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Jade is in the palm of the hand

Inexplicably more and more like jade. The first jade that has a heart is a pendant. The man named jade shop brought out a small piece of jade pendant, he said: "pick, which one can represent my heart." Emerald green jade pendant lining on the bright red velvet, each one is so warm and shiny, bright and clear, exciting. Finally selected a almost without blemish, of the sun, sky of cohesion between heaven and earth in my fingers, I want to, stupefied? This is a kind of what kind of stone, that can be used for the love of the earth.

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Later jade, is a jade bracelet. Wear a jade bracelet on the wrist, as if more what, at least in the free time, can carefully play. Turning the jade bracelet. To look at its green green, and its meticulous texture, and to look at it, there are many feelings that have never been felt before, as if the jade is the lingering shadow of my body.
Listen to the person say, really jade if can long years and person skin blind date, the breath moisten, will become more delicate and gentle, rich and lively spirit. With jade, can calm the mind and body, calm mind, more can ward off evil spirits disaster, special efficacy is those after buried with jade, would gives birth to veins in the emerald green, the sudden blood suddenly, is the dead JingXie spiritual cohesion, old people always did say so, but I have heard often lose: so, who can not come to life regeneration, may also with jade and into another form of forever? Isn't that nirvana?
So now the "cui" on my wrist is past which generation which woman's skin is rubbing, this light red patek, again whose blood clots? After I die, my "cui" my "patek" again appear where?
People are the most self-interested, since they think that everything under the world, there is a sense of righteousness of the only person, because there is a saying "people are not wood stone, who can be ruthless", is the wood stone ruthless? In the dream of red mansions, baoyu was born with a beautiful jade, and "baoyu" is just a body. The soul of love and love is the jade. Will the jade bracelet, which I do not want to shed, be the one who loved me before? And I am just the one that was on his back to his sweet spring? Because of the wrong fate, this life he is the stone I am a person, who can prove that he is not everyday in my wrist whisper a kind of prelife language? Who can prove that he is no richer than I?
So, always pay attention to each kind of jade, love each kind of jade, believe each piece of jade is loaded with the story that we can't decipher but can sense. Jade is an invaluable, ungraded, every piece of stone from the ancient time to the beautiful jade, their experience of the disaster is also profound.
Beautiful jade thousand shapes, colorful, green jade, pale yellow jade, milky white jade, purple jade... Suddenly, how did the jade come?
The original of jade is a rough and heavy brown stone, the jade is this kind of stone heart, need careful consideration, can discover its beautiful quality, need more than 10 process to be able to think into a device.
When I heard this, I was holding a "violet" in my hand, and the violet light was so full of violet light that it seemed as if it could float the fragrance of violets. Why is it not the fossil of an ancient, beautiful violet, but made of rough, ugly stone?
It is not easy for a stone to become jade. How many years will it take? How much pain will it take? How do you get a little bit of jade in the heat of the cold?
The ancients said: "jade has five virtues". From the outside, you can know the square of righteousness; The sound of the sound, the only way to hear, the wise side; Not indomitable, brave side also; Sharp, not twisty, and fattening." Not a thorough understanding of the jade in the grip of the person, who can sum up?
The sun and the moon, the rivers, we are now the stone? Jade is it? Perhaps, the process of life, is a difficult journey from stone to jade?

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