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Talk about playing jade

1. How to start with small money and go to play jade road? How do you start out without spending your money on jade?

Natural jade carving Chinese Kunlun nephrite jade collectibles
A: to find a connoisseur or experts in a shop with good credit, let them give you recommend a 10 grams very good suet white jade small seed makings, spent several hundred yuan, see and touch, want to more at ordinary times the mei-yu all know, read some books about jade at the same time, thus being understand the people of jade. Perhaps in the future, will have a favorite jade.
2. How to play jade and have the basic knowledge of self? How do you see your ability to have beautiful jade?
Answer: the two architecture, in fact, on the concept of a living within their means, and we have a basic understanding of whether you love jade collection or business investment collection, should be centered on family, with children and family as the theme, if there is spare capacity, is to go with jewels, because has the mei-yu experience is a kind of mood, body and mind to relax yourself wandering spirit to enjoy, if the impact to the normal life and work, but become a burden.
3. How do you play your own jade? How do you have the decency to be beautiful?
Answer: the ancient jade article and character should have the level of "equal", then a person the sense with jade to bring out the best in each other, just also has the like of mutual reflect, so once you have or wear jewels, there must be more sedate self-restraint, more gentle bearing style, this is playing out their own jade products.
In general, love jade friends before buying, should be considered, after purchase, as long as it's not kind of dyeing or false jade and jade is wrong, you need to develop a bought even if the point of view, such a happy mind, because this priceless jade, produced by the suspicion of any values, must be inclusive of magnanimity. If there is no connoisseur or expert around, and willing to buy jade, then should play jade, to measure another value.

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