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The relationship between song meiling and jade

The 30s of last century was the golden time that jadeite was popular in Shanghai. At that time, people's dress was still dominated by Qipao in the Tang Dynasty, while jadeite was the best to display the eastern beauty. The noble jade jewelry is matched with the elegant cheongsam. Therefore, the ladies of the upper class wear jade jewelry as a symbol of fashion and identity. The head of the diamond is also covered by jadeite. Song Meiling, who pioneered jadeite fashion at that time, collected many emeralds in her life. Among them, the most famous one is the jade jade twist bracelet.

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Chen Zhongyuan (1996) has a special description of Song Meiling's Jadeite Jade Bracelet in the section of "the jade great king iron treasure Pavilion in the spring and Autumn" of the reversion of "the jade great king iron treasure Pavilion". "In the middle of 30s, the iron treasure Pavilion bought a piece of green material, the block is small and the color is good, the defect is the defect, the purchase price is cheap." A lot of it. He asked jade workers to remove defects and make a pair of twisted bracelets. The jade bracelet is not only flawless, but also fresh, green, water, smart and beautiful. He sold it to Du Yuesheng in Shanghai at a cost of forty thousand yuan. Song Meiling saw that the jade bracelet worn by Mrs. Du Yuesheng was very beautiful. It was so delicate and charming that it was seen on her white wrist and looked at it in her own hands. Mrs. Du Yuesheng went to the boat to offer the jade bracelet.
Song Meiling is famous for the love of jadeite. In 1930s, a Beijing jadeite King bought a piece of green material. It was very beautiful, and the skillful craftsman carved it into a pair of bracelets. The style was novel and the quality of jade was bright and beautiful, such as water. Du Yuesheng, head of Shanghai green band, bought bracelet at a price of 40 thousand yuan. When Song Meiling saw the jade bracelet worn by Mrs. Du, she fell in love at first sight and loved it. Mrs. Du had to give Song Meiling a love.
On Song Meiling's 100 - birthday party in 1997, a generation of women in the black cheongsam, dressed in a traditional bun, appeared in front of many guests and media, and she was shocked to see her wearing a complete set of jade jewelry: jadeite earrings, jade beads, emerald bracelets, and emerald rings. The color and texture of the whole jade jewelry is the best, and under the dress of the whole jade ornament, although it is a centenarians, it is still so elegant, graceful and dignified.
After more than half a century, the pace of history, like Song Meiling, who has spanned three centuries, has also entered the twenty-first Century. The price of jadeite in the international market is soaring, and Song Meiling's very rare and beautiful jadeite bracelet has been valued at 40 million Hong Kong dollars at present.

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