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A dream of red mansions and jade culture

The famous historical masterpiece, "the dream of the red chamber" (originally "the stone"), is closely related to the Chinese jade culture. "A dream of red mansions" is full of jia baoyu wear jade ornaments "psychic baoyu" as big as a bird eggs, shimmering like Ming, jade-like stone embellish, such as crisp, positive engraved with "love conquers all, life of everlast", the back engraved with the "one except the evil thing, two cure disease, three know blessing". Sister feng "wears a phnom penh eight treasures of the temple", "hemline is tied double to the eye rose pei". In jia fu, there are amber cups, agate bowls, jade cups, white agate plates and jade basins.

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Jade culture is an important theme in the dream of red mansions. The "tongling baoyu" was originally a female, and it is the essence of heaven and earth. Jia baoyu is the representative of jia fu, and "tongling baoyu" is the destiny of the people, which is the destiny of the feudal society. "Tongling baoyu" and jia baoyu can be understood as "human jade one", which actually represents the ruling class itself, which is consistent with the central idea of jade culture. The author borrows this book from the book of "tongling baoyu", which originally existed in the world, but it is a borrowed one, which is established with the development of feudal society.
The Chinese traditional jade culture.
A dream of red mansions by comprehensive deny Chinese traditional jade culture, which repudiates the feudal society is "a dream of red mansions" mainline "psychic baoyu" borrow its relentless mocked for traditional jade culture and negative; The appraisal of "tongling baoyu" is the concrete manifestation of feudal social thought and political struggle. The spirit of baoyu has been blocked, and it has been abandoned by the helpless. According to cao xueqin's criticism, in the prosperity of the zhong song, the whole feudal autocracy inevitably leads to the fate of decline, and also represents the direction of the development of society.

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