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Look at the personality of the person who plays jade

Some people who like to play with jade, see others have good jade, must see the heart of the mind, think according to their own, they will do everything possible, no need to use the pole. For example, the jade of the other party is worthless and has a blemishes; Or in exchange for what you do not like; Let the drum be the tongue of the spring. This is a lot of people's inferiority, but to take advantage of the cheap, no good, not sharing and sharing, just too big, for the purpose of possession, but also hard to price.

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Some people see other people's jade, praise in person, but the back of the extremely low ability, true and false, leave no room. It shows the hypocrisy of human nature and narrowness of mind.
Such duplicity is a kind of "hypocrite", jealous, and limited in quantity.
Some people say that love jade is not really appreciated; Whenever I see some ancient jade, do not talk about the good or bad, must first ask about the money, even ask the source. Such people do not pay attention to the essence of jade.
Just look at the value of money, and be more frugal with it; And hope to know the source, another means to obtain, in order to get the first.
All these, it is obvious that some people play jade love jade, not for the sake of storage and pleasant, but only to obtain - and to take advantage of the cheap to obtain.
Some collectors of ancient jade, very stubborn, blind and pedantic, others are believed to be fakes, he said "true old", rare but incomplete, appreciate the same. This kind of people are old and innocent, loving and righteous.

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