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People pick Jade and jade pick people

The word "emerald" first appeared in the spring and autumn and the warring states period, meaning a bird with brightly colored feathers. "The patek, the red feather sparrow; Cui, green feather sparrow also ", this is the eastern han dynasty xu shen "to explain the words" to the emerald two words explanation. Later, the ancients used these two words to describe the feathers of birds to describe red and green ornaments. In the song dynasty, the two characters were merged to describe jasper green jade, and the word "jade" was not the emerald of our present, but a kind of soft jade. In the qing dynasty, the feathers of the emerald bird were used as ornaments to enter the court, especially the green cui yu loved by the imperial concubine. Mid qing dynasty, a large number of myanmar jade palace into the deep courtyard, by way of tribute to the imperial concubine favor, because its color is more for the green, red, and the same as the jade bird's feather color, so people call these Burma jade jade.

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Jade symbol
In ancient China, jade stone color represents kindness, tough texture symbol of wisdom, not hurt the edges and corners of fairness and justice, a when knock is ringing happy music is a reflection of the squeaky clean virtue. Jade culture is the epitome of Chinese culture more than seven thousand years, the Chinese people love jade to deep sincere, to the fans, to delusion, and thus formed with the jade Chinese traditional thinking, this is the statue of jade, jade love, peja jade, jade, jade play.
For a long time, people have confused the concept of jade and jade, it seems that jade is regarded as jade. In fact, jade is indeed jade, but conversely, jade is not necessarily jade. Jade is the general designation of natural jade in mineral aggregate. There are many kinds of natural jade, which are divided into hard and soft jade. Jadeite is the jade, the jade with its unique composition and fine texture, become "the king of the jade", deeply loved by people.
Jadeite is alive, if you love it, even if it has scars, it will heal slowly. When the peacock princess Yang liping, with her strong local feeling and unique body language to interpret the emerald spirit of the spirit, she said, love emerald, love dance, is love life.
Jadeite is a stone with sexual spirit. People choose jadeite, jade to select people. The emerald is in the world to spin, with people, exquisite is the fate.
Jade, since ancient times has been the Oriental nation's favorite jade treasure, in our country, the jade is after soft jade, people's favorite jade. "The gentleman without reason, jade does not go to the body, the gentleman and jade compared to virtuous." The country's preference for jade is greater than gold and other jade.
Jade · song meiling.
"The wall of the wall" tells the story of a jade; "Perfect return", praise is a kind of jade spirit; "The jade is not cut out" has gone beyond the scope of the chant, and has become the motto for the talent. "It is better to die than to die", which is a symbol of noble personality, a gentleman's spirit, a good character, and an ideal life.
Through the ages, jadeite has been favored by countless women. From a large number of reports, we see that the song meiling is leading the jade in the 20th century fashion pioneer, collect a lot of jade, her life is one of the most famous for its often wear jade twist bangle. In the mid - 1930 - s, Beijing iron treasure jade king decided to buy a piece of jade expected, the attendants, although there are some flaws, but skillful craftsman to carve it into a pair of twist bracelet, mask defect cui, novel styles, emerald green color fresh Yang, emerald green water is about to drip. Iron treasure price with 40000 yuan to sell this bracelet to the mobsters, du to his wife, soong mayling see her wearing this bracelet, love at first sight, fondle admiringly, see du madam soong mei-ling so obsessed with had to give up what one favours. Song meiling is extremely fond of jade and often wears jadeite to attend various important occasions until her death in 2003, which has been accompanied by jade for a long time.
However, Yang liping, who loves dancing all her life, interprets the spirit of jade with her strong nostalgia and unique body language. She said in an interview that she had liked the emerald of her hometown since she was a child. "the natural, beautiful, auspicious and natural rhythm of the emerald is deeply moving me. Love emerald, love dance, love life ".
Emerald life
Jadeite is alive, it can change because of the person wearing it.
A friend had a jade bracelet that had been worn for seven years. When the jade bracelet was bought seven years ago, the bracelet had a horizontal crack. Although the crack was small, it had affected the bracelet. But the friend liked the bracelet very much. For seven years, she never removed the bracelet from her hands, but instead let the bracelet go on a blind date with her skin. Seven years later, the friend was surprised to find that the crack in the bracelet had disappeared. Under her remind, I found the bracelet with a floating flowers is different with other wave, the wave flower is very straight, emerald green color spread out to the sides from the line, wave the color of the flower and other wave flower color bracelets. My friend told me that the drift was made from the crack. Jadeite is alive, if you love it, even if it has scars, it will heal slowly.
Although the world is large, the fate of people and jade is always in the red dust. Jadeite knows the person, the person knows the emerald, you are waiting, waiting for a party to belong to your emerald, also is waiting for a previous life to be in this life not to say can't say the fate.

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