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Jade-Lingrui Stone

From nuwa "ling rui stone", jade has been inheriting the ideal personality of the Chinese nation. As a beautiful stone, the beauty of jade is not only the external beauty, but also the spiritual sustenance of human beings. Jade embodies the unity of material beauty and spiritual beauty.

Hetian jade is made near the legendary jade pool of the queen mother of the west. So, folklore hetian jade also has a supernatural effect of avoiding evil, eliminating disasters and avoiding disasters. Evil is meant to punish, avoid and drive away evil. As many harmful phenomena in nature are difficult to explain, and at the same time face the mutilation of human self, they expect to obtain mysterious blessing power. And with lingrui stone, rescue stone, lucky stone reputation, hetian jade, became an important spirit to ward off evil. It is formed by the firmness of jade, the gentle and moist quality of jade, the soft and soft quality of jade, which is in line with the idea of zhengding defeating evil people to be good.

In the literary works recording the splendid culture of the Chinese nation, from the book of songs, chu ci, han fu, tang poetry, song ci, yuan qu, Ming and qing novels to modern literature and opera, there are numerous subjects in which jade is used to compare people and represent things. Among them is a poem written by the modern writer Mr. Guo moruo, which reads as follows:

West queen mother presents jade

National jade out of kunshan, west tour bamboo jinian.

Central plains king mother traces, jade he peace.

Liangzhou ci (seven wonders)

Wine moonlight cup, to drink pipa immediately urge.

Drunk lying on the battlefield gentleman mo smile, the ancient war a few people back.

The moonlight cup mentioned in this word, according to the ten continents in the sea written by han dongfangshuo, "when the king of zhou mu, xihu xian kunwu cut jade knife and moonlight often full cup, cup is white jade essence, bright moon shine". According to the modern understanding, "white jade essence" is the best white jade in hetian, xinjiang -- "Yang fat jade", with it carved into a very thin glass wall, can be through the moon, pour wine visible shadow and named. This is the embodiment of the Chinese people have a special liking for hetian jade, will uncut jade into exquisite jade, make the aesthetic feeling of jade quality fully show, let people feel the beauty of jade, feel jade has a high moral character.

Chinese literature giant "dream of red mansions", also known as "stone records", cited the myth of nvwa wa mending the sky, with stone 36, 500 pieces, alone left one unused, left in the green ridge peak, this stone through nuwa's spiritual exercise gradually through, and into the red dust, cloud travel, and the things of the seal carved on the stone, so called "stone records". Male hero title "channelling treasure jade" and born, that piece of treasure jade is called "have life without luck" of stupid thing, get of then life peaceful, lose of then lose soul to lose spirit, xu of then eliminate disaster reduce disease, abandon of then rise immortal become Buddha. The article said: the jade front in addition to zhuan "tongling baoyu" four words, also zhuan characters for "never forget, immortal longevity hengchang"; The reverse also has 12 words, for "one divides evil spirits, two cures the wrong disease, three knows the disaster blessing". Look from these auspicious language, this jade 1000 can omnipotent yi. But once, this jade lost spirit, harm baoyu and feng sister together crazy. Also invited monks and Taoist priests to see, just know that "baoyu is originally spiritual, only because of the music and money, so not working".

"False" also true to "true" also false, jia baoyu is in fact cao xueqin mind really is a piece of flawless baoyu, jade is his everything, is his life, is his life. Cao xueqin, in his poem entitled painting stone, said: "love this fist stone, exquisite out of nature, tracing back to ancient times, falling into the world and when? Have ambition to return to pu, no just to repair the day, do not invite people to appreciate, natural and handsome fairy.

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