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Please accept the impurities in jade

I travel with my friends, and I see all kinds of jadeite in jade market. Immediately, I want to buy a piece of jade to go back and ask a teacher who is good at sculpture to carve a piece of art.
But the jade market, the fish eye mixed bead, true and false difficult to distinguish, thanks to the friend is proficient in this way, good at distinguishing, I have the bottom in the heart. When I saw the exquisite piece, as a treasure, my friend shook his head, saying that it was a fake, not a real emerald. When I saw a piece of pure white and beautiful, my friend added, it was artificially colored, with little value.

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My passion for the emerald has been extinguished five times by my friend. Just as I was almost bereft of enthusiasm, my friend picked up a piece of stock and let me see it. I can't really see it, it's not as good as I saw before, and it's got a little bit of impurities in it.
I despise it, friends tell me, it is the true natural jade. My friend asked me to make a choice question: do you choose the pure and beautiful fake, or do you choose the genuine goods with impurity? I say, the fool chooses the fake! Friends say, that good, any natural jade, all have more or less impurities, if you choose the real goods, must accept its impurities.
This sentence of my friend, let me convulse, I quite have feeling, because I think of life also so, think of one of my female classmates.
When she was in love, two men were almost at the same time courting her. One is the civil servant in the office, the spirit of the people, the ability to speak, young and promising, the political career is boundless; One is a company employee, who is not bad at all, but with relatively few words, slightly dull, and a "vice" that dispels her mother -- he likes to drink.
Needless to say, her parents were quite satisfied with the civil servant and urged her to disconnect from the clerk. But in the end, she did not obey her parents and chose the clerk. She told us that although the civil servant was more promising, she did not seem to see his heart, and that the clerk was more real to her, true to her own faults.
Later, the civil servant also had a wife and a son, and because she was able to speak well, she got an important job, but after a few years she was removed from her job because of her power. When she married her staff, the days were getting sweeter, and she found that after marriage he was no different than she was before marriage, and it was all in front of her, so that she could see through it. After marriage he still drank a little wine, drank at home, drank outside, and even drank his father-in-law down. She sometimes annoy him drunk the heavens and the earth came into the room, have the urge to argue with him, but endure for so many times, she thought, in addition to this, many advantages of his, he is good, there is sense of responsibility to family, filial piety the old man of both sides, the most urgent is very considerate of her. At the thought of it, she was instantly softened, and, to be honest, she loved him, and he accepted his faults, though his father-in-law did not dislike it.
Perfection may exist only in the imaginary, he is real, he is a piece of jade in her phase, and there is no reason not to accept the flaw in the emerald.

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