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Jadeite is implicit, restrained and deep in rhyme

Jadeite has been regarded as the most precious gemstone since ancient times because of its deep and glittering texture, which contains the spirit of mysterious oriental culture and has the reputation of "oriental emerald". Xu Shen of the Han Dynasty explained in Shuowen Jiezi: "Fei, red-feathered sparrow; Cui, green-feathered sparrow also". The ancients used two beautiful birds to name a gem, which should be a kind of touching feelings, invisibly adding a long-term cultural flavor to this gem.

China's jadeite culture is extensive and profound, a cold stone in the artist's skillful skills, become vivid, charming. Every knife and moment is permeated with the stream of consciousness of Chinese culture, no abrupt, no secondary, moist color, ice and jade clean. And each jadeite jewelry color selection is also very natural, too gorgeous and changeable color does not meet the aesthetic taste of the Chinese people, it is difficult to ascend the hall of elegance, more unsuitable for passing on in the flow of time.

Back to the background of Oriental jadeite culture, back to the jewelry of an elegant Chinese woman. This ornament is by no means just for decoration, and even decoration has become a very insignificant function. We can develop a rich imagination, a jadeite hair bracelet, a jadeite bracelet, it carries more memories and emotions, along those rounded texture, we can look back to the past, look back to history, look back to the source of emotion. Playing with it, wearing it, and even touching it all belong to a very delicate personal emotional experience.

Faced with a jadeite jewelry, we can expand unlimited imagination, give it a story, enrich a person's mood. Even under the wrap of a clear-cut dress, people will be vivid because of a small ornament, which is closely linked to the inner subtle experience, is a pure personal emotional experience, its form is outside, but its meaning is hidden in the heart.

Chinese cultural temperament originates from thousands of years of cultural infiltration, implicit and profound. And the appreciation level of jadeite is formed by absorbing many advantages. The person who collects jadeite must have a variety of knowledge. He must know the whole history of jadeware in China, including the variety, shape, origin and technology of jadeware. We must also understand Chinese bronzes, Chinese ceramics, Chinese painting and calligraphy. Because in the ancient culture, all kinds of cultures influence and penetrate each other under certain conditions.

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