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Jade friend's contribution: my love jade to buy jade road

When jade is more and more into the public eye, little women also follow to add up, the first is hanged, do not know from where to listen to, say, or seems to, anyhow is hit, a violet base, 4 kinds of jade the mythical wild animal, carver is exquisite, the appearance is very lovely. The price of less than a thousand ocean also makes me feel not hard, out of love, love, and so on, in a word, and wear to this day.

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Don't say, from this jade come to me to begin, my good luck also follow (forbid to spread superstition). Listen to the jade manchu zhai said, dai jade can let a person mood peaceful, adjust the gas field, should be this reason, the smile always hangs in the face, good luck also ensued. What I want to say here is that choosing a piece of jade is just like choosing a life partner. You need to be careful, and you choose jade, and jade is picking you. Like two people fall in love, the boy keeps sending flowers to eat, the girl is not to move that is also white. After all, exquisite jade is to accompany oneself for a long time or even a lifetime, as jade manchu said, do not buy more, it is true.
I am very old, and I want to celebrate my birthday (hi, time). I want to buy myself a jade bracelet for my birthday. Choose to choose to go to do not have a favorite, study the choice key of the jade manchu every day, the method of distinguishing, know by heart, be confident full again come to bazaar to choose. The big sister of the store is estimated to know me. (this woman has come many times. Above is my guess the store big sister her inner monologue. I slowly at the counter browsing the effort to tell myself that I have a strong theoretical knowledge, must be calm. "Please take this one, please. Thank you." I picked a water head that looked very good, and the bottom was pure with a big green bracelet. But puzzling despite Yang green foundation is slightly yellow, wasn't thinking clearly, after consulting with jade to understand, this is filling adhesive, long after will have yellow color affect the overall effect). I picked up the bracelet and looked at the big lights in the store. (it was a big no-no. And then he said a line, this bracelet is very thorough! This sentence elder sister came to the spirit: "yes, very nice, and thorough, the color is beautiful, not LAN green, how rare." "How much is that?" I asked stupidly. (so far, the little editor is still holding the bracelet against the light. It's called a layman. Painful memories... "Wait a minute, I'll tell you how much it is." "The original price of this bracelet is twelve thousand, forty percent off, plus today's activity gives you a coupon." "The sky, I petrified, completely do not know her nimble fingers on calculator how to press out" 3200!! "" oh, well, can you give me a discount?" I suddenly found something, holding the bracelet to look at wayan's eyes, "this bracelet's Yang green is post-dyeing!! "" ah, it is not dyed, it is the color of later imitation" the eldest sister is clearly disorderly rise, "that this thorough bottom, what is the matter?" "This, this is the sample that we put to let the customer admire, it is a B goods, you want good I bring to you to come over." Her psychological defenses had collapsed and she was telling the truth. When I am complacent, I found a violet bottom bracelet, very transparent, is really has no experience, violet bottom which have a transparent, even if is fully it should be fine, I've been waiting such ordinary people which meeting to me.) I've always wanted to find a violet-bottom bracelet with my pendant, and there's something in it. I took the purple bracelet, and put it on my hand, and found a hole that was not too obvious. I said, "this bracelet is beautiful. How can I have a pit? A hole costs a lot of money." Elder sister finishing the finishing just chaotic thoughts began to enter the state again: "the only ah, is one of my friends here on a commission basis, she is a rich rich wife, bought two, one is green color, one is purple, purple never see clear, have pits, in the heart a little uncomfortable put me here to sell, sell how many doesn't matter, she was then five thousand dollars to buy two." I think twice about holding the bracelet, and I don't feel comfortable with it. I don't know why. The elder sister see me hold in the hand not to put down to use the killer mace "see you so like, 300 give you, that friend say give money to sell. "How much? 300... "I was in the heart of that kind of pick out of the fluke mind to jump out, calculate, at that time buy is five thousand two that one is two thousand five. It's only three hundred, how cheap, it's beautiful, buy it. My brain is spinning rapidly, I can't buy it. If I can accept this little pit, I will buy it, but who can explain why this uncomfortablefeeling is coming from? At the moment, the complex emotions are full of brain, struggle, chaos, tangle (but for 300 yuan, I'm a bit of a turtle.) "I'll think about it and come back tomorrow." The eyes of the big sister left behind. Back home, tossing and turning, start consulting jade full lent, explained the situation, he told me that this bracelet first should be soaked in acid, it will seem very connect fully, the second is dyed color, the color seems to be a large a large, not natural, very abrupt. In combination with the above situation, it should be C goods, don't say 300, don't give to the white and there is a pit. I just came out of my unreconciled mind and stopped thinking about the moment I had the bracelet.
It seems that the purchase of jade, must not be impulsive, the uncertainty must not attack, even if the inner small struggle to adopt, this is jade to own the implication. Personally, I think although I dabble in jade is very shallow ignorance, but I feel every jade is a spiritual, is to be able to speak, will it give themselves magnetic field emitted by express himself. Even many false jade unscrupulous merchants will be asked to do, do old, but jade will show that identity, false itself can let buyers see, those who are not natural color it will show in hopes people will know that, understand its true value. But I deeply realized, through the above experience with theory of mind is on the other hand, even with a very rich practice to guide the hands, so using the brain and hands can understand jade said, before he can hear it, that I can on this road more walk more far.

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