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At the site of lingjiatan, the jade dragon was unearthed

The site of lingjiatan is located in the natural village of lingjiatan in tongshan county, anhui province, which is now located in ma 'anshan city. Ling home beach sites discovered in 1985, sites with a total area of about 1.6 million square meters, about by experts from 5300 to 5600, is the Yangtze river downstream of the chaohu basin discovered so far area of the largest and best-preserved ruins of the neolithic settlements. In 1998, lingjiatan site was listed as one of the top ten new archaeological finds in China, and in 2001, it became the fifth national insurance unit published by the state council.
The site was found to have originated from a burial.

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In the autumn of 1985, at the funeral of his wife, the 82-year-old villager wanyou bridge, he chose to bury his wife on a hill not far from the village. According to the present to help the villagers said burial, where they have dug a pit, dig the digging, a lot of things like dew out all kinds of stone, grotesque figures, have a plenty of circular, square, have a plenty of some smooth and beautiful, and the shape like a farmer with a hoe. Later, the local and county leaders came over, and the old man of wanyou bridge turned in all the things he had dug up. Then, the cultural relic management department of the mountain county made a report to the anhui provincial institute of cultural relics and archaeology: the villagers in lingjiatan village, changgang township, shanshan county, dug up many pottery, stone tools and jade ware when digging graves. Under the auspices of anhui cultural relic archaeology, five archaeological excavations have been conducted since 1987.

Natural jade carving collectibles Chinese ancient jade
In ancient times, it was a prosperous city.
After five archaeological discovery, in this sacred land, has a large altar represents the theocratic and kingship, red clay pile built squares and temple, palace ruins, there are many ancient buildings, ancient tombs, the city moat, manual mill site, more beautiful jade, stone tools, pottery, such as more than 1700 precious relics, it was "the first" yulong, jade, jade jade pig, gossip have emerged, such as its exquisite craft and elegant charm to the world. Experts concluded that the ancient ling home beach is a busy, bustling city, aquaculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts preliminary formed the scale, both the large palaces, temples and other landmark buildings as well as the layout and tidy homes, graveyard, and protect the city her earthwork, workshops, bazaars and large sacrificial vessel.
And, from the house of ling beach distribution of tombs, buried with difference and different purposes of cultural relics unearthed, can draw ling home beach has appeared in this period of military equipment, power, and the gap between rich and poor, private ownership, has been done, and led to the conclusion of class antagonisms, already have the basic characteristics of civilization.
The jade craftsmanship that amazed modern people.

Natural jade carving collectibles Chinese ancient jade
The site of lingjiatan, near this mysterious latitude, has also discovered many mysterious mysteries, among which the most bizarre is a jade man. Ling home beach 5300 years ago the ancients, with no more than 0.17 mm in diameter of drill pipe in the jade people behind a diameter of 0.15 mm pipe hole core, is thinner than a human hair, this is by far the earliest discovered tiny tube drilling technology. Responsible for ling home beach site unearthed provincial archaeological institute professor Zhang Jingguo told reporters: "although pipe drilling technology in the new Stone Age already became popular, but so small drill pipe and its use is not only for the first time found that is in the modern science and technology is so advanced today, we can only use the laser to complete." So, how did this process in modern industrial technology come about, and how did the ancestors of ling's beach do it in those days? The tunneling is still an unsolved mystery.
In the jade ware unearthed in lingjiatan, there are many technological techniques that have amazed modern people. Professor zhang told us that the thickness of the wall of the jade is closely related to the processing, and the thinner jade is needed more processing and careful consideration. Jade ear and jade spoon unearthed in ling jiatan. The former bottom is 0.1cm thick and the mouth wall thickness is 0.409 cm. The latter is 0.1-0.3cm thick, and they are not only thin, but also shapely and beautiful. It's not as thin as paper, but it's not far off. And the expert magnified 200 times to the crystal ear through the height microscope, still can not observe the slightest roughness. Expert analysis points out: "such superb polishing technology, in the modern world is a first-class."
The civilization of ling jiatan may be destroyed by floods.
Archaeological finds that this prehistoric, highly civilised place had mysteriously disappeared from the earth nearly 5,300 years ago. What had happened here that led to the sudden death of this civilization? We still don't know much about it, but time has left some traces. Professor zhang found traces of water encroachment, then turned his eyes to the gentle yuxi river. Was it the prehistoric flood that destroyed this civilization? Anhui province geological survey institute senior engineer, "said Dr Xu Wei" many scholars on the geology of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region soil have been studied in different angles, think about 4800-5000 period in the history of the great flood, flood belies caused the disappearance of the culture. Everything" Professor zhang's archaeological findings also prove the idea of Dr Xu wei, who once found the ancient culture on the riverbed of the river.
A large number of jade axes were found in the jade ware unearthed in lingjiatan. The jade axe found in the tomb of 07HLM23 has dozens of handles, and the jade axe is a major tool of war in ancient times. This can be explained at least two points: one is that lingjiatan is a strong ethnic group, with a passionate worship of weapons. The second is that ling jiatan was very active in the war, and was repeatedly invaded by foreigners. The cause of the death of lingjiatan civilization, whether it is a flood or a war, is still a mystery.

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