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A few fragmentary memories of jade

I always thought that I would get a piece of jade one day, and then I would keep it close to me for one year, ten years, fifty years, sixty years. Then when I finally want to leave this world, while I move, I will own a man ran to the sea, to sit on the ship, when the central sea, I will throw her down, watched her sink into the deep blue sea, like the regret of my life also sank in.
I don't regret to bring into the soil, as I now begin to let their own temperament to do some things that oneself like, although I also like the soil element, sincere, steadfast, growth of all things, but maybe I more yearning water empty spirit, as well as free and broad, so a few years later, or when he was young, now let me to a distant travel, free of water.

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Maybe one day, I will get my favorite piece of jade, I will kiss her, love her, treasure her, when I finally want to leave her, can no longer owned and worn when I was born in the middle of the sea and her freedom. Jade is not something that one can always have. I think more than once, the formation of a piece of jade, to thousands of years of precipitation, the flow of her lonely days in the mountains, are ever smiled naively "giggle", like a child. Has anyone ever listened to the jade in the mountains? Is that the dawn of time? Finally one day, jade was discovered, when she was used by the jade workers to carry down the mountain with all kinds of brutes, did she also struggle, and have quietly cried? Then, her life was not her own, carved, processed, made into a variety of shapes, and sold on various counters. When she was lying there, was she expecting someone who she liked and who she liked to pick on herself?
A lifetime sigh. It is said that jade is a gentleman, jade is not a woman? Chinese woman, from the beginning of the moths emperor female English, concubine to commit suicide, wujiang river to beside qinhuai eight yan, charmaine soh, by li qingzhao, to the ancient novel, to Lin Shiyin, by zhang ailing, to three hairs, either into the dirt, or untimely, and a few can bravely to pursue what you want? Even if beautiful jade like hua, also total return is to lie quietly on the counter, wait for oneself unknown destiny. For thousands of years of women sigh.
I was once fascinated by the dream of red mansions. Baoyu is jade, daiyu is not jade? Unfortunately, it is always the fate of the jade, the stone heartless, and every time she read the last of daiyu's last words: "baoyu, hello... I can't help but close the book I'm reading, and I can't stop reading it. Even if I drown three thousand, I only take one gourd to drink, daiyu is to say baoyu good what? The red house expert gives countless answers, I always insist that daiyu is in say: "precious jade, you are cruel!" The mood, perhaps also only the death of daiyu and already crazy baoyu know? Many of the children of the future are disappointed.
Everywhere I go, I have three must-see places, a local snack bar, a xinhua bookstore, and a place to sell jade locally. The sex of the food color person also, do not go to taste the local characteristic snack, how is the mouth melt, the heart melts? As for xinhua bookstore, it is not to be said, only in the jade shop to look at those gentle and moist jade, like hearing the stories of various years, the knowledge of many other spirits. Take a piece of jade in the palm of your hand, and if it is, come to a "mumbling" dialogue between your heart and jade. Small town time, sometimes empty to go to do a thing that oneself like, but just met with oneself very congenial person, see a smile; "Oh, so you're here, too." How many years later, when we have a sad, you, me, she gets together again, do we have enough courage and easy to say "oh, you are here too"? If somewhere came across a piece of jade, lying quietly in a corner, in you and her at the moment, if you can hear the heart that a "oh, so are you in here, please leave her, as token of your personal leave, as your old friend, as you and she agreed left of tens of millions of years ago. When you finally no longer have her, let her return to the middle of the sea, -- she had come from the mountains, but you leave her in the sea, and not to see, don't let her alone to bear the thought of the infinite suffering.
It's not just gold and silver, I'm not very interested in all the metals. The jade is from the spirit, the gold and silver is from the earth, I was myself to be able to care, what mood to take care of the world's gold and silver? It is jade, soft, you can feel her skin, you can feel her body temperature, even you can touch her heartbeat. One day I live in the mountains, ZuiWo over a big rock, but awake for himself from the bosom always carry a piece of jade, against the wind, I seemed to see her body circulation in the moonlight. I suddenly thought of the college entrance exam to graduate soon, on a full moon night, our three iron brothers carrying beer, with watermelon, sitting at the railway station at the railway station to enjoy a drink. From time to time with the train running past rumble take different people to different places, three guys just sitting quietly, to the bottle blowing bottles of wine, left, we vent the bottles to sling out fire lane, "pa! The crackle of the wine bottle was the final echo of youth. I've always been a loner, and even after a few years at work, I couldn't help but feel the acid in my nose when I was separated from my friends. Countless things make me understand, although the modern means of transportation, will let you go to see the other one is a lift, but when meet again, are you still at the beginning of you, he is still at the beginning of him? We are reluctant to let go of the memories we have together.
Have a jade, is also trying to retain a memory?
I seldom give jade to others. Jade is selfish and jade can't give away easily. If I send a person a piece of jade, perhaps only a kind of situation, it is the person will become a memory in my mind, although I don't want to lose, but the situation has been to here, to send the jade is also in the farewell of a memory. When I handed over my carefully chosen piece of jade to the hands of the years, years, I ask you, after many years, will you still prove to my own heart? This is the truth that I understand after many years, even if the year is ignorant, but everything is poked, why so persistent?
At this time, my blue jade is still lying quietly in my bed, the light of the desk lamp let her coagulate the qing ze. People say that jade is the most psychic, and when you sleep, you will be naughty to enter your dreams and play with you. I started out by reading this, and then I went to the stone and chose this one. My own body of jade was originally huangyu, and there was a yellow jade in the side, but I was attracted by the blue jade in my bed when I entered the shop. By now, this jade has been around for more than a year, and it has been a few times, and it is also the most exquisite eye catching.
Jade is like a man, not a man.

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