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The legend and the history of the mythical beast Pixiu

Pixiu is a kind of beast, like the dragon and the unicorn, it does not exist in the world. In the long history of civilization, the Chinese nation has a rich folk culture. In these traditional folk cultures, there are five animals that are loved by people who can ward off evil spirits and attract fortune. They are the mythical creatures, the unicorn, the lion, the dragon tortoise, and the toad. And the mythical one is the top.
[buy] in the south, the average person likes to call this beast "the mythical beast", while in the north, it is still called "ward off evil". Some people refer to it as "monster" or "four unlike". Ward off evil is a kind of beast, like dragon, unicorn is not existing in the world. In legend; Once helped huang di defeat chiyou, ancient dragon dance, lion dance, also dance. In Taoism, "please ShenBao letters patent," said one god speak (cs17) only for the "innate governs falls lingguan Wang Tianjun", in the sky except for Raytheon, a system with millions of "the mythical wild animal will god", responsible for heaven patrol, work similar to earth marshals, ascended, controlling of thunder, rain open eyes, mountain stone to catch the demon, wen taken poison FuQun magic, guard against monsters, plague, ghosts disrupt the heaven. 

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[noway] in the han book, "the western region biography", there is a record: "wugoshan is from the state-owned peach, lion, urine cow". Meng kang note day: "the peach is drawn, the day is drawn, like the tail of the deer, the unicorn is called the day deer, the two horns are called to ward off evil spirits." To ward off evil spirits is to make a fool of himself. 
Legend has it that it is the ninth son of the dragon born nine children. It can make a cloud, the thunder, the rain is clear. His son is a thousand times better than his father, and he grows up with his mouth, like a golden toad, with scales and a shape like a unicorn. It is said that the mythical wild animal's staple food is gold and silver jewelry, natural and splendidness, like other is auspicious animal more than three feet toad geometric up according to the head, so is deep the jade emperor and the favor of the dragon king, however, to eat many will have loose bowels, so one day can anywhere because of can't help defecation, offend the jade emperor, a slap bottom go to, the results hit the bottom, the fart fart sealed off, from now on, only gold and silver jewelry in not out. To take advantage of the beast, to have a mouth without a buttock, to swallow all things without diarrhea. Can recruit all the money, can gather treasure, only can not enter, the magic is special. Therefore, it is a treasure that can eat the four corners, the stomach is a collection of money, and also urges the official transport.
There is another legend about the origin of the myth: the mythical wild animal is a wild animal that lived in Tibet and kangding in sichuan province more than three million years ago, and has a strong ability to fight. Zhou help featuring the son tooth cutting, a march accidentally a the mythical wild animal, but at that time, no one know, son tooth looks wham is special, think it is trying to soothe and as his mount it. He fought with him and fought with him. When king wu saw that he was so brave, he sealed him an official, whose official name was "cloud". At that time, jiang ziya found that the mysterious animals eat a surprising amount of food every day, but never urinate. And the excretory system of it is from the whole body fur secrete sweat a little bit strange fragrance matchless, all directions animals smell this kind of strange fragrance after all scrambled, involuntarily ran to dodge, the results against eaten by the mythical wild animal.
In ancient books, giant pandas are known as pixiu, according to zhang heimin, a panda expert. In "historical records?. The sovereigns and the eloquent appraisals appended", describes the first of "five emperors" in the yellow emperor in China, his name is "xiong", not only respect the bear this kind of wild animals, but also will bear (bear), Pi (bear), the mythical wild animal clearly distinguish (panda), and other wild animals.
It was a totem of two ancient clans. Historical records also have recalled a story: more than 4000 years ago, the yellow emperor command butch, bear, Pi, the mythical wild animal domestication as beast tribes, in sakaguchi springs (hebei zhuolu county) defeated another tribal leaders human-god. Therefore, he was given the gift of "the heavenly beast". It is dedicated to the imperial guard treasure, also is the royal symbol, known as "emperor treasure". Because of the evil spirit of the beast, it is also known as "apotropism" because the battle of the plate spring is famous, so sima qian, the historian of the western han dynasty, recorded it. In addition to the "historical records", China's first recite ancient deeds "history", the "pastoral oath" article has recounted, before more than 3000 years ago, ji fa forces "such as tiger like Pi", five forces, makino defeat shang zhou to offspring, and with the mythical wild animal metaphor intrepid sergeant, invincible. In Buddhism, the mythical animal is also used as a mount for the Tibetan bodhisattva, but is called "listening".
It was born with a love of water and gold and silver jewelry, and the former emperor made full use of this special talent. Put his image on top of the military flag, and hope that his army will be as brave as the wild animals in the war, and hope that it will help him to steal more gold and silver. So the army of the past is also called the division. Because of the talent of the game, it can attract treasure. Therefore, the emperors of the dynasties designated the mythical objects as the imperial objects, and if they found that some people were secretly hiding them, they would be considered to have the intention of robbing them. But there are still some dynasty rich son of a place for yourself to achieve lifelong wealth, often have possession of the mythical wild animal phenomenon, especially in the qianlong period, and in his own home possession of drive makes the mythical wild animal makes himself to very rich. It is widely circulated among the people until now.
In the yuan dynasty. Mongolians are very worship the mythical wild animal, and at the time of war, each soldier to match the mythical wild animal, when the mongols world, in order to make the world stability and good crop weather, also due to the pursuit of water (water) north when building hongyuan view will across the mythical wild animal in the water, a water god of mount, so there is such a word called the mythical wild animal, water nymph. The water god arrived at the money. After the Ming dynasty, in order to suppress the yuan dynasty's feng shui, it established jingshan mountain in the palace of the yuan dynasty. But the central axis has not changed, the bell drum tower, hongyuan view has not changed. This kind of cultural tradition has been deeply rooted in the folk and accepted by the people. By the time of the qing dynasty, it was once again returned to the army, and this was the symbol of the spirit that was raised during the war, and it was necessary to go to hongyuan to enjoy the incense before it went out. In order to return safely. Money is plentiful. Then he went out to fight. This way is called "dewin, settle down, money is full."
With the development of economy and society. There are more and more people in the business, because it can crack down on commercial rivals. Especially if it is in the financial position, it can be more prosperous, especially the business of partial door and the person with foreign money, or the person who wants to have money. "The horse does not have the night before fat, the person does not have the money not to be rich" so the person that asks for money, if be equipped with the pixie xiu or the home to put the pixie, can achieve an unexpected result.
Buddhism says "to give up", and to give up. The ancients believed that life was destined, but the journey could be changed. Inherent "a touch of the magic of the road, the two to touch the money rolling, the three to touch the wild goose, step up." "You can make a fortune in your hands, and you can have all the things in your home," he said. With the magic, can gather wealth, keep the wealth, stabilize the base industry!
The fierce and unrestrained nature of the mythical beast, which has been used for centuries by the royal family as an exorcist, has been a tribute to the imperial family. In the past and present, overseas Chinese like to place it at the checkout counter of the house, the company and the shopping mall, which can be used to attract fortune, make the town house and improve the feng shui.
Now, in mainland China, the mythical animal has been designated by nanjing city, jiangsu province as the symbol of its city. In Hong Kong, the famous dunhuang group has a pair of jade in the cashier's desk in all its branches. Even the world's four most famous casinos: Las Vegas, South Korea, and Malaysia's cloud tops; Macao lisboa, all have the body posture of the dance. Among them, the chinese-owned cloud top and the grand entrance of the lisboa have a pair of giant, magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent, and magnificent. While we are wearing a kind of magic, we can not only avoid the evil, but also in the small gambling between friends and relatives, you will find the unexpected harvest!
Modern people believe that one of the mascot of the mythical beast is to bring about wealth, blessing and blessing, as well as the cultural implication of all things, such as prosperity and longevity.
The shape of the mythical wild animal
Legend has it that it is a fierce beast, with male and female, male named "yi" and female "wild". In ancient times, this kind of beast was divided into one corner or two corners. The male represented fortune and fortune, who was able to take charge of the wealth, and had a magical effect on the money. The female's name is to ward off evil represents the treasure house, have the treasure to have the storehouse ability to be able to hold, therefore the collection of pixiu most of the collection is a pair, only then can the real money and treasure. The town house helps you drive away evil spirits and make your home safe. It is also said that the male, who can control the wealth, has the power to make money. The female is famous to ward off evil spirits, can the town house helps you to exorcise evil spirit, make the house safe. If you're in a bad business, you can put a couple of them on the table, which will make your business flow. It is also the best ornament to make your money roll in.
There are many forms of the mythical wild animal, which are difficult to subdivide. After the change of dynasties, the configuration of the mythical wild animal is unified, bibcock, horse, 'feet, and under the forehead, bearded, underside have wings, can fly, and ferocious terrible, if you have short wings, double Angle, prehensile tail and mane must often associated with chest or back together, exophthalmos, long fangs. The most popular form is a corner of the head, with long bristles rolled up, some with wings, and tail hair tendrils. It has one of the biggest features, the beast has no anus, only can not enter, the analogy is to attract wealth.
The mythical wild animal has 26 kinds of modelling, 7749 incarnation, its mouth is big, big belly, no anal, eat not only, symbol took eight side, which is not only, also can town house to ward off bad luck, money to give priority to people in power. According to the ancient book "rites and curses", the mythical beast is a beast, which is one of the five great beasts (dragon, phoenix, turtle, unicorn), and it is called as the beast of fortune. It is also a symbol of the royal family. It is also called "emperor's treasure". Also because of the special food for the wild animals, slanting, also known as "ward off evil".
There are twenty-six kinds of shapes, seven or seventy-four incarnate. Each incarnation has a common feature: big mouth, big belly, big butt. It does not have anus, eat not to pull, a symbol to take all the money, only can not come out, at the same time can the town house to ward off evil, the main person gathers money to hold power. According to the ancient book "rites". Its only excretory system is the sweat secreted from the fur, and the sweat is so sweet that the animals in the distance come to fight for food after they smell it and eat it. It has a big mouth to eat, a lot of money, the belly big meaning big, the buttocks big sitting, stable sitting on the mountain, and also can the town to ward off evil spirits. It is dedicated to the power of the main people, and it is called "the polytheistic beast".
Buddhism says "willing to give up", to give up. The ancients believed that life was destined, but the journey could be changed. Therefore, the folk have "a touch of the magic of the road, and then feel the money rolling, the three of the pixiu." "You can make a fortune in your hands, and you can have all the things in your home," he said. With the magic, can gather wealth, keep the wealth, stabilize the base industry! Good wishes. The ancient geomantic scholar thinks that the mythical creature is the auspicious animal that turns the misfortune to be auspicious.
Beijing once have so a feng shui qi bureau: in 1990, the China construction bank face collapse, the construction bank bosses consult Mr Feng shui, Sir, the construction bank headquarters in front of the overpass "splitting" of the CCB to feng shui, suggested that the construction bank headquarters into serrated edge all around (that is, what they are), the doorway two high the mythical wild animal, two people have to make three flagpole, into the shape of a three incense, at ordinary times can't hang flags. Such a change, the construction bank also really brought back to life. One thing to say is that a pair of pixiu at the gate of CCB's headquarters is the largest in the country.
There are a few folk sayings about the myth:
One, the big buttocks big, no fart eye, only eat not to pull, so only the money does not break the wealth;
2. Please don't make mistakes. If you are a "monster" that does not conform to the characteristics of the mythical beast, you will have a great financial consequence.
Three, every day had better touch the buttock of the peach, put it in the window, take a brush to brush its tooth.

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