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Another jade bangle bracelet crossed my eyes

Something fell into my eye in the room where my roommate was raising her hand. Warm white as amber when milk was accidentally formed a thousand years ago. It is another jade bracelet, my heart whispered to itself. I joke: "mother-in-law gave it?" "Yeah." A simple word reveals a lot of happiness, and a kind of pride of approval. I began to smile, too, and it melted into the sunshine outside the sixth floor. The sunshine outside the window is so good that I feel that in this kind of weather I do not do anything to live up to them, and in my inadvertently these sunshine are inch by inch dissipation, there is no way. It makes me feel good to share other people's happiness in such weather.

I don't think many people, like me, can say no to such jewelry. They all have the hardness of stone and the flexibility of water, and are thick and traditional.

My love for them comes from my grandma. She was born in the city and married in the country. When the years with smoke curling gently scattered, after the past in her face blossoming chrysanthemum. She had no sisters, no daughters, and I was her eldest granddaughter, with a similar disposition.

In my childhood, I always wore 22 large agates and a necklace of jade monkeys around my neck. My cousin, like me, has a string. The soft light of these things reflects the old prosperity of grandma's house. She said that she had a lot of agate, but now there are less than a hundred, which have been sold for food. I like to urge my mother every early summer to find strong nylon thread to string the beads one by one. I walk a lot of time is in the state of running, hard agate hit my thin collarbone, slight pain. Agate has been wearing, I went to the city where my grandmother grew up to attend high school. When the agate was put away, my grandmother and mother said that the agate should be kept for my brother's children. Our family tradition, these things can be worn for the daughter, but ultimately it is left to the son. I do not know who left these onyx to my grandmother, they are only a temporary wearer. These witnessed the sunshine of my childhood and the agate that run, also witnessed the agate that my boyhood is mad and unruly likewise, press by mom silently now in box bottom, wait for another person's childhood.

My grandmother watched over my childhood and adolescence with compassion. My mother is very handy. I remember there were always flowers and birds embroidered by her on my clothes. But these were nothing compared to what grandma was wearing. She used to tell me about her clothes and her jewelry. What she never forgets is that several jade bracelets in her life are either broken or lost but of different origins. But it was not until she was in her sixties that she had a jade bracelet again. It was a summer afternoon when many people were taking siestas. An old man from a good family also came to our house with a pile of jade articles. Grandma reached for a green jade bracelet and paid for it, which was less than ten yuan. Now think that the bracelet seems to be just used jade carving good, revealing the light MAO MAO hard. Grandpa and grandma like it very much. There is still a little light yellow defect on the bracelet. Grandpa gives these defects a very elegant name. But at the cost of the jade seller, he came to our home several times and asked for his bracelets back.

From then on, my grandma wears her bracelets every summer and autumn, and likes the mingqu of jade bracelets and porcelain basins. The bracelet's mouth is so small that the bones in grandma's palm are so soft that she can fit it in easily. I can wear her jade bracelets, but she always despises the way I wear them.

When I was a freshman, I bought myself my first decent piece of jewelry, also a jade bracelet. Home is far away, was willing to give me happiness from the person is far away, and he no longer look at me, but I can not stop their thoughts. I was alone in the air of kaifeng. Others come to school happily, but I look lonely. Start with autism, and a lot of people don't talk. When I couldn't hold on to anything, I went shopping and found a bracelet. I won the lottery. They only cost me 30 yuan. Some call them liars. I just like the narrowest bracelet. I know I can wear it, because my wrists are thinner than most people's, and the bracelets are the same color as my grandma's. Warm crystal green, inside is some ethereal milky white catkins. I never think there is a difference between true and false jade, the most important thing is stone. Stones also have souls.

I wore it on my left wrist from early spring to late autumn. My grandmother said that you can wear a pair of silver bracelets, but only one jade bracelet. I made up a story for it, and used it to reject the bracelet of snow Wolf lake that had once been a hibiscus jade, as well as to reject other things. I work hard silently in the light cloud, just for the future. Last spring, I was helping a senior to write a thesis. One night, I answered his phone with the window open, asking about the format of the thesis. Hung up the phone to close the window, do not want the bracelet to meet the window lattice, broken four bian, three petals in the window, a flap fly down the sixth floor. Put the other three in, but the other one is nowhere to be seen. I feel as if I have lost the old, can not replace. Accompany me to walk for nearly three years to drop mo of day, but remain can't repair of fragment. Housemates all said: "don't be sad, wait for husband to send you." Hehe, some nouns are strange and distant to me, although I have been quite old.

I told my classmates that I would raise a beautiful daughter, the kind of girl who can speak a lot of words proudly, the kind of girl who stands in the sunshine and whose shadow is transparent. I don't want her to grow into a tough woman in a barren, also don't want her to look at the man around one or two "all over a thousand sails are not", not every pore of her desire and grief and anger efforts. I just want her to meet a jade man at the beginning, and die...

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