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Cixi jade bangle bracelets sold for 71.4 million yuan

In the qing dynasty, there were two rulers who loved jade. One was the qianlong emperor, who loved collecting white jade. Cixi can be regarded as a genuine "jade enthusiasts", because of cixi's love for jade, leading to the royal ministers competing to present jade, thereby driving the flow of jade in China. When the value of 420,000 liang of silver cixi jade bracelet today how to estimate?

Emerald watermelon is my favorite

Cixi has a jewelry room in the Summer Palace. Among the thousands of treasures, her favorite is a pair of emerald watermelons. According to legend, this pair of emerald watermelons was the treasure of tribute from all over the world, with a market value of 5 million taels of silver at that time. For safety reasons, cixi also specially sent a few trusted eunuchs, three shifts, day and night to guard the jewelry room.

Why did cixi cherish the emerald watermelons so much? From at least three or more in the emerald watermelon color, with dark green stripes on the green melon, melon in black seed, red, white silk faintly visible, except that the jade melon because of hidden in the palace, few people can see it looks like that, now because of a lack of literature records, more difficult to accurate description.

Why love jade alone

Jade in our country what kind of inheritance, cixi and why have a special liking for jade? In fact, the use and collection of jade in China is not as long ago as hetian jade, its initial value is not high. Jadeite from Burma area is also called jadeite, and hetian jade belongs to tremolite, which is a kind of nephrite. The two are widely different in producing area, character and fortune. Ji yun's notes on yuewei cottage records that jade in yunnan was not regarded as jade at first, just like beautiful stones like "lantian" and "tianhuang", which were barely called jade. But by the time "notes of yuewei thatched cottage" was finished, it had been regarded as a rare thing, whose value far exceeded that of hetian yangzhi jade. Ji yun also regrets that the price of jade has changed so significantly within 50 or 60 years. Notes on yuewei cottage was written in 1792, the 57th year of qianlong's reign, and ji yun died in 1805, the 10th year of jiaqing's reign. According to him, jade spread in Kyoto at that time for 50 or 60 years, that is to say the first introduction should be in the early qianlong years. "Yan takes spring wave, charming if drop cui" jadeite and jadeite products make court nobility people's new favor gradually, drive below them, folk also begins to notice this kind of burgeoning jade, price rises all the way. The bright and glittering jade ornaments complement each other with the bright personality and the luxurious cixi, which may be the reason why she likes jade so much.

How to convert the current value

The jade bracelets were worn by empress dowager cixi when American oil painter Karl came to the palace to paint her portrait. According to the original record of Chou recluse (1928), "52 cixi's burial treasure no. 2: two pairs of jasper bracelets, each weighing 627 yuan and 4 fen, worth 420,000 liang."

The jade bracelets worn by the empress dowager cixi when she was pictured by American oil painter Karl when he entered the palace are likely one of two sets of expensive jade that were buried.

The jade bracelets worn by the empress dowager cixi when she was pictured by American oil painter Karl when he entered the palace are likely one of two sets of expensive jade that were buried.

Tian pengfei, chief gold investment analyst of guangdong gold company, thinks that if you want to calculate the present valuation of two pairs of jade bracelets worth 420,000 ta2 of cixi empress dowager silver, you should first make it clear that gold has a price and jade is priceless. If as jewelry jade, the price varies greatly due to personal preferences and regional habits. Because it was used by the empress dowager cixi, the bracelet became a relic whose price had to be auctioned off. Instead of using the original 420,000 silver taels.

Second, silver was a currency of the qing dynasty. At that time, there were copper COINS and gold COINS. The exchange rate between copper, silver and gold, like foreign exchange prices today, is often variable, not as clear as 100 cents per yuan. In the early years of daoguang, one or two silver COINS for a hanging, that is, one thousand words; By the time of the opium war in the 20th year of daoguang, one or two pieces of silver could be exchanged for 16,700 COINS. Since xianfeng, the price of silver has soared. One or two pieces of silver can be exchanged for two thousand two hundred words of COINS.

It is common to calculate how much money in ancient times is equal to how much RMB in modern times, measured by purchasing power. According to the calculation of 1 stone =100 jin =70 kg, and the grain price is calculated at 2 yuan/kg, the following average value can be obtained: 1 tael of silver: about 170 yuan.

Since gold and silver are no longer used as money, and silver has been promoted as an investment commodity in recent years, it is not scientific, logical or appropriate to simply measure the price of qing dynasty bracelets with the existing gold and silver prices.

Therefore, from this perspective, 420,000 taels of silver is worth about 71.4 million yuan.

The market

High-grade jade soared 50 percent

Myanmar market has always been the price of jade vane. On August 25th this year, the myanmar jade market opened again and compared with the previous march, the price of high-grade jade doubled again. A jeweler bought a 70-kilogram piece of high-colored old clay for more than 30 million yuan. In addition to the raw material surge, customs clearance when the tax standard is also on the original standard to levy a 30 percent tariff. That is to say, that stone of more than 30 million yuan, tariff alone increased more than 10 million yuan.

In fact, in March 2011, myanmar jade trading results have raised many people's eyebrows: a total of 13,608 stacks, the total turnover exceeded 20 billion yuan. Among them, the high-end top jade raw stone has become the object of competition for funds, the price doubled and skyrocketed, the price of the middle end raw stone increased by about 50%. At the time, industry insiders had predicted that higher raw stone prices could drive terminal prices up 30 to 50 per cent. Affected by this, the current high-end jade market top products are "priceless", "a hard to find".

Retail sales of gold and silver jewelry grew 11.7% in 2006 and 27.5% in 2007, according to the China jewelry industry association. Jadeite is high-grade jade, the international market, jadeite prices continue to grow, nearly 10 years, the annual growth rate of 30%.

In terms of quantity, 90% of the raw materials of jadeite are bought by mainland Chinese buyers, and 80% of the raw materials are processed and sold in mainland China. China is gradually becoming the world's main high-end jade consumer market.


The new method is fake ice jadeite

Recently, there is a kind of ice seed processing jadeite on the market, is ice seed jadeite along the sample decoration (section), after the sample in the middle of the hole-out filled with colored dye (only found green dye filling mode), and then with adhesive will cut the two parts of the bond together and made. According to jewelry appraisal professionals, ice treatment jadeite retains most of the external characteristics, so it is not easy to detect.

Jade has been auctioned at high prices in recent years

In 2011, guangdong poly summer auction "green jade guanyin sculpture" sold for 145 million yuan

In 2010, Christie's spring auction of "old pit glass jadeite bead chain" sold for 49.74 million yuan

2011 nanjing rongbao spring auction jadeite boy shou pot sold price of 12.01 million yuan

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