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Jadeite nurtures women's beauty

Jadeite jewelry nurtures the beauty of women. Females adorned with emerald jewelry are quiet, elegant, beautiful in appearance and wisdom, beautiful in temperament and atmosphere; charm is active in the blue color, and life is moving in the crystal. Give love, lasting and refreshing, this thing is faithful; adorn people, keep heart and face, this thing is the most eternal. If the jadeite jewelry represents the most beautiful part of Chinese culture, then the female jadeite jewelry embodies the most beautiful group of Chinese women.

In life, we will find that women's nobility and elegance, often need to use these "jewelry gas" to set off. If you do not have this life, you can only say that you are a dull woman! Never deceive yourself by saying, "My talent is priceless." Jewelry is jewelry. Everywhere it goes, it is valuable and dazzling. They are the cream of the world and the essence of the world. Only those who are outstanding in the world can be qualified to wear them.

There is no man in the world who doesn't want and dislikes his women's jewelry. A man needs his woman to possess that dignity, richness and luxury, which is the infinite glory on a man's face. If your man tells you that he hates jewelry, it's just an excuse he doesn't want to fight, or just a reasonable excuse for not trying hard enough. When your man can't give you jewelry and magnificent life, it's absolutely his incompetence!

Look back at the history and go back to the Tang Dynasty and Xuanzong's time. Tang Xuanzong's favorite concubine Jiang Piping Hippy Plum Flowers, elegant and arrogant, was named as the concubine by Tang Xuanzong. Jiang Caiping has both talent and beauty. He once wrote "Pearl Thank You": "Guiye's double eyebrows have not been depicted for a long time, and her makeup and tear stains are red. The long gate has not been washed all day. Why pearls comfort the loneliness? And "Lou Dong Fu" and other famous poems and fu, but ultimately no enemy to "rich lotus" self-proclaimed Yang Yuhuan. Why? Because Yang Yuhuan has the beauty of "King of Flowers" peony because of its jewelry, magnificence and enchantment. Therefore, Tang Xuanzong would "ride a red dust concubine to laugh for her, nobody knows it is a litchi," how luxurious, how expensive? So men still want women to be jewelry, because it is a man's honor to be able to make his women beautiful and luxurious.

As a woman, and as a sober woman, if you have the conditions to be jewelry, don't be stingy with yourself, because you can satisfy some kind of vanity for your man. In this world, the most attractive women should be: when poor, they can radiate the elegance of poverty; when rich, they can deduce the magnificence of wealth. Women are more beautiful because of the ornament of jewelry, and jewelry has vitality and spirituality because of the beauty of women. A woman who can't have a decent jewelry and jade is imperfect and colorless in her life. Like a woman, if she can't have a lipstick all her life, she is an incomplete woman. Women should be jewelry, so as not to waste a woman's life.

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