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Choice -- jade degree has a person

Tea ma yunnan, along the road of the tea horse road, the most seen is the various colorful jade articles. The golden flower of the counter, their bai nationality headdress has the very romantic name: "wind flowers and snow month", the long white tassel of the vertical shoulder, the wind is light, stretch the charm of Dali woman; The unintentional man gently touched, it is said to imply adoration and marriage proposal, lucky to get the golden flower favor, to do three years of hard work in the women's family, can get the beauty return.

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The jade which is carved in the light of the lamp, after the counter, smile to meet the person's golden flower, both of them are jade, in the visitors like the shop in the hall of the scene, the attraction of a few degrees.
Diamond, hard and sharp light, countless corners cut sharp, every plane is not polite to point to the heart, is that kind of worldly ambition full, comfortable, high in the sense of superiority; The pearl is the tears of nirvina in the pain, the crystal tears, condensed on my neck, the fingers, that is the sorrow of life.
Jade, it seems, is different from them.
Secretly admire jade, not luxuriously beautiful, rain wash plantains green, mist cage green water, the autumn wave contains the warmth of smoke. This beauty is divided into several levels by the secular standard. According to the price tag, I think of the super girl in the TV talent show, and I have put the number on the stage, waiting for the selection and selection. From love and closeness to the price, there is always a refusal from the bottom of my heart.
In fact, jade and people, like people, can know each other, need fate.
Look at a light jade bracelet.
She lay alone at the counter, waiting for me, the soft light hanging around her, and she must have waited a long time. In the moment we met, we could feel her sudden surprise.
Connoisseur jade, among them a lot of knowledge, pay attention to the water head of jade and the color root, all contact jade's net worth, the family that the department is famous door, is born to marry the big door.
As long as you like, the fine jade of the flaw, also have the reason of love, as love a person, at the same time will fall in love with her flaw.
A vein of gentle and quiet light green, think of the clouds in the dream of a lake, occasionally a green color, is the original color of spring, suddenly recalled the three towers of the tree of the tree of the bodhi.
Imagine a piece of jade, in the beginning of chaos, liquid boiling magma surging, gradually in time frozen eyes quiet, coagulate. But all of them are stone, because the memory of the Milky Way and the Milky Way has been passed through hundreds of millions of times. The dusty face, still adhere to its original luster, only touched the silk, remember to a certain summer. The wings of the emerald bird fly across the sky, leaving a little color - until a dream, or a dream, is excavated by the workers, carved by the craftsman, to make a clear, icy face.
The golden flower girl held me, and said, "you are wearing it!"
The imperial concubine bracelet is an ellipse shape, think is to take the lotus female hao to be careful to cut, the movement in the wrist between the wrist, always remind her existence. The bracelet is a choice, not the one she likes, and it is always a natural handicap.
Only see the shop, full of visitors to choose jade ornaments, actually jade, is also in the selection.
My wrist is gold flower hand cream with soft and smooth, no time to consider, finger seemed to heard a thin ring, my jade bracelet birds return Lin, perched on your wrist, iron stick, my jade picked the I, the so-called fate, this is two of a kind.
The beautiful golden flower began to look at me smile, once a gold and silver covered lady saw this jade bracelet, the gold flower told her to wear, even if reluctantly wear, again difficult to take down. The lady insists that she likes it, as long as she puts it on, she will not take it down all her life. So a few golden flowers together in the jade bracelet and the palm of the effort, the lady in the pain of several degrees insisted, to the limit of a moment, the person suddenly shock, but the jade bracelet never can put on the hand.
All of a sudden, I was touched, and I felt a pain in my heart.
Two days before, encounter A successful sister, noble mink coat, delicate makeup look, slender wrists, A violet Burma jade bracelet, transition, some green emerald green color, classy A valuable goods, awe inspired viewers. I looked down secretly and felt the unacknowledged warmth of my wrist.
"It is a mountain to be touched by the people, and the mountain is broken, and nu wa refined the stone to make up the sky." This should be the earliest record of the gem.
Can I use this stone in my wrist to mend the wrinkles of aging in my heart?

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