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Jade stone identification expert Yuegong

The morning post saw the conversation above, and many people who used to watch it couldn't help but laugh. These jokes from the recently popular in network "YueGong sayings", the "jade identification of talent" with its sharp identification of eye are reviewed, humorous language, on the weibo, watercress, have won a lot of people is strongly recommended that CCTV's "treasure" and other columns asked him to do the judges.

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What is the real identity of "yue gong"? When did his "online treasure" experience begin? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter via telephone wire, interviewed the "real body" behind the Internet celebrity.
Over the past seven years, more and more people have come to consult.
In August of this year, in weibo, douban, tianya BBS, and other popular forum a jade expert "YueGong" quotation "treasure" have been reproduced, its sharp humorous style by many people. At the same time, many people don't know what the "yue gong" is.
The reporter learned, "yue gong" is xinjiang rock ore baoyu stone product quality supervision and inspection station executive vice stationmaster, the state registered baoyu stone quality inspection teacher yue yun hui. Hetian jade online in China, the reporter saw the introduction of this text: "xinjiang rock ore valuable jade products quality supervision and inspection was established in February 1994, the predecessor was founded in July 1980 rock ore supervision and inspection to the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, long engaged in the study of minerals, rocks and valuable jade, is the earliest system was studied for the gemstone of the professional institutions."
According to the introduction, as an expert in jade testing and research center, yue yunhui, like many researchers, often immerse himself in the laboratory and write many scientific papers on baoyu stone. Yue yunhui told reporters that he spent most of his time in the appraisal center in the jade inspection work, and help many netizens "online identification" is he use the free time online solution. The questioner will upload the photos of the jade in the hands, and then answer them by yue yunhui, who is also known as the "expert of the appraiser".
Over the past seven years, as more and more people have become interested in yutian jade, more and more people have taken photos of zhang yushi to do online consulting.
Since the beginning of online consultation in November 2004, as of 10:30 last night, yue yunhui has answered 7767 questions. Today, the "yue gong identification sayings" on the Internet are all reprinted by its "fans".
"Now netizens question mainly in four aspects, one is the valuation of jade, whether the second and the estate, the third is true seed material, the fourth is' leather 'or' fake leather (" skin" refers to the ferrous oxide in jade expected after long-term soaking the action such as the outside form a protective layer of the jade expected)."
Although website make a statement, the appraiser does not answer questions about the value, also won't answer about the goods sales, enquiry, such as consulting, but YueYunHui admitted that actually most netizens question around this at 4 o 'clock, are special identification and professional term is needed to truly accurate description.
"On the Internet, I can only through words, with the 'four two dial one thousand jins, let those who lack basic knowledge of jade to compare, but blindly into Fried" buy jade "and" jade "consumers a few ideas, strengthen their ability of identifying and impression of appraisal basic knowledge."
Once for zhejiang boss to inspect jade.
Yue yunhui said that the original appraisal center and related website cooperation to open online consultation, mainly in line with the premise of not recommending, not appraisal, to provide a more convenient consultation channel for the majority of jade friends. However, he gradually found that many buyers and players who are interested in jade are very poor in their knowledge of jade and their ability to discriminate.
To this end, for some interesting and difficult to articulate the problem, he has a brainwave, in the "cold humor" way to reply, the effect is like "a stick to drink".
"(some netizens asked him to help to see if the seed was seeded, his friend wanted to transfer 12 million yuan.) this appearance basically said that the texture is poor. How big is it? If a stadium is so big, consider it.
"The colour is in doubt. The bracelet requires pure jade, round and smooth; This is the seed material, as if you were a man.
"The color is too much to be imagined, and the creator can be said to be in a state of nature, completely indifferent to the laws of nature."
"(a netizen asked a piece of raw stone to have no use) if the quantity is more, can be used as building material."
These hilarious remarks contain a lot of basic knowledge of jade. YueYunHui said that if the netizens to see those funny sayings "" appraisal, hope it's not simply laugh it off, but can be inspired, then in reality often can avoid many jade scam.
Yue yunhui said that there are now tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of merchants in China who are engaged in the jade business, but there are not many jade stones with certificates issued by formal testing institutions. Many businessmen spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy jade, but they know nothing about the jade, and many people are fooled.
According to him, there are a lot of people who bought jade at a high price. Last year, he took his team to zhejiang province to test the jade buyer. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate on the trip to zhejiang province.
"The Chinese love jade like westerners love diamonds, we went to buy a diamond, all know legitimate business certificate is attached, weight, colour, but the jade market in China, to detect which means no universal access to formal channels, many people prefer to believe the charlatans' blow ', also didn't want to spend a few yuan do regular inspection certificate; In some folk shopping market, the small business hawker a cheat, believe that he "picked up a treasure". This lack of knowledge leads to a lack of mentality and is most easily exploited by illegal traders.
He suggested that the majority of buyers, if the opponent's jade is not sure, the best way is to send to the specialized testing institutions. Although the testing agency is only responsible for identifying the composition of the jade, the specific price is still determined by the market. However, once the authenticity of the material is determined, the price fluctuation is limited.

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