw materials has risen sharply in the past two years. The reason is that the high-grade raw materials are scarce, and the mine owners are not eager to sell goods. Many experts lament that "flour is more expensive than bread". So it's time to buy green. Peak in the 80 s, the rise of reason for the economic take-off in Taiwan, Hong Kong, southeast Asia, and the next peak will come along with the development of domestic economy, there is reason to believe that the peaks rise to more than the previous round. At present, even a hundred and two hundred yuan of jadeite has the potential to appreciate, while the high-end goods are not affected by the decline of the market. In recent years, the trend of high quality jade is still increasing in demand, and the price is getting higher and higher, which is a bit of a lonely road, but the popularity of people is still growing. Jade egg noodle ring record is currently in hk $1997 in 7.59 million to create: bracelet clinch a deal the record is 1995 a glittering and translucent get rid of exquisite bracelet, sold for hk $12.12 million, visible people infatuation for jade to the point of what kind of crazy. Must not B goods that should pay attention to collect jade (jade) after acid treatment, only A goods have value, so be sure to inquire when buying is A cargo, and ask the seller for the certificate. Jadeite jade gambling stone is actually the jade raw material in the original stone. The original stone of jadeite has two kinds: mountain material and litter. The mountain is mined directly from the jade mine, without the outer skin, irregular shape, many corners and cracks, the structure is rough and loose, the quality is not good, it is not a bet stone. Litter, that is, emerald gravel. This is the kind of rock that is formed when the rock is broken and rolled down the slopes, and is brought into the valleys or rivers by floods or rivers. In the rolling process, the edges and corners of the emerald ore fragments are rounded, and the original cracks or loose parts are worn or caved. At the same time, the surface is weathered into a thin layer of skin, so that the emerald fragment becomes an approximate round or oval shape wrapped in a crust. Gravel has a large and small size, large thousands of tons, even tens of thousands of tons, small as the size of the thumb. In the jade raw material trading market most of the material, namely emerald gravel. Due to the surface with a layer of gravel weathering leather case cover, can't see the internal situation, people only according to the characteristics of the leather case and open "doors" in the local, by our own experience to infer that bet stone emerald internal quality. This makes it difficult to identify the quality of jadeite raw materials. Such a deal is a gamble, so people will take the leather of the emerald raw material as a bet, bet, or bet on it, and call it a bet. Since it is a bet, there is no assurance that anyone will win, even experienced experts, and it is hard to avoid the risk. But the thrill of gambling, the mystery of gambling, and the thrill of a bet are driving a lot of people to work on the stone industry. As a result, some people get rich overnight, and they can become millionaires from the streets. It is not uncommon for a man to lose his fortune in an instant and become a pauper with a millionaire. Gambling is often based on gambling, betting on the right color. In addition, there is the gambling, the seed is better, the seed is old, the species to live; The place of gambling is to bet on a fine, clean, clean water. There is also gambling, gambling, gambling on the tinea. It's hard to bet, so people say "ten to nine". The selection and valuation of jadeite are often seen in different colors on the market. The emerald is divided into: glass, dark old pit, old pit, gold wire, oil qing, bean green, flower green, melon green, etc. Among them, the emerald of glass kind is tasted, and "water" special high, transparent is also called "ice kind", can say "glass kind" treasure. Most consumers buy jade bracelet may have such experience, is that businesses will knock when you in front of the jade bracelet, listen to see if the sound is ringing contains no turbidity, and is better to clear echo is rising. In this way, it is necessary to prove that the crystal of jadeite jade is very close and has no crack.

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