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The thought of jade

Not long ago, a friend from xinjiang brought a piece of jade waist decoration, man's thing. My friend said that tianshan material, the color is warm, the texture is exquisite, the oil light can be learned, I bought. When I bought it, I felt that the jade was not very delicate at first, but it was even brighter when I wore it on my belt for a month. As the saying goes: "people raise jade, jade raise people" really makes sense. I gradually like it, and even before I go to bed at night, I want to take it off my belt and enjoy it under the light. The lover mockingly: the game is lost. I don't care.

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The ancients first compared jade to a gentleman, and there are many compliments in this respect. The master gave the jade eleven virtues, and the words were made. What I have learned is that the bright and the bright are the same. Jade comes from the deep mountains, the essence of heaven and earth, the spirit of ten thousand years, not floating and not heavy, quiet and unimpetuous, never make public. This is the wind of a gentleman. I like this jade waist decoration, just like its solid appearance, meticulous carvings, a kind of unsophisticated elegant demeanour.
Jade is important in the hearts of the ancients, they are in the spirit of a totem of the jade, meticulous, elaborately carved. There are few classics on the market now, and the commodity economy has hit the traditional art. Nevertheless, yu did not say, the jade under the rough work, still so I was implicit and inclusive, clear ning people, more appear the quality of their own.
[buy] a gentleman is a pedant; A gentleman is not a gentleman.
-- the book of rites [/buy]
Reprint: yu zhi si (prose)
To appreciate and to remember:
Gazing at the jade in the hand, the feeling is also a bit more. The price of gold is priceless, the jade can not be viewed with worldly eyes, but to be sublimated to receive the spirit. Why does Confucius respect jade, because he is to appreciate jade with the eye of ritual. "The gentleman is more than jade," is the person that peyu wants to cultivate themselves with jade. In the case of this jade, the man who treated the jade was impolite, so that it could not be seen in the world with grace. Perhaps because of this, it has found me in the vast sea of people. I should salute, thick, with jade's open demeanor to make a worthy of the people. According to the ceremony, cultivate the body. In this way, the spirit of the jade, will be able to peacefully follow me to the earth.
The unblemished jade should belong to a woman. The color is such as lipid, soft and delicate, sweet and lovely jade ornament, whether match the tingting maiden of a girl in the girl of a girl, or deserve to be a demure ladylike housewife, all have her Lord.
A gentleman loves beauty, and so does a gentleman. Men have a special talent for the beauty of the opposite sex, the beauty of women, and more men put together their inner, outer and talent. The emergence of online literature has magnified people's limited time and space and brought the distant distance closer. People are not easy to expose in reality, the network has given a new stage. A woman of great talent, sparkling with stars. Whether they are the true image of the blog, or the simple image of the blog, as long as the recognition, the very worship. In the man's heart they are like white jade. In many cases, this admiration, like the veil of the veil, is exactly the same as the exterior of the jade. It is the same with the modest gentleman.
Modern women love jade more than men, but not every woman can understand jade, cherish the jade, and know less about repairing the body, so as to make the truth of jade.
Jade is the experience of the collapse of the mountain, the rock melt flame, snow and ice freezing, the wind blowing rain and rain, the beginning of today's round softness and not lose the strength of the will, delicate and gentle and strong wind bones. The woman of pei yu, on the appearance is calm, dignified, dignified manner, and talk. The connotation is to read the poetry book, know the etiquette, the heart good chest breadth, affection deep. In this way, jie yu and the female yi are complemented each other, moistening each other, in the future to decide the cocoa xiangfu class son, zehui son and grandson.
The island ice wheel, the moon is bright, jade clear like water, the pen writes my heart.

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