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The ancient "meal jade" thought diffuse

The Three Kingdoms, the northern and southern dynasties, were in conflict. The scholasticism was very disappointed with the pursuit of celestial realm, but it was hoped that they would be able to enjoy themselves in the real life and become immortal. People remembered the "ancient training" of the gods and gods and their distorted associations, which created the idea of "living food and jade can grow". This stage, may be called the long - life winter jade stage.
According to the book, there was a book called the jade classics, which instructed people to eat jade and said, "the jade is like jade", but it was slow to take effect. The specific method is "water for the sake of rice wine and elm, or nine for the bait, or for powder." Take more than one year, enter the water not to touch, enter the fire not burning, the blade is not injured, the hundred poison does not commit.

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The story of jade.
Wei book I history of classifiers, a former west general commander li beforehand, admire the ancient people of jade ", to look for jade, kai hundred will have to ring, and miscellaneous jade including seventy in central China job into crumbs, grind to powder, daily. One year later, the patient will die and say to his wife, according to the "meal jade law", the person who takes jade should retire to the mountain forest and abandon the lust. And I'm a big drinker. It's not the food. I hurt myself.
"Hold PiaoZiXian medicine" to introduce a man called Wu Yanzhi, interested in jade immortality, a lot of guelph, Zhang, ring, choi, even the sword hilt decoration jade pieces have been found to on the road, ready to dolly mill and pies to eat into the flour. Ge hong, a scholar, was told that it was impossible to use what he had already made, and that it would not be useful for him to use it. The gentleman exclaimed that he could not do anything. Not only is it useless, but it is a curse.
However, at that time, pu yu came from the western region to read the country, quite rare, and the burial or the ancient to the world is very easy. Generally, people do not know the theory of ge hong, even when people have the idea of protecting cultural relics, how can they resist the lure of immortality? Ask three and a half century, so the southern dynasties not only jade manufacturing fall collapse, and accumulated more than three thousand years of countless beautiful ancient jades, those that ROM and to whom, all is the history of seclusion mountain forest, of no load transfer "youdao" to fill in the mortar between went to the spot.
Wei jin southern and northern dynasties period, although the war is frequent, failed to affect the prosperity of cultural and artistic calligraphy, painting, sculpture, all have enough to its historic development during this period, even tired redeem chatter theory tasting words, such a feeling. But jade carving art is broken and withered. As a result, the cover is all because of the difference! Ancient wizard, ghosts food jade, stimulates the brilliance of ancient jade culture prosperity, and secular jade "Cheng Yu immortality" thought, but the numerous art production by the first in a devastating disaster. The rise of the culture of eating jade symbolizes the decline of the ancient jade culture.

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