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Chinese love: a gentleman, wen is like jade

People who have read "dream of red mansions" know that jia baoyu is born with jade, and that piece of "tongling baoyu" is jia baoyu's lifeblood. He has the peace and loss of soul. Cao xueqin used a masterstroke to reveal the meaning of "jade" to Chinese men.

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The complex of Chinese love jade has long been a long history, and it has been confirmed by archaeology that jade products have existed in the life of the ancestors more than 7000 years ago. Beautiful jade that kind of round lubricious smooth, colour and lustre is soft, warm and cool the special texture of moderate, give a person the feeling is warm, quiet, harmonious, commonly used to compare the most lofty moral character. In the book of rites and jade, it is said that "the superior man does not go to the body without reason", and demands that the gentleman should always be able to use jade's character to demand himself. It is in this "jade culture", precise should be "jade moral culture" atmosphere, just can have appeared frequently in the book of songs of all kinds of exquisite style, color jade jade article, just can have the gentle, like the jade that is regret unceasingly noble gentleman. "The book of poetry, qin feng, xiaorong", "a gentleman, wen he is like jade", the "gentleman" is a very popular personality, and jade closely linked together.
Missing is a bird, far higher than us. Where is the gentleman in the poem missing? The "gentleman" is a soldier who is fighting on the front line.
"Small si" from "c", Qin Guoshan Lin deep, and the north jonqdia border, the special geographical environment and the history of qin militant determines the characteristics of the "c" - no yan wan, voice of war. The small si, for horses and chariots and weapons, especially representative, such as "swim ring side displacement, Yin Yin Wu continued. Wen Yin chang hub, driving I thestrals 馵 ", "thestrals 駵 is, 䯄 le is resorts. Dragon of the shield, Wu to 觼 ð «  ‡ ", "俴 therefore Kong Qun, 厹 spear Felling have a garden, the tiger Chang used above. Chang two bows, bamboo Gun closed after "with so many complicated words (many) is no longer used in modern Chinese, is to all painted chariots, horses and weapons is excellent, visible poets are relishes, proud, reflects the phenomenon of the qin people attaches great importance to the military forces of the whole nation. However, in the grand, and guarded BingZhen are dotted such a classic romance: the language of "word read the gentleman, the jade", let the cold atmosphere adds a hint of red. The conception of the poem is very kit kat, write chariot, following the writing steeds, weapons to write, and repeatedly render its luxury, elegant, although not say lover's appearance, but her desire object has dignity Di Di, now in the eye. "He" is both noble and noble, and "warm as jade", such a figure with the characteristics of later Confucian scholars.
The jade lover, in the heart of the woman is extremely great. And the woman's emotion is more a pure love than love. Men and women fell in love and preciousness itself should be the body and the mind has no distance, take liberties with, criticise, there is kindness to accompany, that feeling is hot, exciting, such as the physical analogy, that this was one of the coals, rather than elegant use of jade. By the woman's state of mind, she love the man should not what traditional Confucian classics was her husband, but she admired object of unrequited love, or is most likely the relationship between two people should be in "sincerely, check on etiquette". That is men and women love the most beautiful distance: feelings has born, daydreamer, due to the familiarity of burnout of far and far, only the distance stretched thoughts and moths sunshine enthusiasm, and only in such a case, the man can abstract into "jade" in her heart, elegant, noble, moist and jersey.
Jade is light winds to form at outside rather than inside: grace coolly and open-minded free and easy manner, showing no, not job make public, no exultancy, no paranoid excitation, the condition of life here presents a ripe fruity. Such a man, should be like zhuge liang to be able to win the thousands of miles away, the soldiers at the city to sing the empty city, also xiaoxiao? Or is it like pan 'an who has a reputation for being an ancient and modern man? Or, like fan zhongyan, "before the world's sorrow, and then the joy of the world"? This kind of jade man has the outstanding quality of every aspect, it is infinite admiration, but we seldom see such man has "to rush the crown a rage for the red face" heart. The old man has never seen his wife's stone. The man is too thin, lucky? Isn't. The great righteousness of the home country and the burden of life are pressed on the man, and the Confucian ethics are not allowed to be capricious. What deep love can only be deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. Therefore, "little rong" only wrote the woman's self-stirring heart, did not renew the response of that man. I think that the jade man's heart is also suffering from yearning?
The water of missing, will soak any steel hard heart. Thoughts and pain together, but it is curious that the woman is in the battlefield for the person I love and worry unrest, without complaining, its appeal to those women try in Chinese classical poetry greatly different its interest, and overflow of masculinity. In the poem, although the memory of the yearning is deep, but more is to the love of the man's praise, and thus to deepen the depth of missing. This missing is a woman's brushwork, in the bottom of the heart, not afraid of repetition, durable in the wash of time. Especially at the end of a sentence "beloved annoying annoying, rank rank,", highlights the society as a whole spoke highly of her love of man, the woman also to comfort, even showing a proud, her yearning for this meet and leads to happiness.
The ancients in our country called love "children's affair", a "private" word to love under a comment: it is selfish, private. However, from the attitude of the woman in the poem of "little rong", we can feel that although she cherishes her love, she is deeply rooted in her home country. The poem "little rong" also has the heroic, healthy style, contains certain patriotic sentiment.
In three thousand, the former warriors and heroes are into the dust in the wind disappeared, even if I have a legacy of chariot, weapons from the ground, also can only display in the museum, through the thick glass, silent. And the strange qin jade to woman's love songs, and her heart gentleman has become a symbol of Chinese cultural history, the Chinese gentle thoughts, rise and fall of the country over the ideology of personal love, can be found in the woman's feelings.
Attachment: "the book of songs, qin feng, xiaorong"
"Little rong", American xianggong. Prepare their armour for the sake of sijon. Xi rong fang qiang, and the war, but the car armour, the woman can be a gentleman.
Small Dijon 俴, five Zhou 楘 beam. Swim ring side displacement, Yin Yin Wu continued. Wen Yin chang hub, driving I thestrals 馵. A gentleman is like a gentleman. In its board room, I am troubled.
Four bulls, six hands. The thestrals 駵 is, 䯄 le is resorts. Dragon of the shield, Wu to 觼 ð « A gentleman is a gentleman. What is the period? I read it.
俴 therefore Kong Qun 厹 to Wu Chun. Felling have a garden, the tiger Chang used above. Pay Chang two bows, bamboo closed Gun Teng. A gentleman is a man who has a good life. A good man, a good man.

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