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The reverie of jade in Chinese characters

When looking through the book in the bookcase, accidentally found two books "reprint six books", the title is the same, but the cover is different. Take out a close look, the original volume is published in Beijing, the other volume is published in tianjin, two volumes of the publication time between ten years, the format of the book, the content is exactly the same, it is obvious that the ancient books are copies. Turning over, suddenly flashed an idea, is not the ancient word wang, yu not said? So they carefully looked for wang heyu writing, and soon found out. In the book of "rewriting liushutong" wang's words are expressed in this way: build the head of the world to return, to also, dong zhongshu said: the ancient creation of the three use of literature and even among them that the king of heaven and earth, and the reference to the king also; Confucius said, "always three is king. Its jade word is such an expression: the beauty of the first stone, like three jade even. Through it all, the fish wants to cut. Please note: there are several ways to write the Chinese character seal script, wang and yu are usually three horizontal one vertical through, but three horizontal in the middle of a horizontal, jade word in the middle, and wang word is on the side, ancient wang word is king, jade word is also king, we can see ancient ancestors in the mind of jade is king. The ancients thought jade can drive ghosts and gods of heaven and earth, for fear of pole is complex, the resulting in the jade culture of the Chinese nation, as a traditional Chinese culture, not missing, it will never die out, part of the last forever, it's burning deep in people's hearts forever, flowing in the blood, it is like yellow skin, black hair that become the Chinese people as a special mark or symbol.

We now in the book wang and jade characters are very clear, wang since there is a vertical penetration in the three horizontal, in the right of wang's word in the space is a point that is jade, so wang and jade clearly separated.

Jade is flawless and perfect pursuit after the people know jade, and the nature of the creator is likely to create a flawless jade, can in our lifetime and it is difficult to see as perfect as imagine, can see mostly more or less with a flawless jade, so with defects and flaws of jade, ten nine treasure of the crack defect is the treasure jade widespread phenomenon, people is in this jade, jade ornaments, string of existing accounts. Three horizontal on behalf of the jade act the role ofing, a stand on behalf of a string of rope, jade shortcomings, plus a point, the jade word will be the image of the creation. Ancient Chinese characters are very clever and scientific and very real, the correct abstract expression of the jade, that how to treat the defects and shortcomings of jade? To have been carved into ornaments, must see whether its flaws affect beauty, whether safe use, price is fair, if this piece in the carving process, modeling theme can let themselves like, and see the above flaws or shortcomings and inconspicuous, fair price, then these problems can be inclusive; If it's raw material, you have to think about whether you can use it or avoid it. On the other hand, defects, defects occur naturally during the formation period. In nature, the creator branded them with different flaws and shortcomings as a mark, so that they can be different from each other, which formed the unique mark of jade jewelry. For example, although the shape, weight and color level of diamonds are the same, the inclinations contained in them can show different shapes under the magnifying glass. This is their birthmarks, which is the identification code to distinguish them. It should be said that the birthmarks of jade are more obvious, which can be seen and recognized by the naked eye.

Qiao color and artful carving can be said to be on the jade so-called flaws and shortcomings of the development and utilization of carving means, carving master exquisite idea, clever production, appropriate choice, is to create a rare quality of the key, uncanny workmanship may be able to turn waste into treasure into a unique, unique. The development and utilization of this is really a measure of a sculptor's cultural accomplishment, design and production ability and skills of a benchmark.

Qiao color carvings began in what year? From the archaeological excavations, we can see two jade turtles unearthed in yinxu, henan province. One is to use the brown of jade and pink carve into, among them, crampons and binocular show brown, abdomen is pink, it is staring head up hard forward crawl; In the other, the head, neck, belly and claws are all grey, and the back armor is black, which is half turtle shape, as if they are resting after crawling. Their posture has been fixed for more than 3,000 years. These two turtle may be the most ancient works in the history of jade carving in China. In now jade jewelry, jade, white jade, agate and other material is very exquisite colored carvings, so that we can bring the best artistic effect and commercial value, such as green, particularly in the jade, it is the value of jade is in the process of carving carvings, let the green in the striking position, make green gets outstanding, incisively and vividly show jade life value.

Born in the 80 s national jade penjing "adai yue wonders", huge ChengTaiShan individual carve, is a wonderful artical excelling nature, hundreds of kilograms, so big a piece of green points on both sides of Yin and Yang, master sculptor carving the Yang green ChengTaiShan chaoyang south slope, the partial shade of blue green processing into shady north slope, Yin and Yang are two slope, a Yin and Yang of green rightly, completely conform to the laws of nature, the more amazing is full of green in the middle of a bit red, a little piece of red fei is designed to be red sun, looking from the south slope, was it at eight or nine in the slowly rising in the morning, Turn to the north slope to see again like the sound of evening drums in the slow sunset is sinking in the mountains and jungles, this is the poetic freeze, people infatuated with yearning.

A king of the ancient words, jade regardless of writing, and make me out from the bookcase with great interest the commercial press in 1979 edition of the lexicon in reduced "modern Chinese dictionary" and "xinhua dictionary," according to the original looking for a radical thought for the king's word, a bit is easy, simple count, in the example soured with king word radical words, 233; There are 174 in the modern Chinese dictionary and 151 in the xinhua dictionary. Some of the 151 characters are simplified and complicated, and most of the first wang characters are directly related to the precious jade. The number of Chinese characters included in xinhua dictionary is about 11,100, with wang's radical accounting for 1.36‰. It forms a huge group of Chinese characters together with other characters with radical strokes, among which jade shines and jingles are sweet. More than 7000 years, the Chinese nation "play" jade form the world's unique bright jade culture, the heritage of the tradition of "play" jade, still profoundly affects the people's cultural and material life, spiritual life in the past, only a handful of people "playing" jade, can "play" is quite common nowadays, is that the Chinese people has experienced a long struggle, strive to create a situation.

Recently in the television news to see and hear the floating capital in stir-fried huanglongyu, stir-fried white jade, stir-fried jade, stir-fried, stir-fried jade prices have skyrocketed, of course, there are stir-fried "play". "Play" is the basis of speculation, such as no "play" jade, that jade and what can be Fried? We hope that everyone can "play" jade and "play" a new prosperity.

Chinese characters just something highly abstract symbols, jade the symbols in the Chinese characters in many aspects, explaining the precipitation of jade culture source of deep and broad, and we are so lucky to stand in the wonderful jade culture deposition based on fertile soil, you will go to seed cultivation, hard work, will own sweat, blood into the fruits of autumn.

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