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Jade friend contributed: to buy the beloved jade is a kind of fate

With the help of the jade lent full recently, like to buy a jade bracelet, said to him in this deep, extremely, extremely thanks (hee hee). When received bracelet, opened the package, see the bracelet, I have said not to come out of joy, is should be that sentence, pick jade to the fate, the size is appropriate, worn on wrist November. (and do a poem for bracelet, will be posted later in the article below).

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Did the radio in the weibo, not a few days then have a junior high school classmate, former unit colleagues were sent in small make up, generally means: "poem Han, I heard you opened a jade shops, how's business? And so on... "It makes me vulnerable little heart suffered unprecedented stimulus, than anything else, smile not to angry with all, basically reply is" eldest brother, your family is just back from Mars asking for information to the right, I just bought a jade bracelet, what jade shops all out, rumors kill people!" Ha ha, very happy feeling one thing, but also illustrates some problems from the side (here you can pick up) are discussed the article I wrote yesterday, no, just saying, is the main thank jade lent full on this article, at the same time my affection for bracelet published, let the jade friends snaked through the hey hey. Do people throw out today can meet jade jade with diet in this way, love jade, jade, jade to friends have a conscience, to be doing a rare, hope the broad masses of jade jade with friends in the diet to provide platform to learn more knowledge of jade, know more about the kinds of jade, with a more rational thinking about jade, in the eye of wisdom to distinguish the mei-yu, said a lot, don't know if jade full lent to see will be very happy and then little face red, hee hee.
Here is a poem to my beloved bracelet:
The singing of the wrists.
I fell in love with you at first sight.
For your sparkling light, dazzling color.
The stars were resounding with the stars.
Love your crystal, across the night sky.
Love thy plain, in the day silence.
Waiting for the
Waiting for the
Only you,
A smile like a clear spring filled my face.
Just to see you.
The birds' singing and singing are long and long.
Just for the aria
Youth is like boiling hot blood.
Just to meet you.
Look at the green grass.
Look at the white clouds trickling away.
A warm spring breeze.
Take not to go
Take not to go
It's your new green.
May you be with me.
May your beauty be as bright as ever!

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