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Beautiful jade feelings

I have never really touched jade before going to work—that is, I have never seen a close-up observation, and I don’t know the value of jade. But even if I know the words and the occasional glimpse of the book, I will have a jade. A faint goodwill - not strongly hoped to have, but only a respect and an appreciation.
Natural jade carving Chinese hetian nephrite jade carving work

When I came to the company, I started to get close to jade, I saw it, and I touched it myself. The love for jade deepened with the deepening of understanding - but there was still no hope for jade, on the one hand because of her preciousness. Beyond what I can afford, on the other hand, there is always a Zhou Dunyi's feelings about Lotus in jade: it can be seen from afar.

I always feel that jade is alive. She has the same skin as a baby. I want to have a word that is most suitable for use on jade skin: skin like gelatin. The small and even pores make the jade stand out from the minerals, and let the jade stay away from the inanimate gray silence of the minerals and become alive. I think that people are so fond of jade, and should have a great relationship with her character. If there is life, there will be emotions. A living baby can always arouse more emotions.

Natural jade carving Chinese Hetian nephrite jade carvings
The color of jade is more like a glamorous neon, so that jade has a fresh and charming atmosphere outside the elegant.

I always feel that jade is light, very like a cloudless feeling, no luxury desire, quietly watching people from all over the world come and go, very Wang Wei "Mingyue Songsong, the clear spring stone", Quiet and not lonely, quiet and not cynical, and her words are not without the ability to understand the world.

Natural jade carving Chinese hetian nephrite jade carvings
Some people say that jade is to see fate. If she does not belong, she will not accompany you. It is yours who will wait quietly for you. I think I believe this.

I am eager to have a beautiful jade feeling, and use this jade feeling to wait for the piece of jade that belongs to me in my life to meet me - if not, I will not be disappointed, have a feeling like jade, no Already the biggest possession of jade?

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