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Buddha meets jade

Since ancient times, there have been many temples in the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and the emperors have never stopped praying for heaven. Having visited Mount Wutai, there were a lot of Qianlong Emperor's ink. In Taihuai County, there is a temple of Five Masters. According to the guide's explanation, Qianlong was playing with horses and whips in Taihuai County when he was in high spirits. Suddenly, dark clouds were pressing down and heavy snow was falling. Snow covered the way back, and people were very anxious.

At this time, Manjusri Bodhisattva came here to see Emperor Qianlong trapped in the mountains can not get away, but disguised as the head of Chenglong, led a large group of people and horses back to the post palace, the emperor asked the other party, Bodhisattva only said that he was the king of the five dragons, so he drove away in the clouds. I've only heard of four Dragon Kings in southeast, northwest, and where are the five dragon kings? It was designated as the Bodhisattva's Point of Emperor Qianlong. Emperor Qianlong built the Five Masters Temple to thank Bodhisattvas for their rescue. Later, he learned that the beneficiaries were Manjusri Bodhisattvas after being instructed by the superiors. Therefore, a large number of temples were built in Mount Wutai and Taoist monks were recruited from all over the world. Only in this way can the four Buddhist holy places of Mount Wutai in China, where incense is so vigorous today.

It's hard to tell the truth from the false. It's from the mouth of the local tour guide in Shanxi. It's a bit true and a bit false. The heart of being kind has never changed. When I was a child, my grandmother took me to find a fortune-teller, who looked at my little round face and asked my birthday. She told her that the child was a girl beside the Manjusri Bodhisattva. She would be very intelligent and become a great weapon in the future. After understanding, it is a kind of white lie to comfort the old people by fortune telling. In every adult's eyes, their babies are the smartest and loveliest. I am no exception. The smartest babies are now grown up and mature. They have neither psychic special functions nor extraordinary brain waves. They have no naked eyes, no fetuses, no busyness. For life. There is nothing but the expectation of adults.

Playing with the Jade Happy Buddha pendant, exquisite carver's delicate jade, which has been found from Jade Manzhai recently, is a real love. Imagine the Buddha's many materials, such as brass, clay sculptures, golden bodies, and so on, as well as the four-sided Guanyin carved by Han Baiyu who went to Guanyin Garden in Weihai, Shandong a few months ago. But I think only beautiful jade carving can show the meaning of Buddhism. The Pendant of Buddha statue made of jade can be worn with you. When you look at its close and moving beauty, you will feel a lot of peace in your heart. Looking back at the prime minister, countless reincarnations and incomprehensible causes and consequences are all caused by the world, and all are destroyed by the common people. It is right and wrong that have brought about our turbulent thousand, which has made this changeable world a success in the bustle and bustle. Looking at the beautiful jade carved one by one is that people give it life and give it more meaning to exist in the world. It remains unchanged throughout the ages, calm and serene. People place more desires, ideals and dreams on the jade. They want to be the harbour in their hearts, and they are tired of letting the jade in their hands and caressing them. Touch, meditate, talk about the inner pain and struggle, bitter and happy tell it, let it share with themselves, although it can not speak, but it can let the people love jade calm mind, cultivate temperament, irritable people and Jade get along with the character of soft, anxious people and Jade become more cheerful, angry world. People have broadened their horizons by treating jade as a friend.

This is the true meaning of collecting and possessing jade. We are not merchants, we are not upside down, just a small person who loves jade. To possess jade is not to expect it to make a pot full again. That is not the appeal in the hearts of Jade Friends. To possess beautiful jade is our dream of pursuing precious stone. The footsteps did not stop because we want to continue to have, eyes no longer blinking because we have a firm goal, let's work hard for that dream in our hearts, when the dream comes true, please remember today's small words I said, must know how to cherish!

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