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Hetian jade collection is in the happy mood

Although several pieces of ancient jade have been collected, sometimes the identification of genuine jade is not quite sure. If the price is too expensive, I can not determine the true or false, I can only choose to give up, after all, I am the person who has suffered a loss, even if I like, also know to control myself. That go abroad on business, by the way, could you go to a local antique market shopping for a circle, in a small booth in found a Bai Yushuang lion play ball jade carving small place, two lions to a ball bite together, his facial expression looks very interesting, let a person in stitches. And carver is very careful, the luster is very warm, can see xiao yun of fine flake, cloud-like structure of lorraine, it seemed hetian jade, appearance and some yellow ash mixed plaques, seems to be a number of years, although not sure is old jade, but I still asked the price.

Natural jade bangle Chinese Hetian nephrite jade bangle
The boss asked 200 yuan, which surprised me very much. If it was really hetian jade, how could it be so cheap? But if the ordinary jade, also it is not worth two hundred yuan, this let me some contradictions, over his later or I be fond of, so I offer one hundred and fifty, the boss agreed to sell me hesitate. I think actually is ordinary jade also does not matter, just so small money, also be able to afford, the collection is not for oneself's liking, since likes to buy.
The length of the jade carving is 8.5cm and the width is 5.4cm. Although I think it is an old jade, I would like to ask two rich collectors to identify it for me. A Tibetan friend thinks is an ordinary jade carving, the value is around 100 yuan, bought also not too bad; Another friend thought it was the qing dynasty's hetian jade, which should be worth more than two thousand yuan. Argued for two Tibetan friend also, and he invited a few Tibetan friend to enjoy jade in the home, still have different opinions, finally agree with is hetian jade Tibetan friend teddy boy is also very like double lion jade carving, to prove his appraisal is right, he incredibly hard give me two thousand dollars, determined to transfer me to him. Are familiar with each other, since teddy boy also like to let him, but I still said to teddy boy, if he regretted someday can always back, I put the money refund can also, but teddy boy said absolutely no regrets. To this day, we still drink and enjoy the jade, and alfy will occasionally talk excitedly about the lion and jade carving, and thank you very much.
It seems that sometimes it is not so important to have a piece of art, but it is a happy state of mind. But anyway, you don't want to own collection are fakes, although jade looks simple, but to really have enough knowledge of jade, still much communication with Tibetan friend, know more knowledge about jade, also can buy some books about jade, absorbed, slowly to grope for practice, so as to enrich their experience in collection.

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