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The idiom is related to jade

In the Stone Age, because of low productivity, the life of hard and can't explain the phenomena of nature, the ancestors' high hardness of stone by stone hit stone making tools, and then the colour and lustre is gorgeous beauty stone, polished perforation, even small rope tied on the twisting, set in the neck to the demons, insulation, this is the most primitive belief and sustenance.
The idiom is related to jade.

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As the life of the rich resources, people who feel the United States of the stone, not only can supposed to ward off bad luck, but it is still a beautify their decorations, this is the original aesthetic consciousness, a kind of first faith and devotion. After one thousand, and since this jade was given new meaning constantly, in a new role, in the later in the process of social development, and many more jade is closely related to myths and legends, and finally appeared a kind of special jade culture in our country and the cult. And a lot of beautiful idioms and expressions about jade have been made, and the main ones are listed as follows:
1. The skin of a woman's skin, which means the skin of a woman. The meaning of the allusion is to describe the pure and beautiful woman, also can describe the beauty of the plum blossom. From chuang tzu.
2. Ice clear jade run: straight meaning is to point to father-in-law to be like ice clean, son-in-law is like jade so lukewarm. In ancient times, there was also a man called "ice jade". From "the Book of Jin • wei", gao lian, "jade zhairpin"
3. Pure and clear: straight meaning refers to as clear as ice, as pure as jade, to describe the integrity of the conduct, the character gao jie, also can be compared to the officials to be clear and fair. That is, "as the ice is clear, as jade is clean, clean and positive, and not obscene." From "wei shu • guangling wang chuan"
4. Feel free gold: straight meaning refers to spare treasuries, "treasures" in the idiom refers to the meaning of the precious, good is when people give advice or comments, please kind words, and are welcome to comment, hope to be generous with valuable advice.
5. Amass a fortune: good for soft precious thing in the world, generally in the cartridge box lock up, stack shows good if too many, described the possession of wealth, and there are likely to show the rich to work on, namely "amass a fortune boast fine long hair yi" written by li ho chang valley set, chao young poetry
6. Makeup: straight to white powder decoration, white jade carved. More snow scene, also can describe the child life of the white and lovely. "Dream of red mansions" for the first time.
7. It was a sin to have the jade in it. A man of ability is envied. That is, "no one is guilty. From the left hand, the ten years
8. Huai jin yu: jin yu is the name of mei yu, which means to have jin in her clothes and yu in her hand. A person has a pure and beautiful character. That is, "huai jin yu, poor do not know". From the book of chu.
9. The golden rule: the law refers to the law; It used to describe the perfection of the legal provisions, and now refers to the unchangeable rules. By Chen ziliang, "Chen zigan in pingcheng county"
10. In ancient times, it was said that the emperor spoke, and then sometimes he could not change his words.
11. Want: stone, it is the hardest thing the hardest stone is diamond (also), as hard as a stone can be moved, and describe the sincerity will have the sense of power, namely "sincere will find a way." From han dynasty (han), han shi.
12. Jade: in the case of a book, the jade is in the form of a book or a book or a book or a book. From tonya appliance
13. The content and form of the article are perfect.
14. Jin youyu kun: brother. The metaphor of a brother is beautiful, "kunyu" is the name of the brother. From the spring and autumn annals of the sixteen countries
15. The parable is very valuable advice. This is from "the official scene of officialdom" 11 times.
16. There is a lot of wealth, gold and jade filled the room. Later, people are very talented and knowledgeable. It's from Lao tzu.
17. The appearance of gold and jade is like a golden jade, but it is a broken quilt. It is a metaphor for people or things that are good and real bad. From liu ji's "bona fide bergamot"
18. Gold leaf: points out the descendant of the royal family, prince sun or the daughter of noble birth. From the original "jingde biography of jingde".
19. Beautiful clothes, elegant clothes, exquisite food, describe luxurious and luxurious life. From "wei shu • chang jing"
20. Kunshan jade: the kunlun mountain is a jade. The direct meaning is one of the many jade stones of kunlun mountain, which is used to indicate modesty. Although it is a beautiful jade, one of the jade in the kunlun mountains is a drop in the ocean, and it is later used to refer to the outstanding people of the United States and China. From "the Book of Jin • gap sin"
21. Orchid broken jade: use the orchid, beautiful jade to break the parable of the sage died, mourn the talented person early dead, also have the change "ning for the orchid broken jade, do not make xiao fu ai rong". From liu yiqing, "a new language of the world"
22. Blue tian yusheng: the blue field is the ancient jade mountain name, metaphor virtuous father sheng xian son. From The Three Kingdoms, wu shu • zhuge
23. The beauty is like the crown jade: ancient times people put the beautiful jade in the hat, the original analogy Chen ping is like a hat to make jade the appearance good-looking inside is empty, later turns to use to compare the male beauty. From the history.
24. It is better to die than to die, to be broken, to be saved, to be saved, to be saved, to die for the sake of righteousness, and not to die. From the book of beiqi
25. The uncarved jade is the jade, the unrefined gold is muddy gold. It refers to natural beauty that is not embellished. The quality of the person is simple and unspoiled. From liu yiqing, "a new language of the world"
26. To throw a brick back to the jade, to say that he first published a shallow opinion or article, the purpose of which is to bring out other people's views or good works. From the original "jingde lantern record", "from the zen master"
27. Brown huaiyu: straight means to be in a coarse clothes but embrace beautiful jade, the metaphor of a unique skill, not revealed in front of the people. This is from Lao zi, chapter 70.
28. Return: choi choi, and, for all, when the warring states period zhao Qin Zhaowang sent pretends to 15 cities to change and choi, prince of zhao did not dare to refuse, but again afraid cheated, had to go to see the king of qin sent Lin xiangru's carrying choi, found the king of qin scam after choi, inventions back and back to zhao. The idiom is used to describe the complete return of the original. From the historical records, Lin xiangru.
29. Tall and graceful: the graceful figure of the woman is long and beautiful, and the figure of the woman is tall and beautiful. From shen fu's "six records of floating birth"
30. A piece of ice heart in the jade pot: description of indifferent fame and wealth in the character of fame. It is from wang changling's poem "the furong building sends xinjian".
31. It refers to the gift of the union and the gift of the union. It refers to the reconciliation between the two parties, and the comparison of war to peace.
32. Pear-shaped jade: as round as pearl, as warm as jade, the description of songs or words are both euphemistic and smooth, natural and fluent, namely, "round jade, all around linglong". By zhou ji.
33. The combination of pearls and pearls. That is to say, "the sun and the moon are like a couple, five stars like beads", and the metaphor of talents and good things are gathered together. From the book of the han dynasty
34. Surrounded by pearls and jade, it can be described that the lady is beautiful or beautiful, or she is very talented. From "yuan qu", zheng dehui, "the lady from the rose"
35. The jade is on the side: more than the appearance of virtue is more than the people around him, the comparison is deeply ashamed, namely "the jade in the side, ashamed and ashamed". From the southern dynasty.
36. The destruction of the jade and the stone, and the destruction of the good and the bad. The book of "shangshu • Yin zheng"
37. White jade micro-flaw: the metaphor is good person or thing have some small defect. From the tao yuanming episode
38. There is no flaw in the comparison between the perfect and the perfect. From "jingde's Lantern Festival"
39. The palace is beautiful and beautiful. From jin, wang jia.
40. In spite of all things, there are advantages and disadvantages. From the "casual mail"
41. The flaws do not cover up the advantages. From the book of rites

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