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Beauty jade life

Never know jade. A friend of jade said that he would take me to see. He said, appreciate it with your heart, and I believe I'll love them soon. Even if you don't buy it, it's a treat. The moment I stepped into the jade market, I didn't have a new feeling. At least I didn't have a bright vision, and I didn't have a great sense of hearing.

The sound box in the hiding place echoes a classic old song, "once more". Make the whole hall quiet and quiet. One by one glass counter, absolutely cannot be used to describe in colorful, only a color of dark grey, deep black, pale white, shallow purple. Uncarved is the strange shape that can not be said, that is also the most valuable, friends say that jade has no heavy samples.

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Carved out of various shapes of hanging pieces, Chinese tradition is love jade, wearing jade can be decorated can also work out, and have a certain taste. More people see jade as a mascot. In my opinion, the pendant is not a variety of things, at best a few guanyin like the twelve Chinese zodiac. And seeing the friend look at jade that is infatuated with the eyes, I have to laugh to say: the inside walk to see the doorway, the amateur see the lively. In my opinion, the amateur see jade is not lively and can not see.

Because jade originally does not belong to noise and lively. It was quiet, unremarkable, just as I had come in to see it. In the eyes of those who do not know jade, no matter how expensive they are, they will not make more stops in their eyes. The dull black guy in the corner was put up in a flowerpot with a plant in it. It was like a big rock falling from a high place and accidentally stuck in the back of a grass. Friends say the jade is worth more than ten thousand.

I think of those who wear gold silver drill, is so loud, walking on your side, shaking around the suspender, penetrate shine, all show master like you honor. But in the dazzling array, it is often the smell of an upstart. Sell the gold and silver, are almost bored sitting or standing, with eyes full of desire scanning in customers, expression is to be decided according to different dress, or disdain, or flattery. And those who sell jade, is I have never seen the seller's easy, no one admires, oneself admire, that infatuate eye, hope first love is common. There were a few people who were close together, holding a piece of jade, and marvelling at it. Also slowly decorate some base, a suitable jade frame on a pedestal, add a few angry. Those pedestals are all good wood products, carving out all kinds of patterns, almost all are themselves. But there is an indescribable delicacy.

If I am such a layman, I feel that the jade is not as good as looking at these bases, rather a bit of the irony of the return of the pearl. The arrival or view, or the appreciation or the inquiry, was quiet, but with a fervent eye. No one looked down on the ordinary man with a disdainful eye. Perhaps it was a jade connoisseur. It would be a shame to know the jade, if he only came to buy face. The jade is quiet, with the temporary host, waiting together, waiting for a person who knows it, takes it home, produces new value. It is a good thing that a man learns not to learn.

A man who knows jade is a man who appreciates man. Because jade is so quiet, maybe it was lying in a river, may lie in a cove, perhaps exposure in the gobi desert wilderness, mix with many similar stone for an organic whole, almost no difference. They may even be annihilated by some of the most colorful stones of their own. By understand jade in others, fundraising in various ways get rich in such a harsh environment, such as treasures, hold back, and thus the phoenix nirvana, stone has a value, interest has become elegant. In that environment, I find of mei-yu, without a certain level of knowledge, not into the zen state of mind, not the religious point of view, how can such clinging to he found thousands of baidu? Ancient times bian and for jade, painstakingly. He is a man of character and spirit.

In the past, a word, melancholy. All of a sudden, all the people around were depressed, and family affairs seemed to have nothing to do with it. Now popular "impetuous", and then go to the people around us, to the running of the future, in order to make a career, in order to earn money, in order to develop a variety of relationships, are restless, in addition to the impetuous, is no more appropriate words to describe. But there are also some people, who can withstand the loneliness, clinging to the heart of a home, waiting in a corner, holding a roll, a pot of tea, listen to an old song. Silent dedication, quiet life, a means to go their own way. Go out, it is so calm and serene, pure and simple, just like a piece of uncarved jade. In the eyes of the impetuous, this is the old earth, the uninformed. And in the eyes of the jade, this is the real beauty, natural to carve the precious.

Jade is endowed with the soul, endowed with life, and has produced endless value. It is the beauty of life and of the soul that brings together the jade, that is the true complement of the world.

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