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The multiple cultural connotations of wear jadde

A, moral accomplishment: a gentleman peja jade in fast not slow, rhythmic pace will be under a rich, sweet voice and melody so gentleman's walking is gentle, no evil thoughts, as a symbol of moral cultivation and culture grade.
Two, the rich display: "jia is not false, white jade is a horse for the tang jin" take white jade as the hall gold to make a horse, rich and enemy country. Jade symbolizes identity and wealth, so the so-called "jinyu mantang".

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The symbol of auspiciousness: jade is the object of xiangrui, communicating with the gods and praying for good luck. It is not a superstition, but a custom made up of history and culture.
Four, avoid disaster to protect peace: the spirit sustenance, see jade extremely heavy, the spirit is absorbed, even if encounter accident, because of the mind concentration or can be accidental to escape, reflect people's common wish.
5. Prolong life: it is vain to serve jade, but jade has medicinal properties and is beneficial to human health. The compendium of materia medica contains the jade "sweet and non-toxic" can "run the heart and lungs". "In addition to the heat in the stomach" to "upset" "breathing" "thirst" have a role, such as popular now jade only: Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion societies the standing council marilin rice christiano results, the direction of unity in the brain, brain jade only contact head, pulp can reduce the temperature of the sea, make the person meridian, head of qing Ming, anti-aging.
6. Beauty and beauty: the song dynasty medicine famous "the holy book" : the surface body scar, the real jade daily grind, long time self-extinguishing. The empress dowager cixi is an effective method to make jade grinding surface. In addition to the grinding surface, jade can be used to scar wrinkles and nourish hair.

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