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The germ of humanistic mineral thought

We say that the new concept of "humanistic mineral" is put forward, is not an accident, more than one person's invention, should have a history of brewing process, namely based on the history and culture, in order to adapt to the current scientific development, social progress and the market demand, the inevitable outcome of the arises at the historic moment. The jade culture of China is undoubtedly the bud of the thought of "human mineral". Its roots are rooted in the extremely rich soil of Chinese civilization.

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[jade culture] the germ of humanistic mineral thought.
China is the earliest known in the world and utilization of mineral resources, splendid jade culture is an important characteristic of the ancient Chinese culture is different from the western culture, the eastern and western culture in this area still have obvious differences. In fact, westerners have always treated Chinese jade and jade with mysterious and reverent eyes. In the neolithic age, the original cultures found throughout China, such as hongshan culture, yangshao culture, longshan culture, liangzhu culture, etc., are widely found in the number of different jade and jade articles. Some scholars suggest that China has a "jade age" after the neolithic age. The author believes that we should constantly enrich the content, improve the theoretical research, make the jade culture more systematic and perfect, which is the immortal of our Chinese nation.
Shanhaijing is the first in the world of the warring states period of mineral system description, recorded 73 kinds of inorganic mineral, collectively known as actually contains a rock, jade and fossils, really only 17 kinds of minerals, precious is also lists more than 100 origin, also divided the dozens of mineral into gold, stone, jade, alum (soil) four categories, really nice.
Ancient Chinese jade civilization. At the beginning of the Chinese civilization, the jade culture was linked. For thousands of years, people have known jade, jade, jade, Tibetan jade, and the wind of songyu, which has a long history, and has gradually formed a unique traditional culture -- jade culture. The mythology, literary works, scientific works and poems of jade are numerous.
That naturally produced fine texture, tough and light ZeRun, color beautiful, singular form, consists of a single mineral or dense aggregation of a variety of minerals, can achieve a certain hardness and technological requirements of the rock are referred to as the "jade". If soft jade, jade, serpentine jade and so on, ancient times have agate, turquoise, even fluorite, talc is also as jade, this inevitably has certain limitation. In the liangzhu culture period, jade cong and jade were made of soft jade, which is best known as khotan. However, the number of serpentine jade and jade in the red mountain culture period is not rare. Jadeite originally came from myanmar. Since qianlong, it has been distributed through yunnan to Beijing, forming a fixed regional circulation culture. So far, the Burmese want jade, not local materials, but to Beijing to buy.
"Jade" in the eyes of the ancients is not only a precious rare beauty of the stone, is also a mystery communication of ghosts and gods of heaven and earth, and therefore in the process of enjoy jade, always follow the principle of "first time", namely the first importance to the quality of the jade, carefully distinguish between true and false, then observe the jade color and appearance. The ancient jade, has the specific nature attribute, has the society's cultural attribute and the compound concept worth our reference. The ancient people emphasized the cultural attribute of jade, which is also the natural attribute of yu's unique "wen yun ying", and endowed the humanistic moral concept. The book of rites and employment records the "jade virtues" summarized by Confucius, which is comprehensive and profound and requires us to take it seriously again.
Today we advocate the new concept of "humanistic mineral" is in the new situation, the double attribute of the mineral and the humanities spirit is very good to inherit and carry forward traditional, the two is consistent, the inherent characteristics, is not for man's will. Jade's appearance is warm and its nature is just to the core, Yin and Yang are harmonious, and it is also the best material carrier for modern humanity. Harmony between man and nature, unity of man and nature, love of nature, return to nature, return to nature, is becoming the new fashion of our times. Nature is patient enough, and if mankind has not been good for a long time, it will pay off.

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