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Wear jade to clean body and mind

In China, jade has a long history and unique meaning. Jade contains the endless ideal pursuit and spiritual yearning of the ancients. Throughout the ages, people have put all the good things in jade, and pinned the idea of ​​life on jade.

The beauty of ancient jade lies in the natural beauty of its material, but also in the beauty of its shape, the beauty of carving craftsmanship and the beauty of its inner beauty. The implication of humanistic beauty makes jade transcend the natural attributes of its "mountain elite" and contains China. Human spirit.

The jade ritual is a symbol of kingship and rank. The use of jade to bury is a means of praying for eternal life. Confucianism, which is the core of traditional Chinese thought, believes that a gentleman should be "better than jade", and jade is smooth and gentle, and can be described as "benevolence"; It is not easy to break, and it will not cut the skin after the break. It can be described as "righteousness"; the hangs are neat and orderly, which can be described as "ritual"; the sound of the sound is clear and beautiful, which can be described as "music"; it does not hide, the yoga does not hide, it can be said "Zhong", everyone loves the treasure, can be described as "Tao", and so on, these virtues as a prerequisite for the gentleman, so Pei Yu to cleanse the body, "the gentleman has no reason to go to the body", "stay as jade "It is also inevitable."

Jade has condensed the spiritual character of a nation, witnessed the growth experience of a nation, cultivated the ideological sentiments of a nation, and nurtured a gentleman's style of a nation. Without a knowledge of jade, it is impossible to truly understand Chinese civilization.

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