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Historical words jade into China

It is often said that jade was introduced into China around the middle of the qing dynasty. In fact, it refers to the amount of time that jade was introduced into China and produced in bulk, while the time of the original introduction of jade was much earlier.
Zhang hongzhao's "shi ya" is introduced in the zhou dynasty jadeite, and there is the jade sword hillock of Mr. Luo zhenyu's family, luoyang unearthed, the decoration is the grain, broken as the zhou dynasty utensil. There are also jade articles in the unearthed cultural relics of the imperial tombs of the han dynasty.

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OuYangXiuCeng song dynasty recorded his home has a very elegant appearance of primitive simplicity of green jade trader (narrow-necked bottles), it is generally thought it was a jasper, only a true dynasty of old minister said "it's a treasure ah, I in the palace, Santa had seen a jade cup, so understanding this is jade". Ouyang xiu happened to wear the gold ring on the stomach of the mill, but did not expect the gold dust to fall, such as inkstone, only to know that the emerald is the gold like the precious metal.
Until the Ming dynasty, the jade was still elusive. In the dingling of the Ming tombs in the northern part of Beijing, the emperor was buried with a large number of pearls, precious stones and fine jade articles, but no jade products. Although the jade is very early in the record, but this kind can be like the magic of the gold of the gold dust like the gold dust until the qing dynasty began to appear a lot. There is also an interesting legend about the process of getting the jade from northern myanmar into the central plains. It is said that horses are often transported from Burma to the central plains, where a horse's horse is not balanced. The man who drives the horse picks up a stone by the side of the road and presses it to the side of the horse. The stone finished the task and was dropped by the side of the road. Don't know how long after, the teacher of a jade that comes through, see the sun at a distance of a piece of green, glittering and translucent, pick up to look, and see the green light, only a gray stone, middle appeared slightly green silk. The master looked right and looked at it carefully, thinking maybe there was jade in it? When he took it back and cut it open, he was astounded, and the bright, glittering and polished jade he had never seen before was the emerald of the day.
The jade was found to be bright and pleasing to the eye, like the feathers of the emerald bird, and thus called emerald. The color of jade is brighter than any jade in the past, and its texture is stronger than any jade, and its quality is more exquisite than any jade. It is made up of many tiny minerals, but it can be as transparent as a crystal, and people call it "the king of jade". Its value is also the highest of all jade.

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