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The jade bracelet with the soul

The love of jade often comes with the charm of jade, the long lingering, hungry pursuit, the desire to wear. Like a man who grew up on the beach, he suddenly saw the dreamlike mirage and seemed so excited and difficult. Stone beauty, jade also! When wen run elf dish touched at that moment, in the hand with the restless heart can pry open their detachment of the lintel, don't have to look at, palmar plate rolling like a baby sucking the milk of tranquility.

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That day, I stood in front of the qingming river map of the expo China pavilion. At this time, almost all the people are sending out an exclamation of praise. Since I have seen the original painting, the present scene is a lot more grand. The base of the ink black, with the clean design, simple and elegant. In the mist, two of the porters hurried to the gates, driving the donkey with the charcoal. At this time, the hongqiao was already a noisy, bustling pedestrian, there was a business of business, there was a street view of the gentry, there was a horse riding the official... The crescent moon arch bridge, under the bridge ripples. The ripples blend, reflecting the comfort and noise of the world. On the bridge deck, there is a lot of people like weaving, and the crowd of the hundreds of people is mixed with camel bells and hooves. A thousand boats sail, a hundred boats race, an excited ship's horn... The ears listened to the sound of the old boatman's creaking. The luxuriant trees are full of luxuriant, elegant and lively scenes. Such shocking scenes fully show that the size and prosperity of the city in the northern song dynasty is a glorious history that no country in the world can match. When I was in the mood, I could not help but feel like I was in it. When I recovered, I was amused by my own obsession.
A beautiful young girl, holding a camera, was constantly pressing the shutter with her tiny fingertips. What a beautiful jade carving, the jade bracelet on her jade arm has ticked off my eyes, it is a kind of looking eyes. She held up an umbrella, and when she took a picture, she had an umbrella between her neck and her right arm. I instantly understood, she is afraid of the light too strong, the photo is distorted, umbrella light. What a beautiful person, I couldn't help smiling. My eyes stay in her warm white of ground silking jade bracelet, continuously high, steps in the ending of the crowd clustered as one shook his fine step, against the wind, the beauty of beauties of ying ying came. She is like a wicker, a halo. It needs to be light and delicate. She was holding the snow in a fog. A secluded white chrysanthemum. She is like a lake, out of the bay, the white lotus. Born to be beautiful twin sisters, born with a kind of elegant temperament. I stared for a long time, a voice in my head, how to look good, is it jade or chrysanthemum? The green lotus leaves are lush and green, and the white lotus blossoms are blooming. Beautiful jade is worthy of the end. The seed, the fat, the royal bracelet, a series of nouns in the visual and the memory of a flash. It was a rare jade bracelet, and it was such a surprise that it was so charming and so beautiful that it was so charming, and I was a little suspicious of it. I have only to lament the wonder of the creator. Walked all the way, glittering and translucent jade, white jade jade, jade is mellow, Huang Yuzhi soft, moist and jade show that, the wonderful artical excelling nature, really let a person feel is extraterrestrial, wonderful without a word.
At this moment, there was a restlessness in the crowd. In retrospect, I felt a little embarrassed. Do I see the enchanting beauty, or the charm of the beautiful jade? The four eyes are right, "I'm sorry, your jade bracelet is too beautiful", the explanation of muttering to oneself in the awkward footstep quickly. But the subtle warmth, smoke like fog, is a swan song.
The day's tour was very tiring. Sitting at the computer table, recalling the scene, just like the beauty of pure jade, makes people dare not easy. "Qingming up the river map" of the feeling compared to which the weight is reversed in the space of stay. Is the gentle jade, like a beauty, not only fetching the imagination, but also the soul?

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